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Genus Elkalyce

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Polyommatinae tribe Polyommatini → genus Elkalyce Bálint & Johnson, 1995

Daughter taxa

Elkalyce alcetas Hoffmansegg 1804 [species]

E. a. antealcetas, E. a. dilutior, E. a. irenae

Elkalyce amyntula Boisduval 1852 [species]

E. a. albrighti, E. a. arizonensis, E. a. dodgei, E. a. herii, E. a. valeriae

Elkalyce argiades Pallas 1771 [species]

E. a. decolor, E. a. depuncta, E. a. diporides, E. a. indica, E. a. merisina, E. a. modestus, E. a. mureisana, E. a. nuditurea, E. a. polysperchon, E. a. postnuditurea, E. a. praemerisina, E. a. ruhlianus, E. a. seidakkadaya, E. a. seitzi, E. a. tibetanus

Elkalyce bandana Swinhoe 1915 [species]

Elkalyce celastroides Shirôzu & Saigusa 1962 [species]

Elkalyce cogina (Schaus, 1902) [species]

Elkalyce comyntas Godart 1823 [species]

E. c. meinersi

Elkalyce coretas Ochsenheimer 1808 [species]

Elkalyce decolorata Staudinger 1886 [species]

E. d. austriaca, E. d. vernalis

Elkalyce disporides Chapman 1908 [species]

Elkalyce formosana Matsumura [species]

Elkalyce hainani Bethune-Baker 1914 [species]

Elkalyce heerii Grinnel [species]

Elkalyce hugelii Gistel 1857 [species]

E. h. indicana

Elkalyce ion Leech 1891 [species]

E. i. cellariusi, E. i. cratylus

Elkalyce kala De Nicéville 1890 [species]

Elkalyce lacturnus Fruhstorfer 1924 [species]

E. l. australis, E. l. palliensis, E. l. polysperchinus

Elkalyce nebulosa Leech 1890 [species]

E. n. leechi

Elkalyce polysperchon Berg. [species]

Elkalyce potanini Alphéraky 1889 [species]

E. p. glycon

Elkalyce pulchra Rothschild 1915 [species]

Elkalyce rileyi Godfrey 1916 [species]

Elkalyce siamensis Godf. [species]

Elkalyce sissona Wright [species]

Elkalyce teresias Rothschild [species]

Elkalyce texana Chermock 1944 [species]

Elkalyce tuarana Riley 1923 [species]

Elkalyce turana Riley [species]

Elkalyce umbriel Doherty 1889 [species]

Elkalyce yerta Fruhstorfer [species]

Elkalyce zuthus Leech 1893 [species]


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