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Genus Urodon

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Curculionoidea family Anthribidae → genus Urodon

Daughter taxa

Urodon albescens Reitter, 1897 [species]

Urodon albidus Kust., 1848 [species]

Urodon albosuturatus Reitter, 1897 [species]

Urodon aliensis Gredl., 1866 [species]

Urodon allardi Jekel, 1876 [species]

Urodon anatolicus Pic, 1904 [species]

Urodon angularis Allard, 1868 [species]

Urodon argentatus Kust., 1848 [species]

Urodon arisi Wolfrum, 1929 [species]

Urodon armatus Baudi, 1887 [species]

Urodon bandie Peyer, 1931 [species]

Urodon baudii Desbr., 1893 [species]

Urodon canus Kust., 1848 [species]

Urodon capensis Pic 1916 [species]

Urodon carpetanus Daniel & Daniel, 1906 [species]

Urodon ciliatus Schilsky, 1904 [species]

Urodon concolor Fahrs. in Schh, 1839 [species]

Urodon conformis Gyllenhal, 1833 [species]

Urodon cretaceus K. Daniel, 1902 [species]

Urodon demaisoni Peyerimhoff, 1926 [species]

Urodon densatus Reitter, 1897 [species]

Urodon discoidales Pic., 1916 [species]

Urodon exiguus Motsch., 1874 [species]

Urodon farsetiae Peyer, 1931 [species]

Urodon ferrantei Reitter, 1908 [species]

Urodon flavescens Kust., 1850 [species]

Urodon fulvipes Reitter, 1897 [species]

Urodon gladioli Scott 1930 [species]

Urodon granulatus Schilsky, 1904 [species]

Urodon korbi Schilsky, 1904 [species]

Urodon kraepelini Pic 1900 [species]

Urodon lilii Fahrs. in Schh, 1839 [species]

Urodon lineipennis Chevr., 1877 [species]

Urodon longus Allard, 1868 [species]

Urodon luteae Peyer [species]

Urodon maculatus Motsch., 1866 [species]

Urodon maurus Daniel , 1912 [species]

Urodon meridionalis Duval, 1888 [species]

Urodon musculus K. Daniel, 1902 [species]

Urodon nigripes Motsch., 1866 [species]

Urodon nigritarsis Reitter, 1916 [species]

Urodon nigrofemoratus Pic 1916 [species]

Urodon parallelus Kuester, 1848 [species]

Urodon parvulus Motsch., 1874 [species]

Urodon pelliceus Fahrs. in Schh, 1839 [species]

Urodon pusillus Baudi, 1887 [species]

Urodon pygmaeus Gyllenhal 1833 [species]

Urodon randoniae Wolfrum, 1929 [species]

Urodon rotundicollis Fahrs. in Schh, 1839 [species]

Urodon rufipes Ol. [species]

Urodon rufobrunneus Pic, 1900 [species]

Urodon saltatorius Faldermann [species]

Urodon scaber Baudi, 1890 [species]

Urodon schourwiae Peyer, 1929 [species]

Urodon schusteri Schilsky in Kuster, 1912 [species]

Urodon semisuturalis Reitter, 1908 [species]

Urodon sericatus Motsch., 1874 [species]

Urodon sericeus F. [species]

Urodon sinaiticus Daniel , 1910 [species]

Urodon spinicollis Perris, 1870 [species]

Urodon suturalis F. [species]

Urodon tantillus Motsch., 1866 [species]

Urodon testaceipes Reiche, 1861 [species]

Urodon testaceomarginalis Pic., 1939 [species]

Urodon tibialis Baudi, 1887 [species]

Urodon tigrinus Redtb., 1868 [species]

Urodon vermiculatus Gyllh. in Schh., 1839 [species]

Urodon vestitus Fahrs. in Schh, 1839 [species]

Urodon villosus Allard, 1869 [species]


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