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Genus Tropideres

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Curculionoidea family Anthribidae → genus Tropideres

Daughter taxa

Tropideres acerbus Boheman, 1833 [species]

Tropideres albirostris Schoenherr [species]

Tropideres albuginosus Erichson 1842 [species]

Tropideres amoenus Fairmaire, 1897 [species]

Tropideres angulatus Suffrian, 1870 [species]

Tropideres asper Boheman, 1833 [species]

Tropideres baguenai Cobos , 1954 [species]

Tropideres balteatus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres basipennis Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres bilineatus Germar, 1847 [species]

Tropideres bimaculatus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres bisignatus Fåhraeus, 1839 [species]

Tropideres blanchardi Blackwelder , 1947 [species]

Tropideres bolinus Jordan, 1924 [species]

Tropideres brevirostris Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres bruchoides Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres caliginosus Boheman, 1833 [species]

Tropideres calliergus Jordan, 1923 [species]

Tropideres carens Wolfrum, 1945-48 [species]

Tropideres cinctus Schoenherr, 1833 [species]

Tropideres combraliensis Gozis, 1882 [species]

Tropideres concolor Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres confusus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres cornutus Schoenherr, 1839 [species]

Tropideres crassicornis Sharp 1891 [species]

Tropideres curtirostris Muls., 1861 [species]

Tropideres cylindricus Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres debilis Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres difficilis Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres distinguendus Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres dorsalis Schoenherr, 1833 [species]

Tropideres edgreni Fahraeus in Shoenherr, 1839 [species]

Tropideres enganensis Jordan, 1897 [species]

Tropideres ephippium Boheman, 1833 [species]

Tropideres evanescens Blackburn 1900 [species]

Tropideres exul Fairm., 1897 [species]

Tropideres fallax Schoenherr [species]

Tropideres fascirostris Schoenherr, 1833 [species]

Tropideres feralis Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres flabellicornis Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres fuscipennis Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres fuscirostris Clairville, 1798 [species]

Tropideres germanus Sharp 1891 [species]

Tropideres gracilicornis Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres grisescens Fairmaire, 1897 [species]

Tropideres griseus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres guttifer Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres imperfectus Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres japonicus Roel, 1879 [species]

Tropideres lacteocaudatus Fairmaire, 1889 [species]

Tropideres lateralis Motschulsky, 1874 [species]

Tropideres latirostris Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres laxus Sharp 1891 [species]

Tropideres luscus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres lutatus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres marmoreus Jordan, 1894 [species]

Tropideres mateui Cobos , 1954 [species]

Tropideres minor Fairmaire, 1897 [species]

Tropideres minutus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres modestus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres musivus Erichson, 1842 [species]

Tropideres naevulus Faust 1887 [species]

Tropideres nasutulus Boh. in Schh., 1845 [species]

Tropideres neglectus Motschulsky, 1874 [species]

Tropideres niveirostris Schoenherr, 1833 [species]

Tropideres nodulosus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres notabilis Jordan, 1928 [species]

Tropideres obsoletus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres pallidirostris Fåhraeus, 1839 [species]

Tropideres pardalis Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres parvulus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres paviei Lesne, 1891 [species]

Tropideres pectoralis Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres poecilus Jordan, 1912 [species]

Tropideres pudens Gyllenhal, 1833 [species]

Tropideres pygmaeus Guérin-Méneville, 1832 [species]

Tropideres quadrinotatus Say, 1827 [species]

Tropideres quercinus Formanek, 1899 [species]

Tropideres rectus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres roelofsi Lewis, 1879 [species]

Tropideres rufescens Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres rufipennis Rey, 1893 [species]

Tropideres rugirostris Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres scitus Jordan, 1933 [species]

Tropideres securus Boheman in Shoenherr, 1839 [species]

Tropideres sepicola Schoenherr, 1833 [species]

Tropideres sexverrucatus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres signellus Jordan, 1912 [species]

Tropideres sordidulus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres sparsus Boheman, 1833 [species]

Tropideres subsignatus Boheman, 1833 [species]

Tropideres sucula Jordan, 1912 [species]

Tropideres synetus Jordan, 1922 [species]

Tropideres tessellatus Coquerel, 1867 [species]

Tropideres tetrastigma Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres trigemmis Jordan, 1933 [species]

Tropideres trilobatus Jordan, 1922 [species]

Tropideres trivialis Fåhraeus, 1839 [species]

Tropideres truncatus Sharp, 1891 [species]

Tropideres undatus Chevrolat [species]

Tropideres undulatus Fahraeus in Schonherr, 1839 [species]

Tropideres variegatus Fåhraeus, 1839 [species]

Tropideres variolosus Suffrian, 1870 [species]

Tropideres vasconicus Hoffmann & Tempère , 1954 [species]

Tropideres verrucosus Wolfrum, 1953 [species]

Tropideres vigens Jordan, 1925 [species]

Tropideres vilis Sharp 1891 [species]


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