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Genus Craspedosis

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Ennominae tribe Boarmiini → genus Craspedosis Butler, [1877]

Daughter taxa

Craspedosis acoelia Prout 1934 [species]

Craspedosis affinis Rothschild 1915 [species]

Craspedosis albigutta Warren 1897 [species]

C. a. truncifascia

Craspedosis albistriata Warren 1905 [species]

Craspedosis amaura Warren 1907 [species]

Craspedosis andromeda Prout 1916 [species]

Craspedosis angiana Joicey & Talbot 1915 [species]

Craspedosis arycandata (Walker, 1862) [species]

Craspedosis atramentaria (Warren, 1894) [species]

Craspedosis aurianalis Prout 1931 [species]

Craspedosis aurigutta Warren 1902 [species]

C. a. longigutta

Craspedosis boopis Prout, 1922 [species]

Craspedosis casta Warren 1903 [species]

Craspedosis castellata Warren 1898 [species]

Craspedosis chrysopyga Prout 1932 [species]

C. c. ampliplaga

Craspedosis cincta Walker 1864 [species]

Craspedosis cinerescens Butler 1879 [species]

C. c. niphospila

Craspedosis costimacula Warren 1906 [species]

Craspedosis curvilimes Prout 1922 [species]

Craspedosis cyanauges Prout 1916 [species]

Craspedosis cyanea Rothschild & Jordan 1905 [species]

Craspedosis cyanodes Joicey & Talbot, 1917 [species]

Craspedosis cyanophanes Joicey & Talbot, 1917 [species]

Craspedosis cyanoxantha (Meyrick, 1889) [species]

Craspedosis desmiata Rothschild & Jordan 1905 [species]

Craspedosis effusa Prout 1924 [species]

Craspedosis ernestina (Stoll, [1781]) [species]

Craspedosis exotasis Prout 1932 [species]

Craspedosis extenuata Walker 1864 [species]

C. e. angustata

Craspedosis flavidistata Prout 1924 [species]

Craspedosis flavimedia Warren 1899 [species]

C. f. auriflua

Craspedosis flavithorax Prout 1916 [species]

Craspedosis funebris Warren 1896 [species]

Craspedosis galathea Warren 1898 [species]

Craspedosis iniquisecta Prout 1924 [species]

Craspedosis leucosticta Warren, 1896 [species]

Craspedosis melanura (Kirsch, 1877) [species]

Craspedosis miranda Warren 1907 [species]

Craspedosis mirandina Prout 1915 [species]

Craspedosis morotai Swinhoe 1900 [species]

Craspedosis munda Walker 1864 [species]

C. m. aflava

Craspedosis nigerrima Warren 1903 [species]

Craspedosis nigriclathrata Warren 1896 [species]

Craspedosis niveosignata Warren 1899 [species]

C. n. latesignata

Craspedosis niverupta Bastelberger 1907 [species]

Craspedosis ovalis Warren 1896 [species]

Craspedosis picaria Warren 1897 [species]

Craspedosis prouti Joicey & Talbot 1917 [species]

Craspedosis purpurea Warren 1907 [species]

Craspedosis scordylodes Joicey & Talbot 1917 [species]

Craspedosis semicrocea Warren 1899 [species]

Craspedosis semilugens Warren 1896 [species]

C. s. tenuivirga

Craspedosis semiplaga Warren 1896 [species]

C. s. laticlava

Craspedosis sibilla Warren 1899 [species]

Craspedosis simulans Butler [species]

Craspedosis sobria (Walker, [1865]) [species]

Craspedosis stenodes Prout 1934 [species]

Craspedosis stenotera Prout 1932 [species]

Craspedosis swinhoei Rothschild 1915 [species]

Craspedosis timor (Walker, [1865]) [species]

Craspedosis transtinens Prout 1923 [species]

Craspedosis triangularis Prout 1916 [species]

Craspedosis tricolor Felder [species]

Craspedosis undulosa Warren, 1894 [species]

Craspedosis uniplaga Warren 1896 [species]

C. u. angustiplaga


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