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Genus Eusphalerum

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Staphyliniformia superfamily Staphylinoidea family Staphylinidae → genus Eusphalerum

Daughter taxa

Eusphalerum Kraatz, 1857 [subgenus]

Eusphalerum aetolicum, Eusphalerum albertae, Eusphalerum albipile, Eusphalerum alpinum, Eusphalerum anale, Eusphalerum angusticolle, Eusphalerum angustum, Eusphalerum annaerosae, Eusphalerum bargaglii, Eusphalerum baudii, Eusphalerum bivittatum, Eusphalerum bolivari, Eusphalerum brandmayri, Eusphalerum calabrum, Eusphalerum caucasicum, Eusphalerum celsum, Eusphalerum cerdanicum, Eusphalerum cerrutii, Eusphalerum clavipes, Eusphalerum coiffaiti, Eusphalerum corsicum, Eusphalerum cribrellum, Eusphalerum croaticum, Eusphalerum dissimile, Eusphalerum elongatum, Eusphalerum foveicolle, Eusphalerum hispanicum, Eusphalerum impressicolle, Eusphalerum improvisum, Eusphalerum italicum, Eusphalerum kahleni, Eusphalerum kraatzii, Eusphalerum lapponicum, Eusphalerum liepolti, Eusphalerum limbatum, Eusphalerum lindbergi, Eusphalerum longipenne, Eusphalerum luteicorne, Eusphalerum luteum, Eusphalerum macropterum, Eusphalerum marshami, Eusphalerum metasternale, Eusphalerum minutum, Eusphalerum miricolle, Eusphalerum montivagum, Eusphalerum morator, Eusphalerum nigriceps, Eusphalerum nitidicolle, Eusphalerum oblitum, Eusphalerum obsoletum, Eusphalerum obtusicolle, Eusphalerum occidentale, Eusphalerum octavii, Eusphalerum pallens, Eusphalerum palligerum, Eusphalerum parnassicum, Eusphalerum petzi, Eusphalerum petzianum, Eusphalerum pfefferi, Eusphalerum primulae, Eusphalerum procerum, Eusphalerum pruinosum, Eusphalerum pseudaucupariae, Eusphalerum pulcherrimum, Eusphalerum rectangulum, Eusphalerum rhododendri, Eusphalerum rizzottivlachi, Eusphalerum robustum, Eusphalerum ruffoi, Eusphalerum schatzmayri, Eusphalerum scribae, Eusphalerum semicoleoptratum, Eusphalerum sicanum, Eusphalerum signatum, Eusphalerum sorbi, Eusphalerum stramineum, Eusphalerum stussineri, Eusphalerum subangusticolle, Eusphalerum subjurassicum, Eusphalerum subsolanum, Eusphalerum tempestivum, Eusphalerum torquatum, Eusphalerum umbellatarum, Eusphalerum zerchei

Eusphalerum akikoae Watanabe,1999 [species]

Eusphalerum alticola Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum cariniphallum Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum chinecum Li,1992 [species]

Eusphalerum chinense Bernhauer,1938 [species]

Eusphalerum contortispinum Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum daxuense Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum dubitatum Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum erdaoense Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum ferruccii Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum formosae Cameron,1949 [species]

Eusphalerum fujianense Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum hapalaraeoides Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum jiudingense Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum jizuense Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum kubani Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum luteoides Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum malaisei Scheerpeltz,1965 [species]

Eusphalerum masatakai Watanabe,1999 [species]

Eusphalerum miaoershanum Watanabe 1999 [species]

Eusphalerum michaeli Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum mocsarkii Bernhauer,1913 [species]

Eusphalerum obscuriceps Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum parareitteri Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum paucisetulosum Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum pseudoreitteri Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum puetzi Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum reflexum Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum rougemonti Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum schillhammeri Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum sibiricum Luze,1910 [species]

Eusphalerum sichuanense Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum simpliciphallum Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum smetanai Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum solitare Sharp,1874 [species]

Eusphalerum songpanense Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum sorbicola Kangas,1941 [species]

Eusphalerum taiwanense Zanetti, 1998 [species]

Eusphalerum tronqueti Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum tronquetianum Zanetti,2004 [species]

Eusphalerum zhongdianense Zanetti,2004 [species]


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