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Genus Desmeocraera

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Notodontidae → genus Desmeocraera Wallengren, 1865

Daughter taxa

Desmeocraera adusta Kiriakoff, 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera amaura Kiriakoff 1968 [species]

Desmeocraera analis Kiriakoff 1954 [species]

D. a. ankolea, D. a. strigata

Desmeocraera annulosa Gaede [species]

Desmeocraera antiopa Viette 1954 [species]

Desmeocraera aquamarina Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera ardalio Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera basalis Distant, 1899 [species]

Desmeocraera bimaculata Kiriakoff 1968 [species]

Desmeocraera bitioides Holland 1893 [species]

Desmeocraera brumata Kiriakoff 1964 [species]

Desmeocraera brunneicosta Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera cana Wichgraf 1921 [species]

Desmeocraera canescens (Janse) [species]

Desmeocraera chloeropis Holland 1893 [species]

D. c. spectabilis

Desmeocraera ciprianii Berio 1937 [species]

Desmeocraera clenchi Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera collenettei Kiriakoff 1954 [species]

Desmeocraera confluens Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera congoana Aurivillius, 1900 [species]

Desmeocraera damba Bethune-Baker 1913 [species]

Desmeocraera decorata Wichgraf 1922 [species]

Desmeocraera dicax Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera dispar Kiriakoff 1964 [species]

Desmeocraera esmeraldina Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera falsa Holland 1893 [species]

D. f. fontainei

Desmeocraera ferevaria Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera formosa Kiriakoff [species]

Desmeocraera forsteri Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Desmeocraera frustrata Kiriakoff 1964 [species]

Desmeocraera galaia Kiriakoff 1965 [species]

Desmeocraera geminata Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera glauca Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera gonerilla Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Desmeocraera graminosa Walker 1869 [species]

Desmeocraera griseoviridis Hampson 1910 [species]

Desmeocraera habe Kiriakoff 1964 [species]

Desmeocraera helena Kiriakoff 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera holitrix Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera imploratrix Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera impunctata Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera ingens Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera inquisitrix Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera inspiciens Kiriakoff 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera interpellatrix (Wallengren, 1860) [species]

D. i. rileyi

Desmeocraera intricata Kiriakoff 1964 [species]

Desmeocraera invaria Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera irregularis Kiriakoff 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera jansei Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera jucunda Kiriakoff 1968 [species]

Desmeocraera kiriakoffi Thiaucourt 1977 [species]

Desmeocraera latex Druce 1901 [species]

Desmeocraera latifasciata Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera leucophaea Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera leucosticta Hampson 1910 [species]

Desmeocraera luteosticta Kiriakoff 1968 [species]

Desmeocraera malindiana Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Desmeocraera mawa Kiriakoff 1979 [species]

Desmeocraera miata Viette 1955 [species]

Desmeocraera minima Kiriakoff, 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera mkabi Kiriakoff 1979 [species]

Desmeocraera moza Kiriakoff, 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera nugatrix Felder, 1874 [species]

Desmeocraera octoginta Hampson 1910 [species]

Desmeocraera oleacea Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera oliva Kiriakoff 1968 [species]

Desmeocraera olivina Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera pallidimargo Kiriakoff 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera pauliveronensi Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera percontatrix Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera phoebe Kiriakoff 1964 [species]

Desmeocraera platti Janse 1920 [species]

Desmeocraera pomaria Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera postulatrix Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera principalis Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera procreatrix Kiriakoff 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera propinqua Holland 1893 [species]

Desmeocraera psittacina Kiriakoff 1964 [species]

Desmeocraera reclamatrix Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera retiarius Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera robustior Kiriakoff 1962 [species]

Desmeocraera rogatrix Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera roseoviridis Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera sagittata Gaede 1930 [species]

D. s. strigula

Desmeocraera sagum Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera schevenaria Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Desmeocraera sincera Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera squamipennis Holland 1893 [species]

Desmeocraera subnigrans Mabille 1897 [species]

Desmeocraera subvaria Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera tanzanica Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Desmeocraera tripuncta Janse 1920 [species]

D. t. kenyae

Desmeocraera uniformis Gaede 1928 [species]

Desmeocraera varia Walker 1855 [species]

Desmeocraera venusta Kiriakoff, 1954 [species]

Desmeocraera vernalis Distant 1897 [species]

Desmeocraera vicaria Kiriakoff 1979 [species]

Desmeocraera virescens Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Desmeocraera weberiana Kiriakoff [species]

Desmeocraera zombae Kiriakoff 1958 [species]


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