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Genus Tamba

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Calpinae → genus Tamba Walker, 1869

Daughter taxa

Tamba andrica Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba angulata Candèze 1927 [species]

Tamba apicata Hampson 1902 [species]

Tamba ardescens Prout 1926 [species]

Tamba basiscripta Walker 1864 [species]

Tamba capatra Swinhoe 1903 [species]

Tamba carneotincta Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba carnitincta Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba chloroplaga Bethune-Baker 1906 [species]

Tamba cinnamomea Leech 1900 [species]

Tamba coeruleobasis Kobes 1983 [species]

Tamba conscripta (Lucas, 1892) [species]

Tamba corealis Leech 1889 [species]

Tamba cosmoloma Prout 1928 [species]

Tamba costinotata Butler 1881 [species]

Tamba cyrtogramma (Turner, 1908) [species]

Tamba decolor Walker 1865 [species]

Tamba delicata Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba diaphora Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba dichroma Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba dinawa Bethune-Baker 1906 [species]

Tamba elachista Hampson, 1926 [species]

Tamba elegans Pagenstecher 1884 [species]

Tamba euryodia Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba flaviolata Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba fulvivenis Bethune-Baker 1910 [species]

Tamba gensanalis Leech 1889 [species]

Tamba griseipars Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba haemacta (Turner, 1908) [species]

Tamba hemiionia Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba hieroglyphica Hampson 1926 [species]

T. h. malayana

Tamba ionomera Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba kebea Bethune-Baker 1906 [species]

Tamba lahera Swinhoe 1897 [species]

Tamba lineifera Walker 1865 [species]

Tamba lorio Swinhoe 1903 [species]

Tamba magniplaga Swinhoe 1902 [species]

T. m. pallida

Tamba meeki (Bethune-Baker, 1906) [species]

Tamba megaspila Warren 1903 [species]

Tamba mnionomera Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba multiplaga Swinhoe 1901 [species]

Tamba nigrilinea (Walker, 1869) [species]

Tamba nigrilineata Wileman 1915 [species]

Tamba ochra Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba ochracea Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba palliolata Swinhoe 1890 [species]

Tamba parallela Wileman 1915 [species]

Tamba plumipes Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba prunescens Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba punctistigma Hampson 1895 [species]

Tamba reduplicalis Walker 1865 [species]

Tamba rufipennis Hampson 1895 [species]

Tamba scopulina Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba sidonalis (Swinhoe, 1917) [species]

Tamba sobana Kobes 1983 [species]

Tamba splendida Prout 1926 [species]

Tamba submicacea Walker, 1869 [species]

Tamba syndesma (Lower, 1903) [species]

Tamba tephraea (Turner, 1909) [species]

Tamba tessellata Bethune-Baker 1906 [species]

Tamba thermeola Hampson 1926 [species]

Tamba usurpatalis Walker 1858 [species]

Tamba vandenberghi Prout 1932 [species]

Tamba vinolia Hampson 1895 [species]


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