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Genus Plecoptera

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Calpinae → genus Plecoptera Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1852


Daughter taxa

Plecoptera albipuncta Viette 1970 [species]

Plecoptera androconiata Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera annexa Distant 1898 [species]

Plecoptera approximans Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera arctinotata Walker 1865 [species]

Plecoptera bilinealis Leech 1889 [species]

Plecoptera brunnescens Roepke 1938 [species]

P. b. javanica

Plecoptera chalciope Strand 1918 [species]

Plecoptera chrysocephala Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera costinotata Wileman & West 1929 [species]

Plecoptera costisignata Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera delos Viette 1972 [species]

Plecoptera dentilinea Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera diaperas Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera dicyma Hampson [species]

Plecoptera dimorpha Gaede 1939 [species]

Plecoptera diplogramma Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera diplosticha Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera divergens Strand 1915 [species]

Plecoptera fasciata Hampson 1891 [species]

Plecoptera ferrilineata Swinhoe 1895 [species]

Plecoptera flava Bremer & Grey 1853 [species]

Plecoptera flaviceps Hampson 1902 [species]

Plecoptera flavilinea Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera fletcherana Viette 1966 [species]

Plecoptera geminilinea Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera grisea Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera griseifusa Hampson 1895 [species]

Plecoptera holostoma Swinhoe 1895 [species]

Plecoptera hypoxantha Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera infuscata Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera juba Swinhoe 1902 [species]

Plecoptera lacinia Saalmüller 1880 [species]

Plecoptera laniata Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera leucosticha Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera luteiceps Walker 1865 [species]

Plecoptera mainty Viette 1972 [species]

Plecoptera major Holland 1894 [species]

Plecoptera megarthra Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera melalepis Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera melanoscia Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera mesostriga Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera misera Butler 1883 [species]

Plecoptera mollardi Fletcher & Viette 1955 [species]

Plecoptera nebulilinea Walker 1864 [species]

Plecoptera nephelephora Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera nigrilunata Gaede 1939 [species]

Plecoptera nimba Fletcher & Viette 1955 [species]

Plecoptera ovaliplaga Warren 1914 [species]

Plecoptera pallidimargo Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera plinthochroa Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera poderis Wallengren 1863 [species]

Plecoptera polymorpha Hampson 1916 [species]

Plecoptera punctilineata Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera quaesita Swinhoe 1886 [species]

Plecoptera recens Saalmüller 1891 [species]

Plecoptera recessa Walker 1858 [species]

Plecoptera recta Pagenstecher 1886 [species]

Plecoptera reflexa Guenée, 1852 [species]

Plecoptera resistens Walker 1858 [species]

Plecoptera reussi Bryk 1915 [species]

Plecoptera reversa Walker 1858 [species]

Plecoptera rufirena Hampson 1906 [species]

Plecoptera sakalava Viette 1976 [species]

Plecoptera sarcistis Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera siderogramma Hampson 1926 [species]

Plecoptera stigmatica Warren 1912 [species]

Plecoptera stuhlmanni Pagenstecher 1893 [species]

Plecoptera subpallida Warren 1912 [species]

Plecoptera taeniata Warren 1912 [species]

Plecoptera thermozona Hampson 1910 [species]

Plecoptera trichophora Hampson, 1910 [species]

Plecoptera trimaculata Hampson 1897 [species]

Plecoptera tripalis Wallengren 1863 [species]

Plecoptera uniformis Moore 1882 [species]

Plecoptera violacea (Pagenstecher, 1884) [species]

Plecoptera xanthoptera Hampson 1894 [species]

Plecoptera zonaria Distant 1898 [species]


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