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Genus Saurita

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Arctiidae subfamily Ctenuchinae → genus Saurita Herrich-Schäffer, [1855]

Daughter taxa

Saurita admota Draudt 1931 [species]

Saurita anselma Schaus 1924 [species]

Saurita araguana Draudt 1931 [species]

Saurita arimensis Fleming 1957 [species]

Saurita astyoche (Geyer, 1832) [species]

Saurita attenuata Hampson 1905 [species]

Saurita bipuncta Hampson, 1898 [species]

Saurita biradiata (Felder, 1874) [species]

Saurita cassandra (Linnaeus, 1758) [species]

Saurita catastibina Butler 1876 [species]

Saurita clandestina Zerny 1912 [species]

Saurita coccinea Draudt 1915 [species]

Saurita concisa (Walker, 1854) [species]

Saurita concisina Bryk 1953 [species]

Saurita cretheis Druce 1883 [species]

Saurita cryptoleuca (Walker, 1854) [species]

Saurita diaphana Dognin 1906 [species]

Saurita diffusa Schaus 1911 [species]

Saurita erythroguia Hampson, 1898 [species]

Saurita fumosa Schaus 1912 [species]

Saurita fusca Dognin 1923 [species]

Saurita geralda Schaus 1924 [species]

Saurita gracula Dognin 1911 [species]

Saurita hemiphaea Dognin 1909 [species]

Saurita hilda Druce 1906 [species]

Saurita incerta (Walker, 1856) [species]

Saurita intensa Walker 1854 [species]

Saurita intricata (Walker, 1854) [species]

Saurita lacteata (Butler, 1877) [species]

Saurita lacteipars Dognin 1914 [species]

Saurita ladan Druce 1896 [species]

Saurita lasiphlebia Dognin 1906 [species]

Saurita latens Schaus 1911 [species]

Saurita mediorubra Kaye [species]

Saurita melanifera Kaye, 1911 [species]

Saurita melanota Hampson 1909 [species]

Saurita mora (Druce, 1897) [species]

Saurita mosca Dognin 1897 [species]

Saurita musca Schaus 1892 [species]

Saurita myrrha (Druce, 1884) [species]

Saurita myrrhina Draudt 1931 [species]

Saurita nigripalpia Hampson, 1898 [species]

S. n. costaricae

Saurita notabilis Walker 1854 [species]

Saurita nox (Druce, 1896) [species]

Saurita ochreiventris Dognin 1902 [species]

Saurita pebasa Kaye 1918 [species]

Saurita pellucida Schaus 1892 [species]

Saurita perspicua Schaus 1905 [species]

Saurita phoenicosticta Hampson, 1898 [species]

Saurita pilipennis Zerny 1931 [species]

Saurita rubripuncta Schaus 1911 [species]

Saurita salta (Schaus, 1894) [species]

Saurita sanguinea (Druce, 1884) [species]

Saurita sanguisecta Hampson, 1898 [species]

Saurita sericea (Herrich-Schäffer, [1854]) [species]

Saurita stryma Druce 1884 [species]

Saurita strymoides Draudt 1931 [species]

Saurita submacula Schaus 1911 [species]

Saurita temenus (Stoll, [1781]) [species]

Saurita tenuis (Butler, 1877) [species]

Saurita tetraema Fabes 1939 [species]

Saurita tijuca Schaus 1892 [species]

Saurita tipulina (Hübner, [1812]) [species]

Saurita triangulifera (Druce, 1898) [species]

Saurita trichopteraeformis Jörgensen 1913 [species]

Saurita tricolor Schaus 1905 [species]

Saurita tristissima (Perty, 1834) [species]

Saurita vindonissa (Druce, 1883) [species]

Saurita vitristriga Druce, 1897 [species]

Saurita watsoni Rothschild 1911 [species]


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