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Tribe Depressariini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Elachistidae subfamily Depressariinae → tribe Depressariini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (3 illustrated). Species.

Agonopterix (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Agonopterix abditella, Agonopterix abjectella, Agonopterix acerbella, Agonopterix acuta, Agonopterix adspersella, Agonopterix agyrella, Agonopterix alpigena, Agonopterix alstromeriana, Agonopterix amissella, Agonopterix amyrisella, Agonopterix angelicella, Agonopterix antennariella, Agonopterix anticella, Agonopterix aperta, Agonopterix archangelicella, Agonopterix arctica, Agonopterix arenella, Agonopterix argillacea, Agonopterix arnicella, Agonopterix aspersella, Agonopterix assimilella, Agonopterix astrantiae, Agonopterix atomella, Agonopterix atrodorsella, Agonopterix babaella, Agonopterix bakriella, Agonopterix baleni, Agonopterix banatica, Agonopterix bipunctifera, Agonopterix bipunctosa, Agonopterix broennoeensis, Agonopterix budashkini, Agonopterix cachritis, Agonopterix cadurciella, Agonopterix cajonensis, Agonopterix canadensis, Agonopterix canuflavella, Agonopterix capreolella, Agonopterix carduella, Agonopterix caucasiella, Agonopterix cervariella, Agonopterix chaetosoma, Agonopterix chironiella, Agonopterix chrautis, Agonopterix ciliella, Agonopterix cinerariae, Agonopterix clarkei, Agonopterix clausulata, Agonopterix clemensella, Agonopterix cluniana, Agonopterix cnicella, Agonopterix coenosella, Agonopterix comitella, Agonopterix communis, Agonopterix compacta, Agonopterix conterminella, Agonopterix costaemaculella, Agonopterix cotoneastri, Agonopterix crassiventrella, Agonopterix cratia, Agonopterix crypsicosma, Agonopterix cuillerella, Agonopterix curvilineella, Agonopterix curvipunctosa, Agonopterix cyclas, Agonopterix cynarivora, Agonopterix cyrniella, Agonopterix dammersi, Agonopterix deliciosella, Agonopterix deltopa, Agonopterix demissella, Agonopterix deplanella, Agonopterix dideganella, Agonopterix dimorphella, Agonopterix divergella, Agonopterix doronicella, Agonopterix dryocrates, Agonopterix dubatolovi, Agonopterix dumitrescui, Agonopterix echinopella, Agonopterix elbursella, Agonopterix encentra, Agonopterix epichersa, Agonopterix erythrella, Agonopterix eupatoriiella, Agonopterix exquisitella, Agonopterix farsensis, Agonopterix ferocella, Agonopterix ferulae, Agonopterix flavicomella, Agonopterix fruticosella, Agonopterix funebrella, Agonopterix furvella, Agonopterix fusciterminella, Agonopterix fuscovenella, Agonopterix galbella, Agonopterix gelidella, Agonopterix genistella, Agonopterix glabrella, Agonopterix glyphidopa, Agonopterix graecella, Agonopterix grammotopa, Agonopterix hamriella, Agonopterix heracliana, Agonopterix hesphoea, Agonopterix hippomarathri, Agonopterix hyperella, Agonopterix hypericella, Agonopterix hypomarathri, Agonopterix iharai, Agonopterix iliensis, Agonopterix imbutella, Agonopterix incarnatella, Agonopterix inoxiella, Agonopterix intersecta, Agonopterix invenustella, Agonopterix irroata, Agonopterix irrorata, Agonopterix isabellina, Agonopterix issikii, Agonopterix japonica, Agonopterix jezonica, Agonopterix kaekeritziana, Agonopterix kisojiana, Agonopterix klimeschi, Agonopterix kuznetzovi, Agonopterix l-nigrum, Agonopterix lacteella, Agonopterix laterella, Agonopterix latipalpella, Agonopterix latipennella, Agonopterix lecontella, Agonopterix leucadensis, Agonopterix ligusticella, Agonopterix liturosa, Agonopterix lythrella, Agonopterix melanarcha, Agonopterix melancholica, Agonopterix mendesi, Agonopterix metamelopa, Agonopterix mikomoensis, Agonopterix miyanella, Agonopterix monotona, Agonopterix multiplicella, Agonopterix muricolorella, Agonopterix mutatella, Agonopterix mutuurai, Agonopterix nanatella, Agonopterix nebulosa, Agonopterix neoxesta, Agonopterix nervosa, Agonopterix nigrinotella, Agonopterix nodiflorella, Agonopterix nubiferella, Agonopterix nyctalopis, Agonopterix occaecata, Agonopterix ocellana, Agonopterix ochrocephala, Agonopterix oinochroa, Agonopterix omelkoi, Agonopterix ordubadensis, Agonopterix oregonensis, Agonopterix orthobathra, Agonopterix pallidior, Agonopterix pallorella, Agonopterix panjaoella, Agonopterix panurga, Agonopterix parilella, Agonopterix pavida, Agonopterix perezi, Agonopterix pergandeella, Agonopterix perstrigella, Agonopterix petasitis, Agonopterix petraea, Agonopterix posticella, Agonopterix probella, Agonopterix propinquella, Agonopterix prospicua, Agonopterix prostratella, Agonopterix pseudorutana, Agonopterix psoraliella, Agonopterix pteleae, Agonopterix pullella, Agonopterix pulvipennella, Agonopterix pupillana, Agonopterix purpurea, Agonopterix putridella, Agonopterix quadripunctata, Agonopterix ramosella, Agonopterix remota, Agonopterix rhododrosa, Agonopterix rhodogastra, Agonopterix rhodoscelis, Agonopterix rimantasi, Agonopterix rimulella, Agonopterix robiniella, Agonopterix rosaciliella, Agonopterix roseocaudella, Agonopterix rotundella, Agonopterix rubidella, Agonopterix rubristricta, Agonopterix rubrovittella, Agonopterix rutana, Agonopterix sabulella, Agonopterix salangella, Agonopterix sanguinella, Agonopterix sapporensis, Agonopterix scopariella, Agonopterix selini, Agonopterix senecionis, Agonopterix seneciovora, Agonopterix senicionella, Agonopterix septicella, Agonopterix seraphimella, Agonopterix silerella, Agonopterix sinevi, Agonopterix squamosa, Agonopterix stigmella, Agonopterix straminella, Agonopterix subpropinquella, Agonopterix subtakamukui, Agonopterix subumbellana, Agonopterix sumizome, Agonopterix sutschanella, Agonopterix tabghaella, Agonopterix taciturna, Agonopterix takamukui, Agonopterix tarkiella, Agonopterix thapsiella, Agonopterix thelmae, Agonopterix thurneri, Agonopterix toega, Agonopterix tolli, Agonopterix triallactis, Agonopterix trimenella, Agonopterix tschorbadjiewi, Agonopterix ulicetella, Agonopterix umbellana, Agonopterix urzhumella, Agonopterix ussuriella, Agonopterix vasta, Agonopterix vendettella, Agonopterix walsinghamella, Agonopterix xylinopis, Agonopterix yamatoensis, Agonopterix yeatiana, Agonopterix yomogiella

Apachea Clarke, 1941 [genus]

Apachea barberella

Bibarrambla Clarke, 1941 [genus]

Bibarrambla allenella

Depressaria (Haworth, 1811) [genus]

Depressaria, Hasenfussia, Horridopalpus,
Depressaria albiocellata, Depressaria alienella, Depressaria angelicivora, Depressaria angustati, Depressaria apiella, Depressaria aragonella, Depressaria armata, Depressaria artemisiella, Depressaria assalella, Depressaria astrostrigella, Depressaria aurantiella, Depressaria basicostata, Depressaria besma, Depressaria betina, Depressaria bruneella, Depressaria campestrella, Depressaria caucasica, Depressaria chlorothorax, Depressaria cinereocostella, Depressaria compactella, Depressaria conspersa, Depressaria constancei, Depressaria danilevkyi, Depressaria delphinias, Depressaria depressella, Depressaria despoliatella, Depressaria deverella, Depressaria duplicatella, Depressaria edmondsii, Depressaria eleanorae, Depressaria frustratella, Depressaria fuscipedella, Depressaria homogenes, Depressaria iliensis, Depressaria illepida, Depressaria indelibatella, Depressaria jugurthella, Depressaria juliella, Depressaria karmeliella, Depressaria kasyi, Depressaria keltella, Depressaria kollari, Depressaria kondarella, Depressaria latisquamella, Depressaria leptotaeniae, Depressaria leucostictella, Depressaria longipennella, Depressaria macrotrichella, Depressaria manglisiella, Depressaria moya, Depressaria multifidae, Depressaria niphosyrphas, Depressaria nomia, Depressaria palousella, Depressaria parahofmanni, Depressaria pavoniella, Depressaria peregrinella, Depressaria petronoma, Depressaria plaousella, Depressaria platyaeniella, Depressaria pteryxiphaga, Depressaria pulcherimella, Depressaria radiata, Depressaria rebeli, Depressaria reichlini, Depressaria reticulatella, Depressaria rhodochlora, Depressaria rubripalpella, Depressaria rubripunctella, Depressaria rungsiella, Depressaria ruticola, Depressaria schaidurovi, Depressaria schellbachi, Depressaria semenovi, Depressaria spectrocentra, Depressaria sphondiliella, Depressaria subhirtipalpis, Depressaria subnervosa, Depressaria tabghaella, Depressaria togata, Depressaria uhrykella, Depressaria varzobella, Depressaria whitmani, Depressaria yakimae

Levipalpus (Hannemann, 1953) [genus]

Levipalpus hepatariella

Depressariini photos with superspecies identification

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Depressariini sp. Depressariini sp. Depressariini sp.


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