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Tribe Anacampsini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Gelechiidae subfamily Gelechiinae → tribe Anacampsini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (5 illustrated). Species.

Anacampsis (Curtis, 1827) [genus]

Anacampsis aduncella, Anacampsis aedificata, Anacampsis agrimoniella, Anacampsis anisogramma, Anacampsis argyrothamniella, Anacampsis blattariella, Anacampsis capyrodes, Anacampsis cenelpis, Anacampsis chlorodecta, Anacampsis cincticulella, Anacampsis comparanda, Anacampsis conclusella, Anacampsis conistica, Anacampsis considerata, Anacampsis cornifer, Anacampsis cosmia, Anacampsis coverdalella, Anacampsis crypticopa, Anacampsis diplodelta, Anacampsis flexiloqua, Anacampsis fragariella, Anacampsis fullonella, Anacampsis fuscella, Anacampsis hirsutella, Anacampsis homoplasta, Anacampsis idiocentra, Anacampsis innocuella, Anacampsis inquieta, Anacampsis insularis, Anacampsis karmeliella, Anacampsis kearfottella, Anacampsis lacteusochrella, Anacampsis lagunculariella, Anacampsis languens, Anacampsis lapidella, Anacampsis levipedella, Anacampsis lignaria, Anacampsis lithodelta, Anacampsis lugens, Anacampsis lupinella, Anacampsis maculatella, Anacampsis malella, Anacampsis meibomiella, Anacampsis mongolicae, Anacampsis multinotata, Anacampsis niveopulvella, Anacampsis nocturna, Anacampsis nonstrigella, Anacampsis obscurella, Anacampsis okui, Anacampsis paltodoriella, Anacampsis panormitella, Anacampsis parviocellatella, Anacampsis peloptila, Anacampsis perquisita, Anacampsis petrographa, Anacampsis phytomiella, Anacampsis poliombra, Anacampsis pomaceella, Anacampsis populella, Anacampsis prasina, Anacampsis primigenia, Anacampsis psoraliella, Anacampsis quinquepunctella, Anacampsis rhabdodes, Anacampsis rhoifructella, Anacampsis rivalis, Anacampsis sacramenta, Anacampsis scalata, Anacampsis scintillella, Anacampsis solemnella, Anacampsis subactella, Anacampsis temerella, Anacampsis tephriasella, Anacampsis timidella, Anacampsis triangularis, Anacampsis triangulella, Anacampsis tridentella, Anacampsis trifoliella, Anacampsis tristrigella, Anacampsis ursula, Anacampsis veteranella, Anacampsis viretella

Crossobela (Meyrick, 1923) [genus]

Crossobela trinotella

Stomopteryx (Heinemann, 1870) [genus]

Stomopteryx anxia, Stomopteryx argodoris, Stomopteryx basalis, Stomopteryx bathrarcha, Stomopteryx biangulata, Stomopteryx bivittella, Stomopteryx bolschewickiella, Stomopteryx bolschewikiella, Stomopteryx calligoni, Stomopteryx circaea, Stomopteryx cirrhocoma, Stomopteryx coracina, Stomopteryx credula, Stomopteryx delotypa, Stomopteryx descarpentriesella, Stomopteryx detersella, Stomopteryx deverrae, Stomopteryx difficilis, Stomopteryx diplodoxa, Stomopteryx discolorella, Stomopteryx elachistella, Stomopteryx elaeocoma, Stomopteryx embrocha, Stomopteryx eremopis, Stomopteryx falkovitshi, Stomopteryx flavipalpella, Stomopteryx flavoclavella, Stomopteryx frivola, Stomopteryx gaesata, Stomopteryx geryella, Stomopteryx grandidierella, Stomopteryx hungaricella, Stomopteryx kermella, Stomopteryx lacteolella, Stomopteryx lineolella, Stomopteryx luticoma, Stomopteryx maculatella, Stomopteryx maledicta, Stomopteryx maraschella, Stomopteryx melagonella, Stomopteryx mongolica, Stomopteryx multilineatella, Stomopteryx nigricella, Stomopteryx nugatricella, Stomopteryx ochrosema, Stomopteryx officiosa, Stomopteryx oncodes, Stomopteryx orthogonella, Stomopteryx pallidella, Stomopteryx pallidipes, Stomopteryx pelomicta, Stomopteryx phaeopa, Stomopteryx plurivittella, Stomopteryx praecipitata, Stomopteryx prolapsa, Stomopteryx quadripunctella, Stomopteryx rastrifera, Stomopteryx remissella, Stomopteryx schizogynae, Stomopteryx semicostella, Stomopteryx simplexee, Stomopteryx speciosella, Stomopteryx sphenodoxa, Stomopteryx splendens, Stomopteryx symplegadopa, Stomopteryx tenuisignella, Stomopteryx tesserapunctella, Stomopteryx thoracica, Stomopteryx trachyphylla, Stomopteryx wollastoni, Stomopteryx xanthobasalis, Stomopteryx xerochroa, Stomopteryx yunusemrei, Stomopteryx zanoni

Anacampsini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Anacampsini sp. (large size).

Anacampsini sp. Anacampsini sp. Anacampsini sp.


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