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Tribe Gelechiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Gelechiidae subfamily Gelechiinae → tribe Gelechiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 13 (9 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (1 illustrated). Species.

Chionodes (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Chionodes abdominella, Chionodes abella, Chionodes abradescens, Chionodes acerella, Chionodes acrina, Chionodes agriodes, Chionodes apolectella, Chionodes aprilella, Chionodes arenella, Chionodes argentipunctella, Chionodes argosema, Chionodes aristella, Chionodes bastuliella, Chionodes bicolor, Chionodes bicostomaculella, Chionodes borzella, Chionodes braunella, Chionodes bufo, Chionodes cacoderma, Chionodes caespitella, Chionodes canofusela, Chionodes caucasicella, Chionodes ceanothiella, Chionodes chlorocephala, Chionodes chrysopyla, Chionodes concinna, Chionodes consona, Chionodes continuella, Chionodes creberrima, Chionodes dammersi, Chionodes decolorella, Chionodes dentella, Chionodes discoocellella, Chionodes distinctella, Chionodes dryobathra, Chionodes eburata, Chionodes electella, Chionodes figurella, Chionodes flavicorporella, Chionodes flavipalpella, Chionodes fluvialella, Chionodes fondella, Chionodes formosella, Chionodes fructuaria, Chionodes fumatella, Chionodes fuscomaculella, Chionodes gilvomaculella, Chionodes grandis, Chionodes halycopa, Chionodes hayreddini, Chionodes helicosticta, Chionodes hibiscella, Chionodes hinnella, Chionodes holosericella, Chionodes icriodes, Chionodes ignorantella, Chionodes iridescens, Chionodes kincaidella, Chionodes labradorica, Chionodes lacticoma, Chionodes litigiosa, Chionodes loetae, Chionodes lophosella, Chionodes luctuella, Chionodes lugubrella, Chionodes luteogeminata, Chionodes mariona, Chionodes mediofuscella, Chionodes metallica, Chionodes mongolica, Chionodes nanodella, Chionodes nebulosella, Chionodes negundella, Chionodes nephelophracta, Chionodes neptica, Chionodes nigrobarbata, Chionodes notandella, Chionodes nubilella, Chionodes obscurusella, Chionodes occidentella, Chionodes occlusa, Chionodes ochreostrigella, Chionodes paralogella, Chionodes pentadora, Chionodes pereyra, Chionodes periculella, Chionodes perissosema, Chionodes permacta, Chionodes perpetuella, Chionodes petalumensis, Chionodes phalacra, Chionodes pinguicula, Chionodes pleroma, Chionodes praeclarella, Chionodes pseudofondella, Chionodes psiloptera, Chionodes retiniella, Chionodes sabinianae, Chionodes sagayica, Chionodes salicella, Chionodes salva, Chionodes scotodes, Chionodes seculaella, Chionodes sistrella, Chionodes soella, Chionodes spirodoxa, Chionodes tannuolella, Chionodes tantella, Chionodes tarandella, Chionodes terminimaculella, Chionodes tessa, Chionodes thoraceochrella, Chionodes tragicella, Chionodes trichostola, Chionodes trophella, Chionodes ukokensis, Chionodes vanduzeei, Chionodes viduella, Chionodes violacea, Chionodes whitmanella, Chionodes xanthophilella, Chionodes xylobathra

Filatima (Busck, 1939) [genus]

Filatima abactella, Filatima albicostella, Filatima albilorella, Filatima albipectus, Filatima albisostella, Filatima angustipennis, Filatima arizonella, Filatima asiatica, Filatima aulaea, Filatima autocrossa, Filatima betulae, Filatima bidentella, Filatima biforella, Filatima bigella, Filatima biminimaculella, Filatima catacrossa, Filatima collinearis, Filatima confusatella, Filatima cushmani, Filatima demissae, Filatima depuratella, Filatima djakovica, Filatima epulatrix, Filatima fontisella, Filatima frugalis, Filatima fuliginea, Filatima glycyrhizaeella, Filatima golovina, Filatima gomphopis, Filatima hemicrossa, Filatima incomptella, Filatima inquilinella, Filatima isocrossa, Filatima karsholti, Filatima kerzhneri, Filatima monotaeniella, Filatima natalis, Filatima neotrophella, Filatima nigrimediella, Filatima nigripectus, Filatima normifera, Filatima nucifer, Filatima obidenna, Filatima obscuroocelella, Filatima obscurosuffusella, Filatima ochreosuffusella, Filatima ornatifimbriella, Filatima pagicola, Filatima pallipalpella, Filatima perpensa, Filatima platyochra, Filatima procedes, Filatima prognosticata, Filatima pseudacaciella, Filatima rhypodes, Filatima roceliella, Filatima saliciphaga, Filatima sciocrypta, Filatima serotinella, Filatima sperryi, Filatima spinigera, Filatima spurcella, Filatima striatella, Filatima tephriditella, Filatima tephrinopa, Filatima tephritidella, Filatima textorella, Filatima transsilvanella, Filatima transylvanella, Filatima tridentata, Filatima ukrainica, Filatima vaccinii, Filatima vaniae, Filatima xanthuris, Filatima zagulajevi

Gelechia (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Gelechia, Mesogelechia,
Gelechia abjunctella, Gelechia adapterella, Gelechia albatella, Gelechia albisparsella, Gelechia albomaculata, Gelechia allomima, Gelechia allotria, Gelechia anagramma, Gelechia anarsiella, Gelechia angustella, Gelechia anomorcta, Gelechia anthochra, Gelechia anthracopa, Gelechia arotrias, Gelechia atrofusca, Gelechia badiomaculella, Gelechia bathrochlora, Gelechia benitella, Gelechia bergiella, Gelechia bianulella, Gelechia bistrigella, Gelechia brumella, Gelechia capiteochrella, Gelechia caudatae, Gelechia chionomima, Gelechia clandestina, Gelechia clopica, Gelechia conditor, Gelechia confusella, Gelechia cretulata, Gelechia crudescens, Gelechia cuneifera, Gelechia cuspidatella, Gelechia delapsa, Gelechia delodectis, Gelechia desiliens, Gelechia diacmota, Gelechia discostrigella, Gelechia dolbyii, Gelechia dromicella, Gelechia dyariella, Gelechia dzunmodi, Gelechia ekhingolica, Gelechia elephantopis, Gelechia epiphloea, Gelechia epistolica, Gelechia exclarella, Gelechia exoenota, Gelechia exposita, Gelechia farinosa, Gelechia flexurella, Gelechia frequens, Gelechia fuscantella, Gelechia fuscooculata, Gelechia galatea, Gelechia gammanella, Gelechia gnathodoxa, Gelechia goniospila, Gelechia gracula, Gelechia griseaella, Gelechia griseochrella, Gelechia haifella, Gelechia hetaeria, Gelechia hippophaella, Gelechia horiaula, Gelechia hyoscyamella, Gelechia impurgata, Gelechia inconspicua, Gelechia inferialis, Gelechia intermedia, Gelechia invenustella, Gelechia junctipunctella, Gelechia lactiflora, Gelechia leptospora, Gelechia liberata, Gelechia longipalpella, Gelechia lynceella, Gelechia machinata, Gelechia maculatusella, Gelechia mandella, Gelechia marmoratella, Gelechia melanoptila, Gelechia mimella, Gelechia molitor, Gelechia monella, Gelechia mundata, Gelechia notabilis, Gelechia obscurella, Gelechia ocherfuscella, Gelechia ochrocorys, Gelechia ophiaula, Gelechia overhaldensis, Gelechia packardella, Gelechia pallidagriseella, Gelechia panella, Gelechia paraula, Gelechia paroxynta, Gelechia petraea, Gelechia picrogramma, Gelechia pisarevi, Gelechia pistaciae, Gelechia platydoxa, Gelechia praestantella, Gelechia protozona, Gelechia repetitrix, Gelechia ribesella, Gelechia rileyella, Gelechia sachalinensis, Gelechia sattleri, Gelechia sematica, Gelechia sonorensis, Gelechia stenacma, Gelechia suspensa, Gelechia syncopaula, Gelechia synthetica, Gelechia teleiodella, Gelechia tetraleuca, Gelechia thoracestrigella, Gelechia thymiata, Gelechia trachydyta, Gelechia traducella, Gelechia tribalanota, Gelechia turangella, Gelechia unistrigella, Gelechia veneranda, Gelechia versutella, Gelechia wacoella, Gelechia xylophaea


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