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Tribe Abraxini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Ennominae → tribe Abraxini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (2 illustrated). Species.

Abraxas (Leach, 1815) [genus]

Abraxas, Calospilos,
Abraxas abrasata, Abraxas adelphica, Abraxas adilluminata, Abraxas adusta, Abraxas aequimargo, Abraxas aesiopsis, Abraxas albiplaga, Abraxas albiquadrata, Abraxas alpestris, Abraxas amicula, Abraxas antinebulosa, Abraxas aphorista, Abraxas asemographa, Abraxas ateles, Abraxas auchmodes, Abraxas baccata, Abraxas calypta, Abraxas capitata, Abraxas celidota, Abraxas circinata, Abraxas comminuta, Abraxas confluentaria, Abraxas conialeuca, Abraxas consputa, Abraxas copha, Abraxas cosmia, Abraxas culpini, Abraxas cupreilluminata, Abraxas curvilinearia, Abraxas cyclobalia, Abraxas degener, Abraxas diastema, Abraxas dichostata, Abraxas discoparallela, Abraxas disrupta, Abraxas ditritaria, Abraxas elaioides, Abraxas epipercna, Abraxas etridoides, Abraxas expectata, Abraxas extralineata, Abraxas faceta, Abraxas fasciaria, Abraxas flavimacula, Abraxas flavisinuata, Abraxas flavobasalis, Abraxas fletcheri, Abraxas formosilluminata, Abraxas fulvobasalis, Abraxas fuscescens, Abraxas gephyra, Abraxas germana, Abraxas grisearia, Abraxas gunsana, Abraxas harutai, Abraxas hemerophiloides, Abraxas honei, Abraxas illuminata, Abraxas incolorata, Abraxas intermedia, Abraxas interpunctata, Abraxas intervacuata, Abraxas invasata, Abraxas irrorata, Abraxas irrula, Abraxas ischnophragma, Abraxas joyceyi, Abraxas kanoi, Abraxas kanshireiensis, Abraxas kansuensis, Abraxas karafutonis, Abraxas labraria, Abraxas latifasciata, Abraxas latizonata, Abraxas leopardina, Abraxas lepida, Abraxas leucaphrodes, Abraxas leucoloepa, Abraxas leucostola, Abraxas lugubris, Abraxas luteolaria, Abraxas macroplaca, Abraxas macularia, Abraxas maculicincta, Abraxas major, Abraxas martaria, Abraxas membranacea, Abraxas metabasis, Abraxas metamorpha, Abraxas miranda, Abraxas moniliata, Abraxas montivolans, Abraxas monychata, Abraxas nebularia, Abraxas neomartaria, Abraxas nepalensis, Abraxas nepalilluminata, Abraxas nephodes, Abraxas nigrivena, Abraxas niphonibia, Abraxas notata, Abraxas omissa, Abraxas ostrina, Abraxas parvimiranda, Abraxas parvipunctata, Abraxas paucinotata, Abraxas pauxilla, Abraxas perchaotica, Abraxas permaculosa, Abraxas permutans, Abraxas persimplex, Abraxas persuspecta, Abraxas picaria, Abraxas placata, Abraxas pleniguttata, Abraxas plumbeata, Abraxas poliaria, Abraxas poliostrota, Abraxas polysticta, Abraxas praepiperata, Abraxas privata, Abraxas proicteriodes, Abraxas propior, Abraxas propsara, Abraxas prosthetocneca, Abraxas punctaria, Abraxas punctifera, Abraxas punctisignaria, Abraxas pusilla, Abraxas quadrimorpha, Abraxas reticularia, Abraxas rhusiocirra, Abraxas satoi, Abraxas semilivens, Abraxas semiusta, Abraxas sesquilineata, Abraxas shensica, Abraxas shigernaei, Abraxas sinicaria, Abraxas sinilluminata, Abraxas sinimartaria, Abraxas sinopicaria, Abraxas sordida, Abraxas sporocrossa, Abraxas stictotaenia, Abraxas stresemanni, Abraxas subflava, Abraxas subhyalinata, Abraxas submartiaria, Abraxas suffusa, Abraxas superpicaria, Abraxas suspecta, Abraxas symmetrica, Abraxas syngenica, Abraxas taiwanensis, Abraxas tenellula, Abraxas tenuisuffusa, Abraxas todara, Abraxas tortuosaria, Abraxas trigonomorpha, Abraxas triseriaria, Abraxas triseriata, Abraxas unisinuata, Abraxas virginalis, Abraxas wegneri, Abraxas wehrlii, Abraxas wilemani

Lidgia Guenée, 1858 [genus]

Lidgia wagneri

Abraxini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Abraxini sp. (large size).

Abraxini sp. Abraxini sp. Abraxini sp. Abraxini sp. Abraxini sp. Abraxini sp. Abraxini sp. Abraxini sp.


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