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Tribe Cassymini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Ennominae → tribe Cassymini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 28 (5 illustrated). Species.

Auzeodes Warren, 1893 [genus]

Auzeodes chalybeata

Danala Walker, 1860 [genus]

Danala laxtaria, Danala lilacina

Micronidia Moore, 1888 [genus]

Micronidia simpliciata

Zamarada Moore, [1887] [genus]

Zamarada acerata, Zamarada aclea, Zamarada aclys, Zamarada acosmeta, Zamarada acrochroa, Zamarada adiposata, Zamarada adumbrata, Zamarada aegrotans, Zamarada aequilumata, Zamarada aerata, Zamarada aglae, Zamarada amelga, Zamarada amicta, Zamarada amymone, Zamarada anacantha, Zamarada angustimargo, Zamarada anna, Zamarada ansorgei, Zamarada antimima, Zamarada apicata, Zamarada arguta, Zamarada ariste, Zamarada ascaphes, Zamarada astales, Zamarada astyphela, Zamarada auratisquama, Zamarada aureomarginata, Zamarada aurolineata, Zamarada azona, Zamarada baliata, Zamarada bamenda, Zamarada bastelbergeri, Zamarada bathyscaphes, Zamarada bernardii, Zamarada bicuspida, Zamarada bilobata, Zamarada bonaberiensis, Zamarada brevidens, Zamarada calypso, Zamarada candelabra, Zamarada canina, Zamarada carcassoni, Zamarada cathetus, Zamarada catori, Zamarada cautela, Zamarada cepa, Zamarada chrysopa, Zamarada chrysothyra, Zamarada cinereata, Zamarada cinnamomata, Zamarada clavigera, Zamarada clementi, Zamarada clenchi, Zamarada clio, Zamarada collarti, Zamarada consecuta, Zamarada consummata, Zamarada corroborata, Zamarada corymbophora, Zamarada crenulata, Zamarada crystallophana, Zamarada cucharita, Zamarada cydippe, Zamarada dargei, Zamarada dasysceles, Zamarada deceptrix, Zamarada decrepita, Zamarada deformata, Zamarada delosis, Zamarada delta, Zamarada densisparsa, Zamarada dentata, Zamarada denticatella, Zamarada denticulata, Zamarada dentigera, Zamarada dialitha, Zamarada differens, Zamarada dilata, Zamarada dilucida, Zamarada dione, Zamarada disparata, Zamarada dolorosa, Zamarada dorsiplaga, Zamarada dyscapna, Zamarada ekphysis, Zamarada elonga, Zamarada emaciata, Zamarada enippe, Zamarada eogenaria, Zamarada episema, Zamarada erato, Zamarada eroessa, Zamarada erosa, Zamarada erugata, Zamarada eryma, Zamarada eucharis, Zamarada euerces, Zamarada euphrosyne, Zamarada eurygnathus, Zamarada euryscaphes, Zamarada euterpina, Zamarada excavata, Zamarada excisa, Zamarada exigua, Zamarada fallaciosa, Zamarada ferruginata, Zamarada fessa, Zamarada fibulata, Zamarada flavicaput, Zamarada flavicosta, Zamarada fletcheri, Zamarada fugax, Zamarada fumosa, Zamarada fusticula, Zamarada gaedei, Zamarada gamma, Zamarada geitaina, Zamarada glareosa, Zamarada gracilata, Zamarada granti, Zamarada griseola, Zamarada griveaudi, Zamarada hemimeres, Zamarada herbuloti, Zamarada hero, Zamarada hombergi, Zamarada hyalinaria, Zamarada ignicosta, Zamarada ilaria, Zamarada ilma, Zamarada incompta, Zamarada indicata, Zamarada inermis, Zamarada intacta, Zamarada iobathra, Zamarada ioura, Zamarada ixiaria, Zamarada janata, Zamarada jansei, Zamarada justa, Zamarada ka, Zamarada kala, Zamarada keraia, Zamarada kompsotes, Zamarada labifera, Zamarada labrys, Zamarada laciniata, Zamarada lanceolata, Zamarada latilimbata, Zamarada latimargo, Zamarada leona, Zamarada lepta, Zamarada lequeuxi, Zamarada lima, Zamarada longidens, Zamarada lophobela, Zamarada manifesta, Zamarada melanopyga, Zamarada melasma, Zamarada melpomene, Zamarada merga, Zamarada mesotaenia, Zamarada metallicata, Zamarada metrioscaphes, Zamarada mimesis, Zamarada minimaria, Zamarada miranda, Zamarada montana, Zamarada nasuta, Zamarada nesiotica, Zamarada nigrapex, Zamarada ochrata, Zamarada odontophora, Zamarada onycha, Zamarada opala, Zamarada ordinaria, Zamarada ostracodes, Zamarada oxybeles, Zamarada paxilla, Zamarada pelobasis, Zamarada penthesis, Zamarada perlepidata, Zamarada phaeozona, Zamarada phoenopasta, Zamarada phratra, Zamarada phrontisaria, Zamarada pinheyi, Zamarada plana, Zamarada platycephala, Zamarada polyctemon, Zamarada principis, Zamarada pringlei, Zamarada prionotos, Zamarada pristis, Zamarada prolata, Zamarada protrusa, Zamarada psammites, Zamarada psectra, Zamarada psi, Zamarada pulverosa, Zamarada purimargo, Zamarada radula, Zamarada reflexaria, Zamarada regularis, Zamarada rhamphis, Zamarada rhodina, Zamarada ruandana, Zamarada rubrifascia, Zamarada rufilinearia, Zamarada rupta, Zamarada saburra, Zamarada sagitta, Zamarada sahelica, Zamarada schalida, Zamarada scintillans, Zamarada scriptifasciata, Zamarada secutaria, Zamarada setosa, Zamarada seydeli, Zamarada shoa, Zamarada sicula, Zamarada similis, Zamarada sinecalcarata, Zamarada strigilecula, Zamarada subincolaris, Zamarada subinterrupta, Zamarada suda, Zamarada symmetra, Zamarada terpsichore, Zamarada thalia, Zamarada torrida, Zamarada tortura, Zamarada tosta, Zamarada toulgoeti, Zamarada townsendi, Zamarada transvisaria, Zamarada triangularis, Zamarada tricuspida, Zamarada tullia, Zamarada ucata, Zamarada ucatoides, Zamarada undimarginata, Zamarada unisona, Zamarada urania, Zamarada varii, Zamarada variola, Zamarada vidua, Zamarada viettei, Zamarada vigilans, Zamarada vintejouxi, Zamarada volsella, Zamarada vulpina, Zamarada weberi, Zamarada xyele, Zamarada xystra


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