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Tribe Asthenini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Larentiinae → tribe Asthenini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (7 illustrated). Species.

Eois Hübner, 1818 [genus]

Eois abbreviata, Eois acerba, Eois adimaria, Eois agroica, Eois albigirisea, Eois albosignata, Eois alticola, Eois amarillada, Eois amaryllaria, Eois amydroscia, Eois angulata, Eois anisorrhopa, Eois antiopata, Eois apyraria, Eois arenacea, Eois argentifilata, Eois atrostrigata, Eois aurata, Eois azafranata, Eois basaliata, Eois batea, Eois bellissima, Eois bifilata, Eois binaria, Eois biradiata, Eois bitaeniata, Eois bolana, Eois boliviensis, Eois borrata, Eois borratoides, Eois brasiliensis, Eois brunnea, Eois brunneicosta, Eois burla, Eois camptographata, Eois canariata, Eois cancellata, Eois carmenata, Eois carnata, Eois carrasca, Eois cassandra, Eois catana, Eois cedon, Eois cervina, Eois chasca, Eois chione, Eois chrysocraspedata, Eois cinerascens, Eois ciocolatina, Eois citriaria, Eois cobardata, Eois coerulea, Eois cogitata, Eois coloraria, Eois commixta, Eois concatenata, Eois consocia, Eois contracta, Eois contractata, Eois contraversa, Eois costalaria, Eois cressigenes, Eois crocina, Eois cymatodes, Eois decursaria, Eois deleta, Eois delicatula, Eois diapsis, Eois dibapha, Eois dione, Eois dissensa, Eois dissimilaris, Eois diversicosta, Eois dorisaria, Eois dryantis, Eois dryope, Eois elongata, Eois encina, Eois ephyrata, Eois escamata, Eois expressaria, Eois fasciata, Eois filiferata, Eois flavata, Eois flavifulva, Eois flavotaeniata, Eois fragilis, Eois fulva, Eois fulvicosta, Eois funiculata, Eois furvibasis, Eois fuscicosta, Eois gemellaria, Eois glauculata, Eois golosata, Eois goodmani, Eois gratalaria, Eois grataria, Eois griseicosta, Eois guapa, Eois haematodes, Eois haltima, Eois heliadaria, Eois hermosaria, Eois heza, Eois hocica, Eois hulaquina, Eois hyperythraria, Eois ignefumata, Eois imitata, Eois impletaria, Eois incandescens, Eois inconspicua, Eois inflammata, Eois ingrataria, Eois innocens, Eois insignata, Eois insolens, Eois insolita, Eois insueta, Eois intacta, Eois internexa, Eois isabella, Eois isographata, Eois jifia, Eois lavendula, Eois lavinia, Eois leucampyx, Eois lilacea, Eois lilacina, Eois lineolata, Eois lucivittata, Eois lunatissima, Eois lunifera, Eois lunulosa, Eois macrozeta, Eois marcearia, Eois margarita, Eois mediogrisea, Eois mediostrigata, Eois memorata, Eois mexicaria, Eois mictographa, Eois mixosemia, Eois multilunata, Eois multistrigaria, Eois muscosa, Eois muscularia, Eois myrrha, Eois nacara, Eois naias, Eois neclas, Eois necula, Eois neutraria, Eois nigriceps, Eois nigricosta, Eois nigrinotata, Eois nigriplaga, Eois nigrosticta, Eois noctilaria, Eois numeria, Eois numida, Eois nundina, Eois nympha, Eois obada, Eois obscura, Eois occia, Eois odatis, Eois olivacea, Eois olivaria, Eois operbula, Eois ops, Eois pallidicosta, Eois pallidula, Eois pararussearia, Eois paraviolascens, Eois parva, Eois paulona, Eois percisa, Eois perfusca, Eois perstrigata, Eois peruviensis, Eois phaneroscia, Eois plana, Eois planetaria, Eois planifimbria, Eois platearia, Eois plicata, Eois plumbacea, Eois plumbeofusa, Eois polycima, Eois primularis, Eois pseudobada, Eois punctata, Eois punctifera, Eois pyrauges, Eois quadrilatera, Eois rectifasciata, Eois reducta, Eois relaxaria, Eois restrictata, Eois reticulata, Eois roseocincta, Eois rubiada, Eois rubicunda, Eois russearia, Eois sagittaria, Eois sanguilinea, Eois sanguilineata, Eois saria, Eois scama, Eois semipicta, Eois semirosea, Eois semirubra, Eois seria, Eois serrilineata, Eois signaria, Eois silla, Eois simulata, Eois singularia, Eois snellenaria, Eois sordida, Eois stellataria, Eois suarezensis, Eois subangulata, Eois subcrocearia, Eois subpallida, Eois subtectata, Eois tegularia, Eois tertulia, Eois tessellata, Eois thetisaria, Eois tiebaghi, Eois toporata, Eois trillista, Eois trinotata, Eois undulosaria, Eois undulosata, Eois unilineata, Eois veniliata, Eois verisimilis, Eois versata, Eois vinosata, Eois violada, Eois warreni, Eois xanthoperata, Eois yvata, Eois zenobia, Eois zorra

Epicyme Meyrick, 1885 [genus]

Epicyme rubropunctaria

Euchoeca (Hubner, 1823) [genus]

Euchoeca cichisa, Euchoeca nebulata

Asthenini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Asthenini sp. (large size).

Asthenini sp.


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