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Tribe Scopulini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Sterrhinae → tribe Scopulini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 13 (3 illustrated). Subgenera: 3 (2 illustrated). Species.

Holarctias Prout, 1913 [genus]

Holarctias rufinaria

Lophosis Hulst, 1896 [genus]

Lophosis labeculata

Oar (Prout, 1913) [genus]

Oar pratana

Scopula (Schrank, 1802) [genus]

Calothysanis, Holarctias, Scopula,
Scopula ablativa, Scopula abolita, Scopula abornata, Scopula accentuata, Scopula accessaria, Scopula acentra, Scopula acharis, Scopula achrosta, Scopula acidalia, Scopula actuaria, Scopula acyma, Scopula addictaria, Scopula adelpharia, Scopula adeptaria, Scopula adulteraria, Scopula aemulata, Scopula aequidistans, Scopula aequifasciata, Scopula aetheomorpha, Scopula afghana, Scopula africana, Scopula agnes, Scopula agrapta, Scopula agutsaensis, Scopula alargata, Scopula albiceraria, Scopula albida, Scopula albidaria, Scopula albidulata, Scopula albiflava, Scopula albilarvata, Scopula albomaculata, Scopula alboverticata, Scopula aleuritis, Scopula alma, Scopula alstoni, Scopula amala, Scopula amazonata, Scopula ambigua, Scopula amphiphracta, Scopula amseli, Scopula anaitisaria, Scopula analogia, Scopula anatreces, Scopula ancellata, Scopula andresi, Scopula angusticallis, Scopula aniara, Scopula anisopleura, Scopula annexata, Scopula annubiata, Scopula annularia, Scopula anoista, Scopula ansorgei, Scopula ansulata, Scopula antankarana, Scopula anysima, Scopula aphercta, Scopula apicipunctata, Scopula apparitaria, Scopula arcuaria, Scopula argentidisca, Scopula argyroleuca, Scopula asopiata, Scopula asparta, Scopula aspiciens, Scopula aspilataria, Scopula asthena, Scopula astheniata, Scopula astrabes, Scopula atramentaria, Scopula atricapilla, Scopula atriceps, Scopula atridiscata, Scopula attentata, Scopula axiata, Scopula axiotis, Scopula batesi, Scopula beccarii, Scopula benetotata, Scopula benguetensis, Scopula benitaria, Scopula bifalsaria, Scopula bigeminata, Scopula bilineata, Scopula bimacularia, Scopula bispurcata, Scopula bistrigata, Scopula brachypus, Scopula brookesae, Scopula butyrosa, Scopula cacuminaria, Scopula caducaria, Scopula caeria, Scopula caesaria, Scopula calcarata, Scopula caledonica, Scopula calothysanis, Scopula calotis, Scopula campbelli, Scopula candida, Scopula candidaria, Scopula canularia, Scopula capnosterna, Scopula carnosa, Scopula cassiaria, Scopula cassioides, Scopula castissima, Scopula cavana, Scopula celebraria, Scopula cervinata, Scopula chydaea, Scopula cineraria, Scopula cinnamomata, Scopula clandestina, Scopula clarivialis, Scopula claudata, Scopula cleoraria, Scopula coangulata, Scopula coenona, Scopula colonaria, Scopula comes, Scopula commaria, Scopula compensata, Scopula complanata, Scopula concurrens, Scopula conduplicata, Scopula confertaria, Scopula confusa, Scopula congruata, Scopula coniargyris, Scopula coniaria, Scopula conotaria, Scopula consimilata, Scopula contramutata, Scopula convergens, Scopula convictorata, Scopula cornishi, Scopula corrupta, Scopula costata, Scopula coundularia, Scopula crassipuncta, Scopula crawshayi, Scopula crenatilinea, Scopula crurata, Scopula cumulata, Scopula curvimargo, Scopula danieli, Scopula dapharia, Scopula declinata, Scopula defectiscripta, Scopula defixaria, Scopula deflavaria, Scopula dehortata, Scopula deiliniata, Scopula deliciosaria, Scopula delitata, Scopula delospila, Scopula densicornis, Scopula deserta, Scopula desita, Scopula despoliata, Scopula destituta, Scopula detentata, Scopula dhofarata, Scopula didymosema, Scopula dignata, Scopula dimoera, Scopula dimoeroides, Scopula dimorphata, Scopula disclusaria, Scopula discrepans, Scopula dismutata, Scopula dissonans, Scopula dohertyi, Scopula donaria, Scopula donovani, Scopula dorsinigrata, Scopula dotina, Scopula dubernardi, Scopula duplicipuncta, Scopula duplinupta, Scopula dux, Scopula eberti, Scopula eburneata, Scopula eclipes, Scopula ectopostigma, Scopula elegans, Scopula elegantula, Scopula eleina, Scopula elisabethae, Scopula elwesi, Scopula emissaria, Scopula emma, Scopula enucloides, Scopula epigypsa, Scopula epiorrhoe, Scopula episcia, Scopula episticta, Scopula erebospila, Scopula erinaria, Scopula erubescens, Scopula erymna, Scopula euchroa, Scopula eulomata, Scopula eunupta, Scopula euphemia, Scopula extimaria, Scopula falcataria, Scopula farinaria, Scopula ferrilineata, Scopula ferruginea, Scopula fibulata, Scopula fimbrilineata, Scopula flaccata, Scopula flaccidaria, Scopula flavifurfurata, Scopula flavissima, Scopula flavorosearia, Scopula flexio, Scopula fluidaria, Scopula formosana, Scopula fragilis, Scopula francki, Scopula froitzheimi, Scopula fulminataria, Scopula fulvicolor, Scopula fumosaria, Scopula furfurata, Scopula fuscata, Scopula fuscescens, Scopula fuscobrunnea, Scopula galactina, Scopula gastonaria, Scopula gazellaria, Scopula gibbivalvata, Scopula glaucescens, Scopula graphidata, Scopula grasuta, Scopula griseolineata, Scopula grisescens, Scopula gyalararia, Scopula habilis, Scopula haemaleata, Scopula haeretica, Scopula halimodendrata, Scopula hanna, Scopula heba, Scopula hectata, Scopula heidra, Scopula hesycha, Scopula hoerhammeri, Scopula homaema, Scopula homodoxa, Scopula horichroea, Scopula humilis, Scopula hyphenophora, Scopula hypocallista, Scopula hypochra, Scopula ichinosawana, Scopula idearia, Scopula idnothogramma, Scopula ignobilis, Scopula impersonata, Scopula impicta, Scopula improba, Scopula impropriaria, Scopula inactuosa, Scopula inangulata, Scopula incalcarata, Scopula inductata, Scopula infantilis, Scopula inficita, Scopula inflexibilis, Scopula infota, Scopula innocens, Scopula innominata, Scopula inscriptata, Scopula insincera, Scopula instructata, Scopula intensata, Scopula internata, Scopula internataria, Scopula inustaria, Scopula iranaria, Scopula irrubescens, Scopula irrufata, Scopula isodesma, Scopula isomala, Scopula isomerica, Scopula iterata, Scopula jejuna, Scopula johnsoni, Scopula julietae, Scopula junctaria, Scopula juruana, Scopula kagiata, Scopula kashmirensis, Scopula kawabei, Scopula klaphecki, Scopula kohor, Scopula lactaria, Scopula lactarioides, Scopula laevipennis, Scopula laresaria, Scopula lathraea, Scopula latifera, Scopula latimediata, Scopula latitans, Scopula lautaria, Scopula lechrioloma, Scopula legrandi, Scopula leucoloma, Scopula leucopis, Scopula leuculata, Scopula leuraria, Scopula limbata, Scopula limboundata, Scopula limosata, Scopula linearis, Scopula liotis, Scopula longicerata, Scopula longitarsata, Scopula loxographa, Scopula loxosema, Scopula lubricata, Scopula ludibunda, Scopula lugubriata, Scopula lutearia, Scopula luteicollis, Scopula luteofasciata, Scopula luteolata, Scopula luxipuncta, Scopula lydia, Scopula macrocelis, Scopula macronephes, Scopula macroselis, Scopula magnidiscata, Scopula magnipunctata, Scopula manes, Scopula manifesta, Scopula mappata, Scopula marcidaria, Scopula margaritaria, Scopula mascula, Scopula mecysma, Scopula megalocentra, Scopula megalostigma, Scopula melanstigma, Scopula mendax, Scopula menytes, Scopula merina, Scopula mesophaena, Scopula metacosmia, Scopula micara, Scopula micrata, Scopula minoa, Scopula minorata, Scopula minuta, Scopula misera, Scopula mishmica, Scopula modesta, Scopula modicaria, Scopula moinieri, Scopula molaris, Scopula mollicula, Scopula monosema, Scopula monotropa, Scopula montivaga, Scopula moorei, Scopula nachtigali, Scopula nacida, Scopula napariata, Scopula natalica, Scopula nebulata, Scopula nemorivagata, Scopula neophyta, Scopula neoxesta, Scopula nepalensis, Scopula nepheloperas, Scopula nephotropa, Scopula nesciaria, Scopula nigralba, Scopula nigridentata, Scopula nigrinotata, Scopula nigristellata, Scopula nigrocellata, Scopula nigrociliata, Scopula nigrodiscalis, Scopula nipha, Scopula nitidissima, Scopula nivearia, Scopula nivellearia, Scopula normalis, Scopula nostima, Scopula nupta, Scopula obliquiscripta, Scopula obliquisigna, Scopula oblivaria, Scopula ocellata, Scopula ocellicincta, Scopula ocheracea, Scopula ochreofusa, Scopula ochreolata, Scopula ochricrinita, Scopula ochrifrons, Scopula oenoloma, Scopula oliveta, Scopula omana, Scopula omissa, Scopula omnisona, Scopula ophthalmica, Scopula opicata, Scopula opperta, Scopula oppilata, Scopula oppunctata, Scopula optivata, Scopula ordinaria, Scopula ordinata, Scopula orthoscia, Scopula ossicolor, Scopula oxysticha, Scopula oxystoma, Scopula paetula, Scopula palleuca, Scopula pallida, Scopula pallidiceps, Scopula pallidilinea, Scopula palpifera, Scopula paneliusi, Scopula paradela, Scopula paradelpharia, Scopula parallelaria, Scopula parasira, Scopula parodites, Scopula patularia, Scopula pauperata, Scopula pedilata, Scopula pellonoides, Scopula penricei, Scopula peractaria, Scopula perfilata, Scopula perialurga, Scopula perlata, Scopula perlimbata, Scopula perlineata, Scopula permutata, Scopula perornata, Scopula personata, Scopula pertinax, Scopula phyletis, Scopula phyxelis, Scopula picta, Scopula pithogona, Scopula placida, Scopula planidisca, Scopula planipennis, Scopula plantagenaria, Scopula plionocentra, Scopula plumbearia, Scopula polystigmaria, Scopula polyterpes, Scopula praecanata, Scopula praesignipuncta, Scopula preumenes, Scopula prisca, Scopula privata, Scopula promethes, Scopula propinquaria, Scopula prosoeca, Scopula prosthiostigma, Scopula protecta, Scopula proterocelis, Scopula prouti, Scopula proximaria, Scopula pruinata, Scopula psephis, Scopula pseudoafghana, Scopula pseudocorrivalvaria, Scopula pseudocoxa, Scopula pseudophema, Scopula pudicaria, Scopula puerca, Scopula pulchellata, Scopula pulverosa, Scopula punctatissima, Scopula puncticosta, Scopula purata, Scopula pyraliata, Scopula pyrrhochra, Scopula quadratisparsa, Scopula quadrifaciata, Scopula quadrilineata, Scopula quancharia, Scopula quinquefasciata, Scopula quinquestriata, Scopula quintaria, Scopula radiata, Scopula rantaizanensis, Scopula rebeli, Scopula rectisecta, Scopula recurvinota, Scopula recusataria, Scopula regenerata, Scopula remotata, Scopula rhodinaria, Scopula rhodocraspeda, Scopula risa, Scopula rivularia, Scopula roezaria, Scopula rossi, Scopula rostrilinea, Scopula rubraria, Scopula rubriceps, Scopula rubrocinctata, Scopula rubrosignaria, Scopula ruficolor, Scopula rufigrisea, Scopula rufisalsa, Scopula rufistigma, Scopula rufolutaria, Scopula sagittilinea, Scopula sanguinifissa, Scopula sanguinisecta, Scopula saphes, Scopula sarcodes, Scopula sarfaitensis, Scopula sauteri, Scopula scialophia, Scopula scotti, Scopula sebata, Scopula seclusa, Scopula seclusoides, Scopula sedataria, Scopula seductilis, Scopula segregata, Scopula semignobilis, Scopula semispurcata, Scopula separata, Scopula septentrionicola, Scopula seras, Scopula serena, Scopula serratilinea, Scopula sevandaria, Scopula seydeli, Scopula shioyana, Scopula shiskensis, Scopula siccata, Scopula sideraria, Scopula sigillata, Scopula silonaria, Scopula simplificata, Scopula sincera, Scopula sinnaria, Scopula sinopersonata, Scopula sjostedti, Scopula sordida, Scopula sordidularia, Scopula sparsipunctata, Scopula spilodorsata, Scopula spissitarsata, Scopula spoliata, Scopula stenoptera, Scopula stephanitis, Scopula sternecki, Scopula stigmata, Scopula straminea, Scopula subcandida, Scopula subcarnea, Scopula subgastonaria, Scopula sublinearia, Scopula sublobata, Scopula sublutescens, Scopula subnictata, Scopula subobliquata, Scopula subpartita, Scopula subpectinata, Scopula subperlaria, Scopula subpulchellata, Scopula subquadrata, Scopula subrubellata, Scopula subtaeniata, Scopula subtilata, Scopula subtracta, Scopula succrassula, Scopula suda, Scopula suffecta, Scopula suffidaria, Scopula suffundaria, Scopula suna, Scopula superciliata, Scopula superior, Scopula supernivearia, Scopula supina, Scopula sybillaria, Scopula sylvata, Scopula synethes, Scopula szechuanensis, Scopula taifica, Scopula takao, Scopula tanalorum, Scopula technessa, Scopula tenera, Scopula tensipallida, Scopula tenuimedia, Scopula tenuiscripta, Scopula tenuisocius, Scopula tenuispersata, Scopula terrearia, Scopula tersicallis, Scopula thrasia, Scopula thysanopus, Scopula timandrata, Scopula timboënsis, Scopula timia, Scopula tosariensis, Scopula toxophora, Scopula traducta, Scopula transsecta, Scopula trapezistigma, Scopula tricommata, Scopula tsekuensis, Scopula tumiditibia, Scopula umbilicata, Scopula umbratilinea, Scopula undilinea, Scopula undulataria, Scopula unicornata, Scopula unilineata, Scopula unisignata, Scopula usticinctaria, Scopula vacuata, Scopula vigensis, Scopula vinocinctata, Scopula violacea, Scopula virginalis, Scopula vitellina, Scopula vitiosaria, Scopula vittora, Scopula vojnitsi, Scopula voluptaria, Scopula walkeri, Scopula wegneri, Scopula wittei, Scopula xanthocephalata, Scopula xanthomelaena, Scopula yamanei, Scopula yihe, Scopula zophodes

Stigma Alphéraky, 1883 [genus]

Stigma kuldschaensis, Stigma kuldshaensis

Scopulini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Scopulini sp. (large size).

Scopulini sp. Scopulini sp.


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