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Genus Damalis

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Asilidae → genus Damalis

Daughter taxa

Damalis achilles Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis albatus Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis amphora Oldroyd 1970 [species]

Damalis anamaliensis Scarbrough, 2007 [species]

Damalis andron Walker, 1849 [species]

Damalis angola Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis annulata Loew, 1858 [species]

Damalis artigasi Joseph & Parui 1984 [species]

Damalis basalis Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis beijingensis Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis beta Oldroyd, 1960 [species]

Damalis bicolor Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis bigoti Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis brauni Speiser, 1924 [species]

Damalis brevis Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis calicutensis Joseph & Parui, 1990 [species]

Damalis candonensis Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis carapacina Oldroyd, 1972 [species]

Damalis cederholmi Joseph & Parui 1984 [species]

Damalis centurionis Oldroyd, 1972 [species]

Damalis chelomakolon Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis cinctipes Walker, 1871 [species]

Damalis claripennis Bromley, 1935 [species]

Damalis clavigera Bromley, 1942 [species]

Damalis compacta Hull, 1962 [species]

Damalis complecta Oldroyd 1968 [species]

Damalis concolor Walker, 1861 [species]

Damalis conica Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis crypta Oldroyd, 1960 [species]

Damalis cylindrica Hull, 1967 [species]

Damalis dattai Joseph & Parui, 1999 [species]

Damalis debilis Karsch, 1888 [species]

Damalis dentata Joseph & Parui, 1987 [species]

Damalis dimidiata Oldroyd, 1960 [species]

Damalis divisa Walker, 1855 [species]

Damalis dorsalis Walker, 1856 [species]

Damalis doryphorus Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis dravidica Joseph & Parui 1984 [species]

Damalis drilus Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis dubia Joseph & Parui, 1995 [species]

Damalis elongata Hull, 1962 [species]

Damalis erijthrophthalmus Doleschall, 1858 [species]

Damalis erythrophthalma Doleschall, 1858 [species]

Damalis fabricii Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis fascia Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis felderi Schiner, 1867 [species]

Damalis femoralis Ricardo, 1925 [species]

Damalis flaventis Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis floresana Frey, 1934 [species]

Damalis formosana Frey, 1934 [species]

Damalis fulvipes Westwood, 1836 [species]

Damalis fulvus Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis fumipennis Walker, 1855 [species]

Damalis furcula Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis fusca Walker, 1849 [species]

Damalis fuscipennis Macquart, 1846 [species]

Damalis grossa Schiner, 1868 [species]

Damalis heterocera Wiedemann 1821 [species]

Damalis himalayaensis Joseph & Parui, 1987 [species]

Damalis hirtalula Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis hirtidorsalis Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis hirtiventris Macquart, 1846 [species]

Damalis hyalipennis Macquart, 1846 [species]

Damalis immerita Osten Sacken, 1882 [species]

Damalis indica Joseph & Parui 1984 [species]

Damalis infuscata Joseph & Parui, 1985 [species]

Damalis kassebeeri Geller-Grimm, 1997 [species]

Damalis keralaensis Joseph & Parui, 1984 [species]

Damalis kerzhneri Richter, 1966 [species]

Damalis knysna Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis kottayamensis Joseph & Parui, 1995 [species]

Damalis limipidipennis Joseph & Parui, 1990 [species]

Damalis londti Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis longipennis Loew, 1858 [species]

Damalis lugens Walker, 1861 [species]

Damalis macula Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis maculata Wiedemann, 1828 [species]

Damalis major Wulp, 1872 [species]

Damalis marginata Wulp, 1872 [species]

Damalis mercaraensis Joseph & Parui 1984 [species]

Damalis monochaetes Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis myops Fabricius, 1805 [species]

Damalis natalensis Curran, 1934 [species]

Damalis neavei Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis nigella Wulp, 1872 [species]

Damalis nigrabdomina Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis nigripalpis Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis nigriscans Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis pallida Wulp, 1872 [species]

Damalis pallinota Hermann, 1926 [species]

Damalis pandens Walker, 1859 [species]

Damalis paradoxa Frey, 1934 [species]

Damalis planiceps Fabricius, 1805 [species]

Damalis politus Scarbrough, 2006 [species]

Damalis pollinosa Lindner, 1955 [species]

Damalis poseidon Oldroyd, 1970 [species]

Damalis prytanis Walker, 1849 [species]

Damalis pseudoartigasi Joseph & Parui, 1987 [species]

Damalis pulchella Bromley, 1952 [species]

Damalis quasimodo Oldroyd, 1960 [species]

Damalis rufoabdominalis Joseph & Parui 1984 [species]

Damalis saïgonensis Bigot, 1878 [species]

Damalis scrobiculata Frey, 1934 [species]

Damalis scutellata Oldroyd 1970 [species]

Damalis signata Walker, 1860 [species]

Damalis simplex Curran, 1934 [species]

Damalis speciosa Loew, 1858 [species]

Damalis speculiventris Meijere, 1911 [species]

Damalis sphekodes Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis spinifemurata Shi, 1995 [species]

Damalis taciturna Oldroyd 1970 [species]

Damalis tibialis Macquart, 1838 [species]

Damalis turneri Londt, 1989 [species]

Damalis venusta Bertoloni, 1861 [species]

Damalis vitalisi Frey, 1934 [species]

Damalis vitripennis Osten Sacken, 1882 [species]

Damalis xaniomerus Londt, 1989 [species]


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