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Tribe Arctiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Arctiinae → tribe Arctiini


Daughter taxa

Subtribes: 7 (2 illustrated). Genera: 71 (38 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (2 illustrated). Species.

Ctenuchina W. Kirby, 1837 [subtribe]

Euchromiina Butler, 1876 [subtribe]

Pericopina Walker, 1865 [subtribe]

Phaegopterina W. F. Kirby, 1892 [subtribe]

Neritos, Pseudohemihyalea

Spilosomina Seitz, 1910 [subtribe]

Caribarctia Ferguson, 1985 [genus]

Caribarctia cardinalis

Chlorocrisia Hampson, 1911 [genus]

Chlorocrisia irrorata

Epicallia Hübner, 1820 [genus]

Epicallia villica

Eucharia Hübner, 1820 [genus]

Eucharia culoti, Eucharia festiva

Hiera Druce in Godman & Salvin, 1885 [genus]

Hiera gyge, Hiera oculata

Hypercompe Hübner, 1819 [genus]

Hypercompe abdominalis, Hypercompe albescens, Hypercompe albicornis, Hypercompe albiscripta, Hypercompe alpha, Hypercompe amulaensis, Hypercompe andromela, Hypercompe anomala, Hypercompe atra, Hypercompe bari, Hypercompe beckeri, Hypercompe bolivar, Hypercompe brasiliensis, Hypercompe bricenoi, Hypercompe burmeisteri, Hypercompe campinasa, Hypercompe castronis, Hypercompe caudata, Hypercompe cermelii, Hypercompe cermellii, Hypercompe chelifer, Hypercompe confusa, Hypercompe conspersa, Hypercompe contexta, Hypercompe cotyora, Hypercompe cretacea, Hypercompe cunigunda, Hypercompe decora, Hypercompe deflorata, Hypercompe detecta, Hypercompe dissimilis, Hypercompe dognini, Hypercompe dubia, Hypercompe ecpantherioides, Hypercompe eridanus, Hypercompe euripides, Hypercompe extrema, Hypercompe flavopunctata, Hypercompe fuscescens, Hypercompe gaujoni, Hypercompe hambletoni, Hypercompe heterogena, Hypercompe icasia, Hypercompe indecisa, Hypercompe jaguarina, Hypercompe kennedyi, Hypercompe kinkelini, Hypercompe laeta, Hypercompe lemairei, Hypercompe leucarctioides, Hypercompe magdalenae, Hypercompe marcescens, Hypercompe melanoleuca, Hypercompe mielkei, Hypercompe mus, Hypercompe muzina, Hypercompe nemophila, Hypercompe neurophylla, Hypercompe nigriloba, Hypercompe nigriplaga, Hypercompe obscura, Hypercompe obsolescens, Hypercompe obtecta, Hypercompe ochreator, Hypercompe ockendeni, Hypercompe ocularia, Hypercompe orbiculata, Hypercompe orsa, Hypercompe oslari, Hypercompe permaculata, Hypercompe perplexa, Hypercompe persephone, Hypercompe persola, Hypercompe pertestacea, Hypercompe peruvensis, Hypercompe praeclara, Hypercompe robusta, Hypercompe scribonia, Hypercompe simplex, Hypercompe suffusa, Hypercompe tenebra, Hypercompe tessellata, Hypercompe testacea, Hypercompe theophila, Hypercompe trinitatis, Hypercompe turruptianoides

Kodiosoma Stretch, 1872 [genus]

Kodiosoma fulva, Kodiosoma otero

Lafajana Dognin, 1891 [genus]

Lafajana cupra

Metacrisiodes Dyar, 1916 [genus]

Metacrisiodes pua

Paracles Walker, 1855 [genus]

Paracles affinis, Paracles albescens, Paracles alonia, Paracles amarga, Paracles antennata, Paracles aurantiaca, Paracles azollae, Paracles bicolor, Paracles bilinea, Paracles bogotensis, Paracles brittoni, Paracles brunnea, Paracles burmeisteri, Paracles cajetani, Paracles cnethocampoides, Paracles contraria, Paracles costata, Paracles deserticola, Paracles discalis, Paracles dukinfieldia, Paracles elongata, Paracles emerita, Paracles felderi, Paracles fervida, Paracles flavescens, Paracles fosterana, Paracles fosteri, Paracles fulvicollis, Paracles fusca, Paracles gigantea, Paracles haenschi, Paracles herbuloti, Paracles honora, Paracles imitatrix, Paracles insipida, Paracles juruana, Paracles klagesi, Paracles laboulbeni, Paracles laguerrei, Paracles lateralis, Paracles lehmanni, Paracles magna, Paracles marcona, Paracles nitida, Paracles obscurior, Paracles ockendeni, Paracles pallidivena, Paracles palmeri, Paracles palustris, Paracles paula, Paracles pectinalis, Paracles persimilis, Paracles peruensis, Paracles peruviana, Paracles phaeocera, Paracles plectoides, Paracles plectroides, Paracles postflavida, Paracles quadrata, Paracles reversa, Paracles rudis, Paracles sericea, Paracles severa, Paracles steinbachi, Paracles surgens, Paracles tapina, Paracles tenuis, Paracles thursbyi, Paracles tolimensis, Paracles toulgoeti, Paracles ubiana, Paracles uniformis, Paracles valstana, Paracles variegata, Paracles venata, Paracles vivida, Paracles vulpecula, Paracles vulpeculata, Paracles vulpina

Spilarctia Butler, 1875 [genus]

Spilarctia accensa, Spilarctia adumbrata, Spilarctia alba, Spilarctia alberti, Spilarctia albicornis, Spilarctia amilada, Spilarctia ananda, Spilarctia arctichroa, Spilarctia ardens, Spilarctia aurocostata, Spilarctia baltazarae, Spilarctia biagi, Spilarctia bifasciata, Spilarctia bisecta, Spilarctia bispinuatus, Spilarctia borneensis, Spilarctia brunnea, Spilarctia cadioui, Spilarctia cajetani, Spilarctia casigneta, Spilarctia castanea, Spilarctia clava, Spilarctia coccinea, Spilarctia comma, Spilarctia congruenta, Spilarctia contaminata, Spilarctia costata, Spilarctia curvata, Spilarctia denigrata, Spilarctia dianxi, Spilarctia dinawa, Spilarctia divisa, Spilarctia dohertyi, Spilarctia duda, Spilarctia dukouensis, Spilarctia eldorado, Spilarctia ericsoni, Spilarctia erythrastis, Spilarctia erythrophleps, Spilarctia fraterna, Spilarctia fumida, Spilarctia garminivora, Spilarctia gianellii, Spilarctia glatignyi, Spilarctia gopara, Spilarctia graminivora, Spilarctia griseabrunnea, Spilarctia groganae, Spilarctia holobrunnea, Spilarctia holophaeum, Spilarctia hosei, Spilarctia hypogopa, Spilarctia hypsoides, Spilarctia irregularis, Spilarctia javanum, Spilarctia kareli, Spilarctia kebea, Spilarctia kikuchii, Spilarctia landaca, Spilarctia leopardina, Spilarctia longiramia, Spilarctia lungtani, Spilarctia meeki, Spilarctia metarhoda, Spilarctia metaxantha, Spilarctia mona, Spilarctia monospinuatus, Spilarctia montana, Spilarctia moorei, Spilarctia motuonica, Spilarctia neglecta, Spilarctia niceta, Spilarctia nigrovittata, Spilarctia nobilis, Spilarctia novaeguineae, Spilarctia oberthueri, Spilarctia obliqua, Spilarctia obliquizonata, Spilarctia obliquizonatum, Spilarctia owgarra, Spilarctia pauper, Spilarctia percellens, Spilarctia persimilis, Spilarctia phaea, Spilarctia pilosa, Spilarctia postrubida, Spilarctia pratti, Spilarctia procedra, Spilarctia punctata, Spilarctia quercii, Spilarctia rhodius, Spilarctia rhodochroa, Spilarctia robustum, Spilarctia roseata, Spilarctia rubescens, Spilarctia rubilinea, Spilarctia rubribasis, Spilarctia rubriventris, Spilarctia ruficosta, Spilarctia rufofusca, Spilarctia sagittifera, Spilarctia semperi, Spilarctia seriatopunctata, Spilarctia sinica, Spilarctia strigatula, Spilarctia styx, Spilarctia subcarnea, Spilarctia subtestacea, Spilarctia tamangi, Spilarctia tengchongensis, Spilarctia thomasi, Spilarctia tienmushanica, Spilarctia todara, Spilarctia toxopei, Spilarctia ummera, Spilarctia vandepolli, Spilarctia variata, Spilarctia wilemani, Spilarctia xanthogaster, Spilarctia xanthogastes, Spilarctia xanthosoma, Spilarctia yuennanica, Spilarctia yukikoae

Stauropolia Skalski, 1988 [genus]

Stauropolia nekrutenkoi

Stenucha Hampson, 1901 [genus]

Stenucha dolens

Venedictoffia Toulgoët, 1977 [genus]

Venedictoffia flavicollis

Arctiini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Arctiini sp. (large size).

Arctiini sp. Arctiini sp. Arctiini sp. Arctiini sp.


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