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Tribe Syntomini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Arctiinae → tribe Syntomini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (3 illustrated). Species.

Amata (Fabricius, 1807) [genus]

Amata acrospila, Amata actea, Amata adjuncta, Amata aequipuncta, Amata aequipunctata, Amata affinis, Amata albapex, Amata alberti, Amata albertiana, Amata albicornis, Amata albifrons, Amata albobasis, Amata alenicola, Amata alicia, Amata alikangiensis, Amata amoenaria, Amata anatolica, Amata annulata, Amata antiochena, Amata antitecta, Amata antitheta, Amata aperta, Amata apicelisa, Amata artapha, Amata aserbeidjana, Amata assamica, Amata atricornis, Amata atricornuta, Amata attenuata, Amata aurantiaca, Amata aurantiifrons, Amata aurea, Amata aurivalva, Amata aurofasciata, Amata bactriana, Amata baiaea, Amata banguia, Amata basigera, Amata basithyris, Amata beluchistana, Amata benitonis, Amata berinda, Amata bicincta, Amata bicolor, Amata bifasciata, Amata bondo, Amata borgoriensis, Amata borneogena, Amata brithyris, Amata brooksi, Amata bryoponda, Amata caerulescens, Amata calidupensis, Amata cantori, Amata caspia, Amata celebesa, Amata cerbera, Amata cerberella, Amata ceres, Amata chekianga, Amata chlorocera, Amata chlorometis, Amata chloroscia, Amata cholmlei, Amata choneutospila, Amata chroma, Amata chromatica, Amata chrysozona, Amata cinctelisa, Amata cingulata, Amata cocandica, Amata compta, Amata congener, Amata congenita, Amata connectens, Amata consequa, Amata consimilis, Amata creobota, Amata croceizona, Amata cuprizonata, Amata cyanea, Amata cyanura, Amata cymatilis, Amata cyssea, Amata cysseus, Amata damarensis, Amata dapontes, Amata decorata, Amata deflavata, Amata deflocca, Amata democharis, Amata democles, Amata derivata, Amata dichotoma, Amata dichotomoides, Amata dilatata, Amata dilateralis, Amata dimorpha, Amata dinara, Amata discata, Amata divalis, Amata divisa, Amata dohertyi, Amata dyschlaena, Amata edwardsi, Amata egenaria, Amata eleonora, Amata elisa, Amata elisoides, Amata elongata, Amata elongimacula, Amata elwesi, Amata endocrocis, Amata era, Amata euryptera, Amata euryzona, Amata exapta, Amata expandens, Amata extensa, Amata fenestrata, Amata fervida, Amata flava, Amata flavibrooksi, Amata flavifenestrata, Amata flavifrons, Amata flaviguttata, Amata flavoanalis, Amata formosae, Amata fortunei, Amata fouqueti, Amata francisca, Amata fruhstorferi, Amata gelatina, Amata genzana, Amata geon, Amata germana, Amata goodi, Amata goodii, Amata gracillima, Amata graduata, Amata grahami, Amata grotei, Amata hakkariana, Amata handelmazzettii, Amata harandii, Amata helleia, Amata hemiphoenica, Amata henrici, Amata heptaspila, Amata herthula, Amata herzii, Amata hesperitis, Amata higginsi, Amata hissarica, Amata hoenei, Amata huebneri, Amata humana, Amata humeralis, Amata hyalipennis, Amata hyalota, Amata hydatina, Amata hypomela, Amata hyrcana, Amata inconstans, Amata infracingulata, Amata insueta, Amata insularis, Amata interniplaga, Amata issikii, Amata jacksoni, Amata janenschi, Amata jankowskyi, Amata johanna, Amata kalidupensis, Amata kamarana, Amata kenredi, Amata khasiana, Amata kinensis, Amata klossi, Amata kolthoffi, Amata kordestana, Amata kruegeri, Amata kuatuna, Amata kuhlweini, Amata kuhlweinii, Amata lagosensis, Amata lampetis, Amata lateralis, Amata leechii, Amata leimacis, Amata leopaldi, Amata leopoldi, Amata leucacma, Amata leucerythra, Amata leucosoma, Amata leucozona, Amata libanotica, Amata limacis, Amata longipennis, Amata lucerna, Amata lucina, Amata lucta, Amata luteifascia, Amata macroflavifer, Amata macroplaca, Amata madurensis, Amata magistri, Amata magnopupillata, Amata magretti, Amata maracandina, Amata marella, Amata mariae, Amata marina, Amata marinoides, Amata marjana, Amata masoni, Amata megista, Amata melanocera, Amata melanothorax, Amata melaproctis, Amata melitospila, Amata menia, Amata mestralii, Amata metaphaea, Amata microspila, Amata mindanaoensis, Amata minor, Amata minuta, Amata minutissima, Amata miozona, Amata mjobergi, Amata mogadorensis, Amata monothyris, Amata monticola, Amata muirheadi, Amata multifasciata, Amata naderii, Amata nesothetis, Amata newara, Amata nigriceps, Amata nigricornis, Amata nigrifrons, Amata nigrobasalis, Amata obraztsovi, Amata ocheipuncta, Amata ochreipuncta, Amata ochreopunctata, Amata ochrospila, Amata octomaculata, Amata olinda, Amata orphana, Amata orphanaea, Amata orphnaea, Amata owstoni, Amata pactolina, Amata palanana, Amata paradelpha, Amata paratenuis, Amata paraula, Amata pasca, Amata pascus, Amata passalis, Amata pectoralis, Amata pembertoni, Amata pentazonata, Amata pentospila, Amata perixanthia, Amata persica, Amata persimilis, Amata perspectabilis, Amata pfeifferae, Amata phacozana, Amata phaeobasis, Amata phaeochyta, Amata phegea, Amata phepsalotis, Amata phoenicia, Amata phoenicozona, Amata pleurosticta, Amata ploetzi, Amata poluydamon, Amata polymita, Amata polyxio, Amata pratti, Amata prepuncta, Amata prosomoea, Amata pryeri, Amata pseudextensa, Amata pseudoextensa, Amata punctata, Amata pyrocoma, Amata quadrifascia, Amata quadripunctata, Amata ragazzii, Amata rantaisana, Amata recedens, Amata rendalli, Amata ribbei, Amata robinsoni, Amata romeii, Amata rossica, Amata rubicunda, Amata rubritincta, Amata rubrozonata, Amata rufina, Amata sala, Amata schoutedeni, Amata serrata, Amata sheljuzhkoi, Amata shoa, Amata signata, Amata similis, Amata simillima, Amata simplex, Amata sinana, Amata sinensis, Amata sinica, Amata sintenisi, Amata sladeni, Amata snelleni, Amata soror, Amata sovinskiji, Amata sperbius, Amata stanleyi, Amata stellaris, Amata stenoptera, Amata stenozona, Amata subaana, Amata subdiaphana, Amata submarginalis, Amata subtenuis, Amata symphona, Amata syntomoides, Amata taiwana, Amata tanina, Amata taurica, Amata teinopera, Amata tenera, Amata tenius, Amata tenuis, Amata tergomelas, Amata tetragonaria, Amata tetrazonata, Amata thoracica, Amata ticaonis, Amata tigrina, Amata timura, Amata tomasina, Amata torquatus, Amata transcaspica, Amata tricingulata, Amata trifascia, Amata trifenestrata, Amata trigonophora, Amata tripunctata, Amata tritonia, Amata turbida, Amata uelleburgensis, Amata unifascia, Amata velatipennis, Amata verecunda, Amata veronica, Amata vicarians, Amata vitrea, Amata waldowi, Amata wallacei, Amata wallaceii, Amata wilemani, Amata williami, Amata wiltshirei, Amata wimberley, Amata wimberleyi, Amata wuka, Amata xanthograpta, Amata xanthoma, Amata xanthopleura, Amata xanthosoma, Amata xanthostidsa, Amata xanthura, Amata yunnanensis

Syntomini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Syntomini sp. (large size).

Syntomini sp. Syntomini sp.


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