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Tribe Arctornithini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Lymantriinae → tribe Arctornithini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (1 illustrated). Species.

Arctornis (Germar, 1810) [genus]

Arctornis adusta, Arctornis alba, Arctornis albescens, Arctornis anser, Arctornis anserella, Arctornis ardea, Arctornis asymmetricus, Arctornis aureopalpatus, Arctornis bicalcaratus, Arctornis bilobuncus, Arctornis bisetosus, Arctornis brunnescens, Arctornis byssina, Arctornis calcariphallus, Arctornis camurisquama, Arctornis ceconimena, Arctornis chichibense, Arctornis clavigera, Arctornis clavimicruncus, Arctornis cloanges, Arctornis comma, Arctornis contrarcuatus, Arctornis corrugata, Arctornis cretosanaphtha, Arctornis cretoserratus, Arctornis crocophala, Arctornis crocoptera, Arctornis cygna, Arctornis cygnopsis, Arctornis dialitha, Arctornis diaphana, Arctornis diaphora, Arctornis diatreta, Arctornis dinawa, Arctornis discirufa, Arctornis divisa, Arctornis dorsalineatus, Arctornis egens, Arctornis egerina, Arctornis erasmia, Arctornis excavatus, Arctornis faucium, Arctornis fenestriculata, Arctornis ferruginicosta, Arctornis flaccida, Arctornis flaminea, Arctornis flavicostatum, Arctornis flora, Arctornis florella, Arctornis formosensis, Arctornis galanthina, Arctornis galene, Arctornis gelasphora, Arctornis graciliclava, Arctornis hedleyi, Arctornis hemilabda, Arctornis heteroides, Arctornis hipparia, Arctornis intacta, Arctornis isabella, Arctornis kenya, Arctornis keranganaphtha, Arctornis kohistana, Arctornis kumatai, Arctornis l-nigrum, Arctornis labi, Arctornis lactea, Arctornis leucoscela, Arctornis liguluncus, Arctornis linteola, Arctornis listrophora, Arctornis lumulosa, Arctornis macrocera, Arctornis magnaclava, Arctornis mallephrika, Arctornis malleuncus, Arctornis marginalis, Arctornis marginata, Arctornis melanocraspis, Arctornis meridionalis, Arctornis micacea, Arctornis minutissima, Arctornis monobalia, Arctornis montananaphtha, Arctornis moorei, Arctornis mulunaphtha, Arctornis naphtha, Arctornis nigrobustus, Arctornis niphobola, Arctornis nivosa, Arctornis obtusa, Arctornis opalina, Arctornis oranaphtha, Arctornis ouria, Arctornis palea, Arctornis parvaclava, Arctornis pellucida, Arctornis pellucidoides, Arctornis peninsularis, Arctornis perfecta, Arctornis phaeocraspeda, Arctornis phasmatodes, Arctornis phrika, Arctornis plumbacea, Arctornis poecilonipha, Arctornis prasioneura, Arctornis primula, Arctornis pseudungula, Arctornis psola, Arctornis rhopica, Arctornis riguata, Arctornis rufimarginata, Arctornis rugosacculus, Arctornis rutila, Arctornis salebrosa, Arctornis salsa, Arctornis satinata, Arctornis sclerotuncus, Arctornis secula, Arctornis semihyalina, Arctornis sericea, Arctornis silhetica, Arctornis sinensis, Arctornis singaporensis, Arctornis sinuoharpe, Arctornis stibiessa, Arctornis submarginata, Arctornis subvitrea, Arctornis tortricoides, Arctornis tossa, Arctornis transiens, Arctornis trasiana, Arctornis tricorniger, Arctornis ungula, Arctornis velutina, Arctornis virgamicruncus, Arctornis xanthochila, Arctornis xuthocraspeda

Arctornithini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Arctornithini sp. (large size).

Arctornithini sp.


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