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Tribe Acontiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Acontiinae → tribe Acontiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 3 (3 illustrated). Species.

Acontia (Ochsenheimer, 1816) [genus]

Acontia, Emmelia, Uracontia,
Acontia abdominalis, Acontia acerboides, Acontia albinigra, Acontia antecedens, Acontia antica, Acontia apatelia, Acontia apela, Acontia aprica, Acontia ardoris, Acontia areletta, Acontia areli, Acontia areloides, Acontia arida, Acontia asbenensis, Acontia assimilis, Acontia audeoudi, Acontia axendra, Acontia basifera, Acontia behrii, Acontia bella, Acontia bicolora, Acontia bilimeki, Acontia brabanti, Acontia briola, Acontia buchanani, Acontia caffraria, Acontia carnescens, Acontia catenula, Acontia chea, Acontia chia, Acontia chrysoproctis, Acontia citripennis, Acontia clerana, Acontia compta, Acontia coquillettii, Acontia cora, Acontia costistigma, Acontia costosa, Acontia crassivalva, Acontia cratina, Acontia cretata, Acontia crocata, Acontia cuprina, Acontia cyanipha, Acontia cyanocraspi, Acontia cyanocraspis, Acontia dacia, Acontia damia, Acontia decisa, Acontia delecta, Acontia delphinensis, Acontia destricta, Acontia detrita, Acontia dichroa, Acontia discalis, Acontia discoidea, Acontia disconnecta, Acontia disrupta, Acontia dorneri, Acontia elaeoa, Acontia eudryada, Acontia euschema, Acontia expolita, Acontia fiebrigi, Acontia flavipennis, Acontia flavonigra, Acontia gagites, Acontia gonoides, Acontia gradata, Acontia gratiosa, Acontia guttifera, Acontia hemiglauca, Acontia hemipentha, Acontia hemixanthia, Acontia hieroglyphica, Acontia hortensis, Acontia inexacta, Acontia interposita, Acontia isolata, Acontia jaliscana, Acontia knowltoni, Acontia lactipennis, Acontia lanceolata, Acontia leucotrigona, Acontia lucasi, Acontia major, Acontia malagasy, Acontia malgassica, Acontia margaritana, Acontia margaritata, Acontia marmoralis, Acontia mekki, Acontia mekkii, Acontia mesoleuca, Acontia mesoleucoides, Acontia micrasti, Acontia micrastis, Acontia micropis, Acontia microptera, Acontia miegii, Acontia miogona, Acontia mizteca, Acontia morides, Acontia nephata, Acontia neurota, Acontia niphogona, Acontia nitidula, Acontia nivipicta, Acontia notabilis, Acontia nubilata, Acontia ochrochroa, Acontia olivacea, Acontia opalinoides, Acontia parana, Acontia partita, Acontia pauliani, Acontia phaenna, Acontia phrygionis, Acontia plumbicula, Acontia polychroma, Acontia porphyrea, Acontia psaliphora, Acontia quadrata, Acontia quadriplaga, Acontia rachiastis, Acontia rufescens, Acontia ruffinellii, Acontia ruficincta, Acontia ruficinta, Acontia rufitincta, Acontia secta, Acontia sedata, Acontia seminigra, Acontia sexpunctata, Acontia spangbergi, Acontia sphaerophora, Acontia stumpffi, Acontia subarabica, Acontia sublimbata, Acontia sudarabica, Acontia sutor, Acontia tenuicula, Acontia terminimaculata, Acontia tetragona, Acontia tetragonisa, Acontia thapsina, Acontia tinctilis, Acontia trimacula, Acontia umbrigera, Acontia upsilon, Acontia urania, Acontia vaualbum, Acontia venita, Acontia vittamargo, Acontia wahlbergi, Acontia wallengreni, Acontia yemenensis, Acontia zelleri

Emmelia Hübner, [1821] [genus]

Emmelia deleta, Emmelia fascialis

Hemispragueia Barnes & Benjamin, 1923 [genus]

Hemispragueia idella


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