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Tribe Phlogophorini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae → tribe Phlogophorini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 15 (3 illustrated). Species.

Euplexia (Stephens, 1829) [genus]

Euplexia albiclausa, Euplexia albifusa, Euplexia albilineola, Euplexia albinota, Euplexia albirena, Euplexia alboguttata, Euplexia albonota, Euplexia amblypennis, Euplexia annapurna, Euplexia atrovirens, Euplexia augens, Euplexia azyga, Euplexia benesimilis, Euplexia borbonica, Euplexia brillians, Euplexia calbum, Euplexia callichroa, Euplexia carnefusa, Euplexia carneola, Euplexia catephiodes, Euplexia cervinipennis, Euplexia chalybsa, Euplexia chlorerythra, Euplexia chlorogrammata, Euplexia complicata, Euplexia connexa, Euplexia cuprea, Euplexia delineata, Euplexia dilutiapicata, Euplexia dinawa, Euplexia discisignata, Euplexia dubiosa, Euplexia euplexina, Euplexia exangulata, Euplexia fasciata, Euplexia figurata, Euplexia ikondae, Euplexia imperator, Euplexia internimarginata, Euplexia jabalsabira, Euplexia japonica, Euplexia jordansi, Euplexia koreaeplexia, Euplexia latibasalis, Euplexia likianga, Euplexia lilacina, Euplexia literata, Euplexia lucipara, Euplexia lucisquama, Euplexia magniclavis, Euplexia magnirena, Euplexia melanistis, Euplexia melanocycla, Euplexia mercieri, Euplexia mniochlora, Euplexia monilis, Euplexia morosa, Euplexia mucronata, Euplexia muscosa, Euplexia nigrina, Euplexia nyassana, Euplexia olivacea, Euplexia pali, Euplexia pardaria, Euplexia pericalles, Euplexia picturata, Euplexia pinoni, Euplexia plumbeomarginata, Euplexia poliochroa, Euplexia polycmeta, Euplexia pratti, Euplexia resplendens, Euplexia rhoda, Euplexia semifascia, Euplexia shoana, Euplexia sinuata, Euplexia splendida, Euplexia tibetensis, Euplexia trichroma, Euplexia triplaga, Euplexia venosa, Euplexia vetula, Euplexia viridisparsa

Phlogophora (Treitschke, 1825) [genus]

Phlogophora africarabica, Phlogophora albifrons, Phlogophora albovittata, Phlogophora altitudinis, Phlogophora aureopuncta, Phlogophora beata, Phlogophora beatrix, Phlogophora burmana, Phlogophora cabrali, Phlogophora calamistrata, Phlogophora camusi, Phlogophora chlorophragma, Phlogophora clava, Phlogophora columbina, Phlogophora conservuloides, Phlogophora contrasta, Phlogophora costalis, Phlogophora decorata, Phlogophora discalis, Phlogophora diseisignata, Phlogophora distorta, Phlogophora emphanes, Phlogophora furnasi, Phlogophora fuscomarginata, Phlogophora gamma, Phlogophora gamoeensis, Phlogophora gustavssoni, Phlogophora humilis, Phlogophora illustrata, Phlogophora interrupta, Phlogophora inusitata, Phlogophora iris, Phlogophora ischnogramma, Phlogophora isoscelata, Phlogophora kinabalua, Phlogophora kruegeri, Phlogophora latifascia, Phlogophora latilinea, Phlogophora leucomelas, Phlogophora lignosa, Phlogophora magma, Phlogophora malaisei, Phlogophora meticulodina, Phlogophora meticulosa, Phlogophora muluensis, Phlogophora nigroplumbea, Phlogophora nobilis, Phlogophora pectinata, Phlogophora periculosa, Phlogophora plumbeola, Phlogophora pretiosa, Phlogophora retorta, Phlogophora rostrifera, Phlogophora scita, Phlogophora sinuosa, Phlogophora sogai, Phlogophora striatovirens, Phlogophora styx, Phlogophora subpurpurea, Phlogophora szecsenyii, Phlogophora triangula, Phlogophora tricolor, Phlogophora tristictica, Phlogophora violacea, Phlogophora viridivena, Phlogophora wollastoni


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