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Tribe Lycaenini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Lycaeninae → tribe Lycaenini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (2 illustrated). Subgenera: 6 (1 illustrated). Species.

Lycaena (Fabricius, 1807) [genus]

Antipodolycaena, Chalceria, Epidemia, Hermelycaena, Lycaena, Tharsalea,
Lycaena abbottii, Lycaena aditya, Lycaena aedon, Lycaena aegagrus, Lycaena aegera, Lycaena aegestis, Lycaena aeolus, Lycaena aetnaea, Lycaena afra, Lycaena alaica, Lycaena albipicta, Lycaena albipuncta, Lycaena albopunctata, Lycaena alciphron, Lycaena allardi, Lycaena alpherakii, Lycaena altuiana, Lycaena anthracina, Lycaena arcus, Lycaena ardschira, Lycaena arethusa, Lycaena argentina, Lycaena aricia, Lycaena asabinus, Lycaena asamensis, Lycaena aurcomicaus, Lycaena balucha, Lycaena baralacha, Lycaena bathinia, Lycaena berezowskii, Lycaena bergeri, Lycaena bleusei, Lycaena caeca, Lycaena caeligena, Lycaena calliopis, Lycaena candens, Lycaena caspius, Lycaena caudata, Lycaena celona, Lycaena centro-juncta, Lycaena charlottensis, Lycaena chlorina, Lycaena chrysaeis, Lycaena chryseis, Lycaena clarki, Lycaena confluentiamultiplex, Lycaena cuprotus, Lycaena cyllarus, Lycaena delicatula, Lycaena delsud, Lycaena deschagati, Lycaena difficilis, Lycaena discoelongata, Lycaena discojuncta, Lycaena dispar, Lycaena doibosatsuzuana, Lycaena egyptiaca, Lycaena embla, Lycaena estonica, Lycaena eunomia, Lycaena evansii, Lycaena fasciata, Lycaena feildeni, Lycaena fortunata, Lycaena fredegunda, Lycaena fulvus, Lycaena gnoma, Lycaena gordius-albescens, Lycaena gordius-naryna, Lycaena hakutozana, Lycaena harae, Lycaena helle, Lycaena hippothoe, Lycaena hyacinthus, Lycaena hypoxanthe, Lycaena hyrcana, Lycaena imanishii, Lycaena indica, Lycaena iris, Lycaena irmae, Lycaena ishidae, Lycaena karinda, Lycaena kasyapa, Lycaena kazamoto, Lycaena kiyokoae, Lycaena kurdistanica, Lycaena lactriana, Lycaena lampehe, Lycaena lampertii, Lycaena lampon, Lycaena lamponides, Lycaena lampsie, Lycaena leela, Lycaena li, Lycaena lycidas, Lycaena mandersi, Lycaena mandin, Lycaena margelanica, Lycaena maui, Lycaena mauritanica, Lycaena megnifica, Lycaena melania, Lycaena melanophlaeas, Lycaena melanotoxa, Lycaena melibaeus, Lycaena mithridates, Lycaena moneta, Lycaena morgani, Lycaena muzaffar, Lycaena nais, Lycaena neui, Lycaena neurona, Lycaena nigrioreleus, Lycaena ochimus, Lycaena ophion, Lycaena orbitulus, Lycaena orus, Lycaena ottomanus, Lycaena ouang, Lycaena pallida, Lycaena pamira, Lycaena panava, Lycaena pang, Lycaena parva, Lycaena patago, Lycaena pavana, Lycaena phaenicurus, Lycaena phlaeas, Lycaena phoebus, Lycaena phryxis, Lycaena phyllis, Lycaena posteroalba, Lycaena posthumus, Lycaena quadriocularis, Lycaena rustica, Lycaena saportae, Lycaena sartha, Lycaena scylla, Lycaena semilimbata, Lycaena serpentatoides, Lycaena snowi, Lycaena solskyi, Lycaena splendens, Lycaena standfussi, Lycaena stempfferi, Lycaena subtuorufomarginata, Lycaena subtusdiscoelongata, Lycaena subtusfereradiata, Lycaena subtusimpunctata, Lycaena suffusa, Lycaena suldensis, Lycaena sultan, Lycaena suppressa, Lycaena susanus, Lycaena svenhedini, Lycaena tama, Lycaena tancrei, Lycaena tartarus, Lycaena theages, Lycaena thersamon, Lycaena thetis, Lycaena tithonus, Lycaena tityrus, Lycaena tomyris, Lycaena torgouta, Lycaena tseng, Lycaena turcicus, Lycaena ulysses, Lycaena ussura, Lycaena vernalis, Lycaena vernus, Lycaena vespertilio, Lycaena violacea, Lycaena virgaureae, Lycaena virgaureola, Lycaena yankardensis, Lycaena yarigadakeana, Lycaena zariaspa

Lycaenini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Lycaenini sp. (large size).

Lycaenini sp. Lycaenini sp. Lycaenini sp. Lycaenini sp.


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