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Tribe Theclini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Theclinae → tribe Theclini


Daughter taxa

Subtribes: 6 (5 illustrated). Genera: 87 (20 illustrated). Subgenera: 11 (0 illustrated). Species.

Amblopala Leech, 1893 [genus]

Amblopala avidiena

Araragi Sibatani & Ito, 1942 [genus]

Araragi enthea, Araragi panda, Araragi sugiyamai

Chaetoprocta de Nicéville in Marshall & de Nicéville, 1890 [genus]

Chaetoprocta baileyi, Chaetoprocta kurumi, Chaetoprocta odata

Chrysozephyrus Shirôzu & Yamamoto, 1956 [genus]

Chrysozephyrus assamicus, Chrysozephyrus aurorinus, Chrysozephyrus bhutanensis, Chrysozephyrus birupa, Chrysozephyrus chinensis, Chrysozephyrus disparatus, Chrysozephyrus duma, Chrysozephyrus dumoides, Chrysozephyrus esakii, Chrysozephyrus fujiokai, Chrysozephyrus garmanitus, Chrysozephyrus giganteus, Chrysozephyrus hamadai, Chrysozephyrus haradai, Chrysozephyrus hatoyamai, Chrysozephyrus hayashii, Chrysozephyrus hisamatsusanus, Chrysozephyrus intermedius, Chrysozephyrus inthanonensis, Chrysozephyrus ioi, Chrysozephyrus jakamensis, Chrysozephyrus jiroi, Chrysozephyrus kabrua, Chrysozephyrus kabrue, Chrysozephyrus khasia, Chrysozephyrus kimurai, Chrysozephyrus kirbariensis, Chrysozephyrus koizumii, Chrysozephyrus kuromon, Chrysozephyrus leigongshanensis, Chrysozephyrus letha, Chrysozephyrus linae, Chrysozephyrus marginatus, Chrysozephyrus masatoshii, Chrysozephyrus mikamii, Chrysozephyrus mushaellus, Chrysozephyrus nansarae, Chrysozephyrus nigroapicalis, Chrysozephyrus niitakanus, Chrysozephyrus nishikaze, Chrysozephyrus nosei, Chrysozephyrus nyishwini, Chrysozephyrus okamurai, Chrysozephyrus paona, Chrysozephyrus parakuromon, Chrysozephyrus rarasanus, Chrysozephyrus sakura, Chrysozephyrus sanctissima, Chrysozephyrus sandersi, Chrysozephyrus scintillans, Chrysozephyrus setohi, Chrysozephyrus shakunage, Chrysozephyrus shimizui, Chrysozephyrus sikkimensis, Chrysozephyrus sikongensis, Chrysozephyrus souleana, Chrysozephyrus splendidulus, Chrysozephyrus subnivalis, Chrysozephyrus surioia, Chrysozephyrus suroia, Chrysozephyrus syla, Chrysozephyrus tatsienluensis, Chrysozephyrus teisoi, Chrysozephyrus tienmushanus, Chrysozephyrus triloka, Chrysozephyrus tytleri, Chrysozephyrus uedai, Chrysozephyrus vietnamicus, Chrysozephyrus vittata, Chrysozephyrus vittatus, Chrysozephyrus wakaharai, Chrysozephyrus watsoni, Chrysozephyrus yuani, Chrysozephyrus yuchingkinus, Chrysozephyrus zoa

Cordelia Shirôzu & Yamamoto, 1956 [genus]

Cordelia comes, Cordelia kitawakii, Cordelia minerva

Coreana Tutt, [1907] [genus]

Coreana ohruii, Coreana raphaelis

Goldia Dubatolov et Korshunov, 1990 [genus]

Goldia pacifica

Hypaurotis Scudder, 1876 [genus]

Hypaurotis crysalus

Iratsume Sibatani & Ito, 1942 [genus]

Iratsume orsedice

Leucantigius Shirôzu & Murayama, 1951 [genus]

Leucantigius atayalica

Protantigius Shirozu & Yamamoto, 1956 [genus]

Protantigius superans

Proteuaspa ?Koiwaya, ?2003 [genus]

Proteuaspa akikoae

Ravenna Shirôzu & Yamamoto, 1956 [genus]

Ravenna nivea, Ravenna niveus

Shaanxiana Koiwaya, 1993 [genus]

Shaanxiana takashimai

Shirozua Sibatani & Ito, 1942 [genus]

Shirozua jonasi, Shirozua melpomene

Shizuyaozephyrus ?Koiwaya, ?2003 [genus]

Shizuyaozephyrus kyokoae

Thecla (Fabricius, 1807) [genus]

Thecla adachii, Thecla admsi, Thecla aeone, Thecla aetolus, Thecla agrippa, Thecla aguaca, Thecla albovirgata, Thecla alpeona, Thecla amyntor, Thecla anacreon, Thecla annulatus, Thecla antinous, Thecla arja, Thecla arogeus, Thecla atilla, Thecla augusta, Thecla aurantiaexcessa, Thecla aurarina, Thecla avaloma, Thecla basalides, Thecla bathildis, Thecla bathis, Thecla bazochii, Thecla bellus, Thecla bellusbipunctatus, Thecla bellusexcessus, Thecla bellusunipunctatus, Thecla beon, Thecla betulae, Thecla betulina, Thecla biangula, Thecla bubastus, Thecla caerulescens, Thecla carolena, Thecla catalasquensis, Thecla ceranus, Thecla cethegus, Thecla chalybeia, Thecla chiton, Thecla cincinata, Thecla cithonius, Thecla citima, Thecla coelestis, Thecla colombiola, Thecla columbinia, Thecla confusa, Thecla cornae, Thecla crossaea, Thecla cyllarissus, Thecla dama, Thecla deria, Thecla dicina, Thecla didymaon, Thecla dindus, Thecla distractus, Thecla dohertii, Thecla dolylas, Thecla dydimaon, Thecla edwardsi, Thecla endymion, Thecla entheoides, Thecla eretria, Thecla ergeus, Thecla erthyrozona, Thecla eryssus, Thecla ethemon, Thecla eurytulus, Thecla excisicosta, Thecla exoleta, Thecla falacer, Thecla fasciata, Thecla gabelus, Thecla gabriel, Thecla gabrielis, Thecla getus, Thecla ginzii, Thecla guzauta, Thecla herri, Thecla hicetes, Thecla hypoliedes, Thecla iamble, Thecla ibara, Thecla inflammata, Thecla ingae, Thecla interjecta, Thecla irus, Thecla ixion, Thecla jago, Thecla japonica, Thecla kanonis, Thecla katakirii, Thecla katura, Thecla kwangtungensis, Thecla laceyi, Thecla lais, Thecla leechii, Thecla licinia, Thecla lincus, Thecla lotis, Thecla lutea, Thecla lydus, Thecla marcidus, Thecla marmous, Thecla megarus, Thecla melibaeus, Thecla melimus, Thecla melli, Thecla metunira, Thecla modesta, Thecla moncus, Thecla mossi, Thecla nannidon, Thecla nebis, Thecla neis, Thecla neoperplexa, Thecla nerva, Thecla nigroflavus, Thecla oberthueri, Thecla obsoleta, Thecla ohyai, Thecla orsilla, Thecla paseo, Thecla pereza, Thecla persimilis, Thecla peruviana, Thecla petus, Thecla prattei, Thecla pretiosa, Thecla pseudarenia, Thecla publica, Thecla pudica, Thecla pythagoras, Thecla regina, Thecla rhymnus, Thecla rickmanni, Thecla rileyi, Thecla romulus, Thecla rumaniae, Thecla rutila, Thecla schryveri, Thecla sendiga, Thecla sesara, Thecla sheridanii, Thecla sicheus, Thecla silenissa, Thecla sinemacula, Thecla sinnis, Thecla sophocles, Thecla spinctorum, Thecla strephon, Thecla strophius, Thecla taiheizana, Thecla tarama, Thecla tayai, Thecla thales, Thecla thius, Thecla tollus, Thecla tomlinsoni, Thecla trivaldskyi, Thecla umbratus, Thecla uterkudante, Thecla valentina, Thecla vallonia, Thecla vilidia, Thecla vulnerator, Thecla watarii, Thecla werneri, Thecla wernickei, Thecla wittfeldi, Thecla wittfieldi, Thecla xenophon, Thecla yakushimaensis, Thecla zulia

Thermozephyrus Inomata & Itagaki, 1986 [genus]

Thermozephyrus ataxus

Theclini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Theclini sp. (large size).

Theclini sp. Theclini sp. Theclini sp.


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