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Tribe Charaxini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Charaxinae → tribe Charaxini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (2 illustrated). Species.

Charaxes (Ochsenheimer, 1816) [genus]

Charaxes achaemenes, Charaxes acraeoides, Charaxes acuminatus, Charaxes affinis, Charaxes alpinus, Charaxes alticola, Charaxes amandae, Charaxes ameliae, Charaxes amycus, Charaxes analava, Charaxes andara, Charaxes andranodorus, Charaxes andrefana, Charaxes angelae, Charaxes ansorgei, Charaxes antamboulou, Charaxes anticlea, Charaxes antiquus, Charaxes antonius, Charaxes aristogiton, Charaxes aubhuri, Charaxes aubyni, Charaxes baileyi, Charaxes balfouri, Charaxes balfourii, Charaxes barnsi, Charaxes basquini, Charaxes baumanni, Charaxes berkeleyi, Charaxes bernardii, Charaxes bernardus, Charaxes bernstorffi, Charaxes bipunctatus, Charaxes blanda, Charaxes bocqueti, Charaxes bohemani, Charaxes borneensis, Charaxes boueti, Charaxes brainei, Charaxes brevicaudatus, Charaxes brutus, Charaxes bupalus, Charaxes cacuthis, Charaxes candiope, Charaxes carteri, Charaxes castor, Charaxes catachrous, Charaxes catochrous, Charaxes cedreatis, Charaxes chanleri, Charaxes chepalungu, Charaxes chevroti, Charaxes chintechi, Charaxes chunguensis, Charaxes cithaeron, Charaxes congdoni, Charaxes contrarius, Charaxes cowani, Charaxes cynthia, Charaxes defulvata, Charaxes dilutus, Charaxes distanti, Charaxes diversiforma, Charaxes doubledayi, Charaxes dowsetti, Charaxes dreuxi, Charaxes druceanus, Charaxes dubiosus, Charaxes dunkeli, Charaxes durnfordi, Charaxes elwesi, Charaxes ephyra, Charaxes etesipe, Charaxes ethalion, Charaxes etheocles, Charaxes eudoxus, Charaxes eupale, Charaxes eurialus, Charaxes fervens, Charaxes figini, Charaxes fionae, Charaxes fournierae, Charaxes fulgurata, Charaxes fulvescens, Charaxes fuscus, Charaxes galawadiwosi, Charaxes gallagheri, Charaxes galleyanus, Charaxes gerdae, Charaxes grahamei, Charaxes guderiana, Charaxes hadrianus, Charaxes hansali, Charaxes harmodius, Charaxes hildebrandti, Charaxes hildebrandtii, Charaxes howarthi, Charaxes imperialis, Charaxes jahlusa, Charaxes jasius, Charaxes junius, Charaxes kahldeni, Charaxes kahruba, Charaxes karkloof, Charaxes kheili, Charaxes kirki, Charaxes lactetinctus, Charaxes larseni, Charaxes lasti, Charaxes latona, Charaxes lecerfi, Charaxes legeri, Charaxes lemosi, Charaxes loandae, Charaxes lucretius, Charaxes lucyae, Charaxes lycurgus, Charaxes lydiae, Charaxes macclouni, Charaxes mafuga, Charaxes manica, Charaxes margaretae, Charaxes marieps, Charaxes marmax, Charaxes mars, Charaxes martini, Charaxes matakall, Charaxes mccleeryi, Charaxes mixtus, Charaxes monteiri, Charaxes montis, Charaxes murphyi, Charaxes musakensis, Charaxes musashi, Charaxes mycerina, Charaxes nandina, Charaxes neanthes, Charaxes nicati, Charaxes nichetes, Charaxes nitebis, Charaxes nobilis, Charaxes northcotti, Charaxes numenes, Charaxes nyika, Charaxes nyikensis, Charaxes obudoensis, Charaxes ocellatus, Charaxes octavus, Charaxes odysseus, Charaxes opinatus, Charaxes orilus, Charaxes overlaeti, Charaxes paphianus, Charaxes paradoxa, Charaxes pelias, Charaxes pembanus, Charaxes penricei, Charaxes petersi, Charaxes phaeus, Charaxes phenix, Charaxes phoebus, Charaxes phraortes, Charaxes plantroui, Charaxes plateni, Charaxes pleione, Charaxes pollux, Charaxes pondoensis, Charaxes porthos, Charaxes prettejohni, Charaxes protoclea, Charaxes psaphon, Charaxes pseudophaeus, Charaxes pythodoris, Charaxes richelmanni, Charaxes saperanus, Charaxes schiltzei, Charaxes setan, Charaxes sidamo, Charaxes smaragdalis, Charaxes solon, Charaxes subornatus, Charaxes subrubidus, Charaxes superbus, Charaxes taverniersi, Charaxes tectonis, Charaxes teissieri, Charaxes thomasius, Charaxes thysi, Charaxes tiridates, Charaxes turlini, Charaxes usambarae, Charaxes vansoni, Charaxes varanes, Charaxes variata, Charaxes velox, Charaxes viola, Charaxes violetta, Charaxes viossati, Charaxes virilis, Charaxes williami, Charaxes xiphares, Charaxes zambeziensis, Charaxes zelica, Charaxes zingha, Charaxes zoolina

Charaxini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Charaxini sp. (large size).

Charaxini sp. Charaxini sp.


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