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Genus Ceratagallia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Auchenorrhyncha infraorder Cicadomorpha superfamily Membracoidea family Cicadellidae → genus Ceratagallia

Daughter taxa

Ceratagallia abrupta Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia accola Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia acerata Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia agricola Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia ana Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia aplopappi Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia aratra Nielson & Maes 1993 [species]

Ceratagallia arida Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia arroya Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia artemisia Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia bigeloviae Baker 1896 [species]

Ceratagallia brevis Nielson & Maes 1993 [species]

Ceratagallia calcaris Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia califa Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia californica Baker 1898 [species]

Ceratagallia canona Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia cerea Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia cinerea Osborn & Ball 1898 [species]

C. c. helveola

Ceratagallia clino Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia coma Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia cristula Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia curta Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia curvata Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia delta Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia dondia Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia ebena Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia emarginata Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia entoma Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia falcata Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia gallus Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia gillettei Osborn & Ball 1898 [species]

Ceratagallia grandis Nielson & Maes 1993 [species]

Ceratagallia grisea Oman 1935 [species]

Ceratagallia harrisi Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia humilis Oman 1933 [species]

C. h. alvarana, C. h. interior, C. h. truncata

Ceratagallia inconspicua Baker 1898 [species]

Ceratagallia liberia Nielson & Godoy 1995 [species]

Ceratagallia lobata Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia loca Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia loma Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia longipes Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia longula Van Duzee 1894 [species]

Ceratagallia lophia Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia ludora Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia lupini Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia minuta Nielson & Maes 1993 [species]

Ceratagallia modesta Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia nana Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia nanella Oman 1933 [species]

C. n. australis, C. n. zacki

Ceratagallia neodona Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia neovata Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia nitidula Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia nubila Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia obscura Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia oionus Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia okanagana Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia omani Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia ovata Oman 1935 [species]

Ceratagallia pallida Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia pera Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia pudica Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia robusta Oman 1933 [species]

C. r. compacta, C. r. poudris, C. r. whitcombi

Ceratagallia rossi Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia sanguinolentus Provancher 1872 [species]

Ceratagallia semiarida Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia siccifolia [species]

C. s. alaskana, C. s. compressa

Ceratagallia siccifolius Uhler 1876 [species]

Ceratagallia socala Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia sordida Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia tergata Van Duzee 1923 [species]

Ceratagallia texana Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia tristis Oman 1939 [species]

Ceratagallia triunata Ball 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia uhleri Van Duzee 1894 [species]

Ceratagallia vastitatis Oman 1933 [species]

Ceratagallia venosa Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia viator Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia vipera Hamilton 1998 [species]

Ceratagallia vulgaris Oman 1933 [species]


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