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Tribe Ypthimini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Satyrinae → tribe Ypthimini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Species.

Ypthima (Hubner, 1818) [genus]

Ypthima abnormis, Ypthima affectata, Ypthima akbar, Ypthima albida, Ypthima albipuncta, Ypthima albiviltuloides, Ypthima albivittula, Ypthima anana, Ypthima ancus, Ypthima andilabe, Ypthima andriana, Ypthima antennata, Ypthima antennata, Ypthima aphnius, Ypthima arctous, Ypthima argillosa, Ypthima argus, Ypthima argyrina, Ypthima asterope, Ypthima atra, Ypthima aurivilliusi, Ypthima avanta, Ypthima baileyi, Ypthima batesi, Ypthima beautei, Ypthima bolanica, Ypthima cachani, Ypthima cantlei, Ypthima cantliei, Ypthima cataractae, Ypthima cataractae, Ypthima cerealis, Ypthima ceylonica, Ypthima chenu, Ypthima chinensis, Ypthima ciris, Ypthima civis, Ypthima condamini, Ypthima confusa, Ypthima congoana, Ypthima conjuncta, Ypthima daphne, Ypthima davidsoni, Ypthima dengae, Ypthima diplommata, Ypthima dohertyi, Ypthima doleta, Ypthima dromon, Ypthima dyscola, Ypthima egregia, Ypthima eros, Ypthima esakii, Ypthima evansi, Ypthima fasciata, Ypthima florensis, Ypthima formosana, Ypthima frontierii, Ypthima fulvida, Ypthima fusca, Ypthima gavalisi, Ypthima gazana, Ypthima goudoti, Ypthima granulosa, Ypthima hanburyi, Ypthima hannyngtoni, Ypthima horsfieldii, Ypthima huebneri, Ypthima hyagriva, Ypthima iarba, Ypthima imitans, Ypthima impura, Ypthima indecora, Ypthima inica, Ypthima insolita, Ypthima io, Ypthima iris, Ypthima iscalensis, Ypthima jacksoni, Ypthima jarbas, Ypthima junkoae, Ypthima kalelonda, Ypthima lamto, Ypthima lihongxingi, Ypthima lisandra, Ypthima loryma, Ypthima lycus, Ypthima mandraka, Ypthima martini, Ypthima masakii, Ypthima medusa, Ypthima megalomma, Ypthima methora, Ypthima methorina, Ypthima microphthalma, Ypthima mopsus, Ypthima motschulskyi, Ypthima multistriala, Ypthima multistriata, Ypthima muotuoensis, Ypthima nareda, Ypthima nebulosa, Ypthima newara, Ypthima nigricans, Ypthima nikaea, Ypthima norma, Ypthima nynias, Ypthima pandocoides, Ypthima pandocus, Ypthima parasakra, Ypthima pemakoi, Ypthima perfecta, Ypthima perrieri, Ypthima persimilis, Ypthima phania, Ypthima philomela, Ypthima posticalis, Ypthima praenobilia, Ypthima praenubila, Ypthima praestans, Ypthima pseudodromon, Ypthima pulchra, Ypthima pupillaris, Ypthima putamdui, Ypthima putandoi, Ypthima rakoto, Ypthima recta, Ypthima rhodesiana, Ypthima risompae, Ypthima riukiuana, Ypthima sakra, Ypthima savara, Ypthima selinuntioides, Ypthima sensilis, Ypthima sesara, Ypthima similis, Ypthima simplicia, Ypthima singala, Ypthima sinica, Ypthima smithi, Ypthima sobrina, Ypthima sordida, Ypthima stellera, Ypthima striata, Ypthima sulana, Ypthima tappana, Ypthima tiani, Ypthima triophthalma, Ypthima tsaratananae, Ypthima vuattouxi, Ypthima watsoni, Ypthima yamanakai, Ypthima yangjiahei, Ypthima yatta, Ypthima yayeyamana, Ypthima yoshinobui, Ypthima ypthimoides, Ypthima yunnanana, Ypthima yunosukei, Ypthima zodia, Ypthima zyzzomacula


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