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Tribe Anerastiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Pyralidae subfamily Phycitinae → tribe Anerastiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 69 (4 illustrated). Species.

Anacostia Shaffer, 1968 [genus]

Anacostia tribulella

Ardekanopsis Amsel, 1954 [genus]

Ardekanopsis griseella

Asaluria Amsel, 1958 [genus]

Asaluria reisseri

Calamotropa Hampson, 1918 [genus]

Calamotropa pulverivena

Dembea Ragonot, 1888 [genus]

Dembea venosella, Dembea venulosella

Discofrontia Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Discofrontia normella

Emmalocera (Ragonot, 1888) [genus]

Emmalocera actinoleuca, Emmalocera albicostalis, Emmalocera anerastica, Emmalocera apotomella, Emmalocera approximella, Emmalocera aurifusellus, Emmalocera biseriella, Emmalocera callirrhoda, Emmalocera crenatella, Emmalocera ctenucha, Emmalocera dimochla, Emmalocera distictella, Emmalocera ematheudella, Emmalocera endonephele, Emmalocera endopyrella, Emmalocera eremochroa, Emmalocera eurysticha, Emmalocera euryzona, Emmalocera furvimacula, Emmalocera fuscostrigella, Emmalocera gensanalis, Emmalocera haploschema, Emmalocera holochra, Emmalocera holorhoda, Emmalocera icasmopis, Emmalocera ignetincta, Emmalocera lacticostella, Emmalocera laminella, Emmalocera laropis, Emmalocera lateritiella, Emmalocera latilimbella, Emmalocera leucocinctus, Emmalocera leucopleura, Emmalocera leucopleurella, Emmalocera longiramella, Emmalocera macrella, Emmalocera macrorrhynca, Emmalocera marcida, Emmalocera minoralis, Emmalocera neesimella, Emmalocera neotomella, Emmalocera niphopleura, Emmalocera niphosema, Emmalocera ochracealis, Emmalocera paludicola, Emmalocera paucigraphella, Emmalocera pelochroa, Emmalocera phaeoneura, Emmalocera phaeostrotella, Emmalocera platymochla, Emmalocera pleurochorda, Emmalocera polychroella, Emmalocera promelaena, Emmalocera purpureotincta, Emmalocera radiatella, Emmalocera rhabdota, Emmalocera rhodoessa, Emmalocera roseistrigella, Emmalocera rotundipennis, Emmalocera sangirensis, Emmalocera sepicostella, Emmalocera signicollis, Emmalocera simplicipalpis, Emmalocera stereosticha, Emmalocera strigicostella, Emmalocera subconcinnella, Emmalocera syssema, Emmalocera tenuicostella, Emmalocera thiomochla, Emmalocera transecta, Emmalocera tumidicostella, Emmalocera umbricostella, Emmalocera umbrivittella, Emmalocera unitella, Emmalocera venosella

Fondoukia Chrétien, 1911 [genus]

Fondoukia translucidella

Fossifrontia Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Fossifrontia leuconeurella

Fregenia (Hartig, 1947) [genus]

Fregenia prolai

Harnochina Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Harnochina rectilinea

Hosidia Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Hosidia ochrineurella

Hypsotropa (Zeller, 1848) [genus]

Hypsotropa acidnias, Hypsotropa adumbratella, Hypsotropa albicostalis, Hypsotropa albivenalis, Hypsotropa approximans, Hypsotropa atakorella, Hypsotropa biscrensis, Hypsotropa chionorhabda, Hypsotropa contrastella, Hypsotropa costella, Hypsotropa diaphaea, Hypsotropa dyseimata, Hypsotropa ematheudella, Hypsotropa endorhoda, Hypsotropa epischnioides, Hypsotropa euryzona, Hypsotropa formosalis, Hypsotropa fuscostrigella, Hypsotropa fusifasciata, Hypsotropa graptophlebia, Hypsotropa grassa, Hypsotropa heterocerella, Hypsotropa ichorella, Hypsotropa illectalis, Hypsotropa infumatella, Hypsotropa lactealis, Hypsotropa laropis, Hypsotropa leucocraspis, Hypsotropa leucophlebiella, Hypsotropa limbella, Hypsotropa makulanella, Hypsotropa monostidza, Hypsotropa niveicosta, Hypsotropa ochraceella, Hypsotropa ochricostella, Hypsotropa ocraceella, Hypsotropa papuasella, Hypsotropa paucipunctella, Hypsotropa periphaea, Hypsotropa pervittella, Hypsotropa pleurosticha, Hypsotropa plinthina, Hypsotropa polyactinia, Hypsotropa polysticella, Hypsotropa polystictella, Hypsotropa psamathella, Hypsotropa punctinervella, Hypsotropa purpurella, Hypsotropa pusillella, Hypsotropa quadripunctella, Hypsotropa ramulosella, Hypsotropa rhodochroella, Hypsotropa rhodosticha, Hypsotropa rosectincta, Hypsotropa rosescens, Hypsotropa sabuletella, Hypsotropa sceletella, Hypsotropa semiluteella, Hypsotropa semirosella, Hypsotropa solipunctella, Hypsotropa strictipennis, Hypsotropa subcostella, Hypsotropa syriacella, Hypsotropa tenuicostella, Hypsotropa tenuinervella, Hypsotropa tripartalis, Hypsotropa unipunctella, Hypsotropa vulneratella, Hypsotropa wertheimsteini, Hypsotropa zophopleura

Jacutscia Hampson, 1930 [genus]

Jacutscia strigata

Khachia Amsel, 1961 [genus]

Khachia albicostella

Magadania Kirpichnikova & Yamanaka, 2001 [genus]

Magadania cognata

Mangala Ragonot, 1888 [genus]

Mangala crassicapella

Menuthia Ragonot, 1888 [genus]

Menuthia nanella

Mimopolyocha Matsumura, 1925 [genus]

Mimopolyocha obscurella

Neorastia Amsel, 1954 [genus]

Neorastia albicostella

Osakia Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Osakia lineolella

Polyochodes (Chretien, 1911) [genus]

Polyochodes stipella

Praerhinaphe Amsel, 1954 [genus]

Praerhinaphe monotona

Praesaluria Amsel, 1958 [genus]

Praesaluria hofufella

Reynosa Shaffer, 1968 [genus]

Reynosa floscella

Samoilovia Kirpichnikova, 2001 [genus]

Samoilovia larisa, Samoilovia taisia

Sudania Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Sudania subcostella

Tiarra Ragonot, 1888 [genus]

Tiarra pusiella

Tinerastia Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Tinerastia discipunctella, Tinerastia fissirella

Zapalla Shaffer, 1976 [genus]

Zapalla deliquella, Zapalla dentata


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