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Tribe Pyralini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Pyralidae subfamily Pyralinae → tribe Pyralini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 38 (9 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (2 illustrated). Species.

Amphiderita Turner, 1925 [genus]

Amphiderita pyrospila

Arescoptera Turner, 1911 [genus]

Arescoptera idiotypa

Bostra (Walker, 1863) [genus]

Bostra albilineata, Bostra albistictalis, Bostra ambinanitalis, Bostra amphidissa, Bostra angulifascia, Bostra anhydropa, Bostra arcuata, Bostra arida, Bostra asbenicola, Bostra astigma, Bostra atomalis, Bostra austautalis, Bostra balux, Bostra bifascialis, Bostra bifida, Bostra bradleyalis, Bostra buddhalis, Bostra callispilalis, Bostra carnealis, Bostra castanoptera, Bostra catochrysalis, Bostra cervinalis, Bostra championi, Bostra chlorostoma, Bostra claveriei, Bostra coenochroa, Bostra comealis, Bostra conflualis, Bostra conspicualis, Bostra denticulata, Bostra dentilinealis, Bostra deplanata, Bostra diffusalis, Bostra dipectinialis, Bostra exigua, Bostra farsalis, Bostra fascialis, Bostra ferrealis, Bostra ferrifusalis, Bostra flammalis, Bostra flavilinealis, Bostra fracticornalis, Bostra fumosa, Bostra fuscella, Bostra fuscipennis, Bostra fuscolimbalis, Bostra glaucalis, Bostra gnidusalis, Bostra homsalis, Bostra igneusta, Bostra ignirubralis, Bostra illusella, Bostra imperatrix, Bostra incompta, Bostra indicator, Bostra innocens, Bostra jaliscensis, Bostra kirmanialis, Bostra kneuckeri, Bostra laristanalis, Bostra lateritialis, Bostra legalis, Bostra leucostigmalis, Bostra lignealis, Bostra lobata, Bostra loxotona, Bostra luteocostalis, Bostra magistralis, Bostra magnifica, Bostra margaritata, Bostra marginalis, Bostra mesoleucalis, Bostra metaxanthialis, Bostra minimalis, Bostra mirata, Bostra mirifica, Bostra nanalis, Bostra nephelorthra, Bostra noctuina, Bostra nuptialis, Bostra obsoletalis, Bostra obtusecornuta, Bostra ochrigrammalis, Bostra ochrigraphalis, Bostra orthocopa, Bostra pallidicolor, Bostra pallidicosta, Bostra pallidifrons, Bostra perrubida, Bostra phoenicocraspis, Bostra phoenicoxantha, Bostra procoppi, Bostra pruinosa, Bostra pseudospaniella, Bostra pulverealis, Bostra puncticostalis, Bostra purpurealis, Bostra pygmaea, Bostra pyrochroa, Bostra pyrochroalis, Bostra pyroxantha, Bostra ragonotalis, Bostra reductedentata, Bostra remiformis, Bostra rhodophaea, Bostra rigidalis, Bostra rufimarginalis, Bostra ruptilinealis, Bostra rusinalis, Bostra salmo, Bostra sarcosia, Bostra saussurei, Bostra scabrinota, Bostra scotalis, Bostra sentalis, Bostra shirazalis, Bostra similis, Bostra sogalis, Bostra spaniella, Bostra submutica, Bostra subviridescens, Bostra suffusalis, Bostra tabida, Bostra tenebralis, Bostra thermialis, Bostra tobagoensis, Bostra tridenticulata, Bostra tripartita, Bostra turgida, Bostra tyriocausta, Bostra vacca, Bostra vetustalis, Bostra whalleyalis, Bostra xanthorhodalis

Catocrocis Ragonot, 1891 [genus]

Catocrocis lithosialis

Curena Walker, [1866] [genus]

Curena caustopa, Curena externalis

Datanoides Butler, , 1878 [genus]

Datanoides fasciata

Micromastra Schaus, 1940 [genus]

Micromastra isoldalis

Neodavisia Barnes & McDunnough, 1914 [genus]

Neodavisia melusina, Neodavisia singularis

Pyralestes (Turati, 1922) [genus]

Pyralestes ragusai

Scenidiopis Turner, 1904 [genus]

Scenidiopis chionozyga

Stemmatophora (Guenee, 1854) [genus]

Stemmatophora aglossalis, Stemmatophora albiceps, Stemmatophora albifimbrialis, Stemmatophora angusta, Stemmatophora austautalis, Stemmatophora becqueti, Stemmatophora beryllata, Stemmatophora bicincta, Stemmatophora bicoloralis, Stemmatophora bilinealis, Stemmatophora borgialis, Stemmatophora brunnealis, Stemmatophora byzacaenicalis, Stemmatophora capnosalis, Stemmatophora carnealis, Stemmatophora centralis, Stemmatophora chloe, Stemmatophora chloralis, Stemmatophora claquini, Stemmatophora combustalis, Stemmatophora costinotalis, Stemmatophora cupricolor, Stemmatophora depressalis, Stemmatophora erebalis, Stemmatophora excurvalis, Stemmatophora flammans, Stemmatophora flavicaput, Stemmatophora fuliginalis, Stemmatophora fuliginosalis, Stemmatophora fuscibasalis, Stemmatophora fusilinealis, Stemmatophora gadesalis, Stemmatophora gigantalis, Stemmatophora glaucalis, Stemmatophora gredalis, Stemmatophora herculialis, Stemmatophora honestalis, Stemmatophora joiceyi, Stemmatophora kaszabi, Stemmatophora laticincta, Stemmatophora minimalis, Stemmatophora minoralis, Stemmatophora monostoechalis, Stemmatophora mushana, Stemmatophora oleoalbalis, Stemmatophora olivalis, Stemmatophora olivotincta, Stemmatophora oranalis, Stemmatophora pallidella, Stemmatophora parallelalis, Stemmatophora patagialis, Stemmatophora peltastis, Stemmatophora perrubralis, Stemmatophora postaurantia, Stemmatophora pseudaglossa, Stemmatophora punctimarginalis, Stemmatophora rectisectalis, Stemmatophora rubicundalis, Stemmatophora rubricostalis, Stemmatophora rungsi, Stemmatophora sanguifusa, Stemmatophora schwingenschussi, Stemmatophora scotalis, Stemmatophora syriacalis, Stemmatophora tyriocrossa, Stemmatophora ugandalis, Stemmatophora valida, Stemmatophora vulpecalis, Stemmatophora xanthozonalis, Stemmatophora yuennanensis

Taboga Dyar, 1914 [genus]

Taboga inis

Tanaobela Turner, 1915 [genus]

Tanaobela chrysochlora

Tanyethira Turner, 1911 [genus]

Tanyethira duplicilinea

Therapne Ragonot, 1890 [genus]

Therapne obsoletalis

Tretopteryx (Ragonot, 1891) [genus]

Tretopteryx pertusalis


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