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Tribe Naryciini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tineoidea family Psychidae subfamily Naryciinae → tribe Naryciini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (1 illustrated). Species.

Narycia (Stephens, 1836) [genus]

Narycia acharis, Narycia acropolia, Narycia adspersella, Narycia antibatis, Narycia apochroa, Narycia archipica, Narycia arctodes, Narycia astrella, Narycia basiferana, Narycia berecynthia, Narycia callista, Narycia campylota, Narycia carlotta, Narycia cataphracta, Narycia centropa, Narycia certificata, Narycia characota, Narycia chlorocitra, Narycia chrysopetala, Narycia chrysura, Narycia cineracea, Narycia cirrhosticha, Narycia colocynthia, Narycia commatica, Narycia confluens, Narycia copiosa, Narycia crocodilitis, Narycia crocotricha, Narycia dicranota, Narycia duplicella, Narycia educta, Narycia ennomopis, Narycia epibyrsa, Narycia epichrysa, Narycia epitricha, Narycia epomias, Narycia euctena, Narycia eunomopis, Narycia euscia, Narycia euthygramma, Narycia exalbida, Narycia fumicoma, Narycia galactodes, Narycia galerita, Narycia garrula, Narycia gastromela, Narycia hamalitha, Narycia heliochares, Narycia hemicalyptra, Narycia herminata, Narycia holozona, Narycia hyalistis, Narycia infernalis, Narycia isoxantha, Narycia larkitavica, Narycia lasiocola, Narycia lasiomicra, Narycia lechriotypa, Narycia leucochroa, Narycia marmarurga, Narycia maschukella, Narycia maurella, Narycia melanarthra, Narycia melanospora, Narycia metacentra, Narycia microzona, Narycia mixoscia, Narycia monilifera, Narycia myriospila, Narycia negligat, Narycia nemorivaga, Narycia nephelocrana, Narycia nephelodes, Narycia nigricoma, Narycia niphospila, Narycia nubilosa, Narycia obserata, Narycia ostracophanes, Narycia pelochroa, Narycia peregrina, Narycia petrodoxa, Narycia phaeostola, Narycia phaulodes, Narycia photidias, Narycia plana, Narycia platyzona, Narycia polymeres, Narycia polystona, Narycia prolidias, Narycia prothyrodes, Narycia pygmaea, Narycia ranularis, Narycia renovata, Narycia reticulata, Narycia retinochra, Narycia saccharata, Narycia scelerata, Narycia sciombra, Narycia sciomochla, Narycia scotinopis, Narycia semiota, Narycia sinuosa, Narycia stellaris, Narycia stenomochla, Narycia strepsidoma, Narycia subaenea, Narycia terricola, Narycia tetramochla, Narycia thlipsias, Narycia toxophragma, Narycia toxoteuches, Narycia trifasciana, Narycia trizona, Narycia xylonitis


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