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Tribe Cochylini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Tortricinae → tribe Cochylini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 28 (12 illustrated). Species.

Aethes (Billberg, 1820) [genus]

Aethes affinis, Aethes afghana, Aethes agelasta, Aethes alatavica, Aethes alphitopa, Aethes amseli, Aethes amurensis, Aethes angulatana, Aethes angustana, Aethes annosa, Aethes ardezana, Aethes argentilimitana, Aethes arizela, Aethes atmospila, Aethes atomosana, Aethes aureana, Aethes aurofasciana, Aethes aurorana, Aethes austera, Aethes baboquivariana, Aethes baloghi, Aethes basiochreana, Aethes beatricella, Aethes bilbaensis, Aethes biscana, Aethes bomonana, Aethes bunteana, Aethes campicolana, Aethes carmelana, Aethes caucasica, Aethes cephalanthana, Aethes chalcospila, Aethes charma, Aethes ciliosana, Aethes cincinnatana, Aethes cinereoviridana, Aethes cineroviridana, Aethes citreoflava, Aethes cnicana, Aethes confinis, Aethes conomochla, Aethes conversana, Aethes cremonana, Aethes crocomis, Aethes deaurana, Aethes decens, Aethes decimana, Aethes delotypa, Aethes dentifera, Aethes destituta, Aethes deutschiana, Aethes diemeniana, Aethes dilucidana, Aethes discana, Aethes edwardsiana, Aethes eichleri, Aethes elderana, Aethes elpidia, Aethes embrithopa, Aethes ersodes, Aethes evanida, Aethes fennicana, Aethes fernaldana, Aethes ferruginea, Aethes flagellana, Aethes flava, Aethes flavociliana, Aethes floccosana, Aethes foxcana, Aethes francillana, Aethes fulvotinctana, Aethes geniculata, Aethes glaucofuscana, Aethes grandaeva, Aethes grandis, Aethes gunniana, Aethes hartmanniana, Aethes hoenei, Aethes hoffmanana, Aethes hollandana, Aethes hubbardana, Aethes ignobilis, Aethes illota, Aethes inanita, Aethes inexpecta, Aethes intactana, Aethes interruptofascia, Aethes interruptofasciata, Aethes iochroa, Aethes iranica, Aethes irmozona, Aethes jonesi, Aethes kasyi, Aethes kindermanniana, Aethes kyrkii, Aethes languidana, Aethes lateritia, Aethes lavana, Aethes leguminana, Aethes lepidana, Aethes lindigiana, Aethes louisiana, Aethes luteopictana, Aethes lygrana, Aethes maiana, Aethes margaritana, Aethes margaritifera, Aethes margarotana, Aethes marioffiana, Aethes maritimana, Aethes marloffiana, Aethes matheri, Aethes matthewcruzi, Aethes mauritanica, Aethes mesomelana, Aethes mirifica, Aethes modica, Aethes monera, Aethes mordax, Aethes moribundana, Aethes nefandana, Aethes nomonana, Aethes obliquana, Aethes obscurana, Aethes oenotherana, Aethes olibra, Aethes pannosana, Aethes parallelana, Aethes pardaliana, Aethes parvimaculana, Aethes patricia, Aethes pemeantensis, Aethes perfidana, Aethes perflavescens, Aethes persica, Aethes phaloniodes, Aethes piercei, Aethes pimana, Aethes planaltinae, Aethes plummeriana, Aethes portentosa, Aethes praefuscata, Aethes prangana, Aethes prolectana, Aethes promptana, Aethes punctadiscana, Aethes punctidiscana, Aethes rana, Aethes razowskii, Aethes rectilineana, Aethes romonana, Aethes rubigana, Aethes rubiginana, Aethes rutilana, Aethes sanguinana, Aethes scalana, Aethes schwarziana, Aethes scissana, Aethes seriatana, Aethes sexdentata, Aethes smeathmanniana, Aethes sparsana, Aethes spartinana, Aethes speciosa, Aethes spirana, Aethes straminoides, Aethes suaveolana, Aethes sublepidana, Aethes sulphurosana, Aethes tectonica, Aethes temerana, Aethes terriae, Aethes tesserana, Aethes tornella, Aethes toxcana, Aethes transversana, Aethes triangulana, Aethes turialba, Aethes tuxtlana, Aethes udana, Aethes unicolorana, Aethes unistrigana, Aethes vachelliana, Aethes vicinana, Aethes vicinitana, Aethes viscana, Aethes vorticata, Aethes voxcana, Aethes westratei, Aethes williana, Aethes wiscana, Aethes wiskana, Aethes xanthina, Aethes yuccana, Aethes yuccatana, Aethes zaracana, Aethes ziscana, Aethes zoxcana

Aprepodoxa Meyrick in Caradja & Meyrick, 1937 [genus]

Aprepodoxa glycitis, Aprepodoxa mimocharis

Cochylimorpha (Razowski, 1959) [genus]

Cochylimorpha acriapex, Cochylimorpha additana, Cochylimorpha agenjoi, Cochylimorpha alternana, Cochylimorpha alticolana, Cochylimorpha amabilis, Cochylimorpha arenosana, Cochylimorpha armeniana, Cochylimorpha asiana, Cochylimorpha blandana, Cochylimorpha brandti, Cochylimorpha centralasiae, Cochylimorpha chionella, Cochylimorpha clathrana, Cochylimorpha clathratana, Cochylimorpha clavana, Cochylimorpha coloratana, Cochylimorpha conankinensis, Cochylimorpha cultana, Cochylimorpha cuspidata, Cochylimorpha declivana, Cochylimorpha decolorella, Cochylimorpha despectana, Cochylimorpha diana, Cochylimorpha discolorana, Cochylimorpha discopunctana, Cochylimorpha eberti, Cochylimorpha eburneana, Cochylimorpha elegans, Cochylimorpha elongana, Cochylimorpha emiliana, Cochylimorpha erlebachi, Cochylimorpha flaveola, Cochylimorpha fluens, Cochylimorpha fucatana, Cochylimorpha fucosa, Cochylimorpha fuscimacula, Cochylimorpha gracilens, Cochylimorpha halophilana, Cochylimorpha hapala, Cochylimorpha hedemanniana, Cochylimorpha hilarana, Cochylimorpha ignicolorana, Cochylimorpha innotatana, Cochylimorpha isocornutana, Cochylimorpha jaculana, Cochylimorpha jucundana, Cochylimorpha kurdistana, Cochylimorpha lagara, Cochylimorpha langeana, Cochylimorpha lungtangensis, Cochylimorpha maleropa, Cochylimorpha meridiana, Cochylimorpha meridiolana, Cochylimorpha mongolicana, Cochylimorpha monstrabilis, Cochylimorpha montana, Cochylimorpha moriutii, Cochylimorpha nankinensis, Cochylimorpha nipponana, Cochylimorpha nodulana, Cochylimorpha nomadana, Cochylimorpha nuristana, Cochylimorpha obliquana, Cochylimorpha pallens, Cochylimorpha perfusana, Cochylimorpha perturbatana, Cochylimorpha peucedana, Cochylimorpha peucedanana, Cochylimorpha pirizanica, Cochylimorpha pollens, Cochylimorpha psalmophanes, Cochylimorpha pseudoalternana, Cochylimorpha pyramidana, Cochylimorpha salinarida, Cochylimorpha santolinana, Cochylimorpha scoptes, Cochylimorpha scrophulana, Cochylimorpha simulata, Cochylimorpha sparsana, Cochylimorpha stataria, Cochylimorpha straminea, Cochylimorpha subwoliniana, Cochylimorpha tamerlana, Cochylimorpha tiraculana, Cochylimorpha triangulifera, Cochylimorpha wiltshirei, Cochylimorpha woliniana

Cochylis (Treitschke, 1829) [genus]

Cochylis aestiva, Cochylis aethoclasma, Cochylis anerista, Cochylis angustana, Cochylis apricana, Cochylis argentinana, Cochylis arthuri, Cochylis atricapitana, Cochylis bomonana, Cochylis caesiata, Cochylis campicolana, Cochylis caulocatax, Cochylis constantia, Cochylis defessana, Cochylis delicatulana, Cochylis dilutana, Cochylis discerta, Cochylis disputabilis, Cochylis dolosana, Cochylis dubitana, Cochylis edwardsiana, Cochylis epilinana, Cochylis erromena, Cochylis eupacria, Cochylis eureta, Cochylis eutaxia, Cochylis eutheta, Cochylis exomala, Cochylis faustana, Cochylis felix, Cochylis flaccosana, Cochylis flaviciliana, Cochylis formonana, Cochylis fulvocinctana, Cochylis glaucofuscana, Cochylis heratana, Cochylis hoffmannana, Cochylis hospes, Cochylis hybridella, Cochylis indica, Cochylis insipida, Cochylis laetana, Cochylis letitia, Cochylis lorana, Cochylis lutosa, Cochylis maestana, Cochylis methoeca, Cochylis militariana, Cochylis molliculana, Cochylis morosana, Cochylis mystes, Cochylis nana, Cochylis obtrusa, Cochylis oenotherana, Cochylis olivana, Cochylis pallidana, Cochylis parallelana, Cochylis parvimaculana, Cochylis philypna, Cochylis piana, Cochylis pimana, Cochylis posterana, Cochylis pruinosana, Cochylis psychrasema, Cochylis ringsi, Cochylis rosaria, Cochylis roseana, Cochylis sagittigera, Cochylis salebrana, Cochylis sannitica, Cochylis securifera, Cochylis seriatana, Cochylis similana, Cochylis straminoides, Cochylis suaveolana, Cochylis submissana, Cochylis telephora, Cochylis tephrodrypta, Cochylis torva, Cochylis transversana, Cochylis typhilinea

Cryptocochylis (Razowski, 1960) [genus]

Cryptocochylis conjunctana

Hysterophora (Obraztsov, 1944) [genus]

Hysterophora maculosana

Irazona Razowski, 1964 [genus]

Irazona comes

Phtheochroa (Stephens, 1829) [genus]

Phtheochroa aegrana, Phtheochroa albiceps, Phtheochroa amasiana, Phtheochroa amphibola, Phtheochroa annae, Phtheochroa arrhostia, Phtheochroa aureoalbida, Phtheochroa aureopunctana, Phtheochroa baboquivariana, Phtheochroa baracana, Phtheochroa birdana, Phtheochroa calyptrophanes, Phtheochroa canariana, Phtheochroa cartwrightana, Phtheochroa chalcantha, Phtheochroa chaunax, Phtheochroa chlidantha, Phtheochroa chriacta, Phtheochroa chriodes, Phtheochroa ciona, Phtheochroa circina, Phtheochroa cistobursa, Phtheochroa conspicuana, Phtheochroa cordifera, Phtheochroa cornigera, Phtheochroa cymatodana, Phtheochroa decipiens, Phtheochroa deima, Phtheochroa deltochlaena, Phtheochroa descensa, Phtheochroa dodrantaria, Phtheochroa drenowskyi, Phtheochroa duponchelana, Phtheochroa durbonana, Phtheochroa ecballiella, Phtheochroa eulabea, Phtheochroa exasperantana, Phtheochroa exasperatana, Phtheochroa farinosana, Phtheochroa faulkneri, Phtheochroa frigidana, Phtheochroa fulvicinctana, Phtheochroa fulviplicana, Phtheochroa gigantica, Phtheochroa gracillimana, Phtheochroa hamartopenis, Phtheochroa haplidia, Phtheochroa hyboscia, Phtheochroa hybrista, Phtheochroa hydnum, Phtheochroa imitana, Phtheochroa ingridae, Phtheochroa inopiana, Phtheochroa insipidana, Phtheochroa iodes, Phtheochroa issikii, Phtheochroa jerichoana, Phtheochroa johnibrowni, Phtheochroa kenneli, Phtheochroa krulikovskiji, Phtheochroa larseni, Phtheochroa loricata, Phtheochroa lucentana, Phtheochroa melasma, Phtheochroa meraca, Phtheochroa mexacta, Phtheochroa micana, Phtheochroa modestana, Phtheochroa nigrosparsana, Phtheochroa noctivaga, Phtheochroa noema, Phtheochroa obnubila, Phtheochroa ochodea, Phtheochroa ochralana, Phtheochroa ochrobasana, Phtheochroa ophryodes, Phtheochroa osthelderi, Phtheochroa palpana, Phtheochroa pecosana, Phtheochroa percnoptila, Phtheochroa perspicuana, Phtheochroa piptmachaeria, Phtheochroa pistrinana, Phtheochroa praefasciata, Phtheochroa primula, Phtheochroa procerana, Phtheochroa psychrodora, Phtheochroa pulvillana, Phtheochroa purana, Phtheochroa purissima, Phtheochroa quaesita, Phtheochroa rectangulana, Phtheochroa reisseri, Phtheochroa retextana, Phtheochroa riscana, Phtheochroa rugosana, Phtheochroa schreibersiana, Phtheochroa schreieri, Phtheochroa simoniana, Phtheochroa sinecarina, Phtheochroa singulana, Phtheochroa sociana, Phtheochroa sodaliana, Phtheochroa subfumida, Phtheochroa superbissima, Phtheochroa syrtana, Phtheochroa tenerima, Phtheochroa terminana, Phtheochroa thaumantias, Phtheochroa thiana, Phtheochroa trajectana, Phtheochroa tubulata, Phtheochroa undulata, Phtheochroa unionana, Phtheochroa variolosana, Phtheochroa veirsi, Phtheochroa vicina, Phtheochroa villana, Phtheochroa vulneratana, Phtheochroa waracana, Phtheochroa weiserti, Phtheochroa zerena

Prohysterophora Razowski, 1961 [genus]

Prohysterophora chionopa

Thyraylia Walsingham, 1897 [genus]

Thyraylia bunteana


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