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Subtribe Noctuina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae tribe Noctuini → subtribe Noctuina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 56 (26 illustrated). Subgenera: 9 (4 illustrated). Species.

Aplectoides Butler, 1878 [genus]

Aplectoides condita

Choephora Grote & Robinson, 1868 [genus]

Choephora fungorum

Dallolmoia Berio, 1972 [genus]

Dallolmoia triangula

Diarsia (Hubner, 1821) [genus]

Diarsia acharista, Diarsia acutipennis, Diarsia albipennis, Diarsia arenosoides, Diarsia axiologa, Diarsia banksi, Diarsia barlowi, Diarsia basistriga, Diarsia beckeri, Diarsia borneochracea, Diarsia brunnea, Diarsia calgary, Diarsia canescens, Diarsia caradjai, Diarsia carnipennis, Diarsia cerastioides, Diarsia chalcea, Diarsia cia, Diarsia claudia, Diarsia coenostola, Diarsia copria, Diarsia dahlii, Diarsia deparca, Diarsia dewitzi, Diarsia dichroa, Diarsia dimorpha, Diarsia dislocata, Diarsia eleuthera, Diarsia erubescens, Diarsia erythropsis, Diarsia esurialis, Diarsia excelsa, Diarsia fannyi, Diarsia ferruginea, Diarsia flavibrunnea, Diarsia flavostigma, Diarsia fletcheri, Diarsia florida, Diarsia formosana, Diarsia formosensis, Diarsia frontalis, Diarsia gaudens, Diarsia griseithorax, Diarsia guadarramensis, Diarsia henrici, Diarsia hoenei, Diarsia hypographa, Diarsia inconsequens, Diarsia intermixta, Diarsia jucunda, Diarsia kebea, Diarsia kebeae, Diarsia latimacula, Diarsia macrodactyla, Diarsia magnipunctata, Diarsia magnisigna, Diarsia mandarinella, Diarsia mediotincta, Diarsia melanomma, Diarsia mendica, Diarsia nebula, Diarsia nigrafasciata, Diarsia nigrosigna, Diarsia nipponica, Diarsia nyei, Diarsia obuncula, Diarsia ochracea, Diarsia odontophora, Diarsia olivacea, Diarsia orophila, Diarsia owgarra, Diarsia pacifica, Diarsia pallens, Diarsia pallidimargo, Diarsia pallidisigna, Diarsia pediciliata, Diarsia poliophaea, Diarsia polytaenia, Diarsia postfusca, Diarsia pseudacharista, Diarsia robusta, Diarsia rosaria, Diarsia rubi, Diarsia rubicilia, Diarsia rubifera, Diarsia ruficauda, Diarsia ruptistriga, Diarsia sciera, Diarsia serrata, Diarsia sicca, Diarsia sinuosa, Diarsia spilosata, Diarsia stictica, Diarsia stigmatias, Diarsia subtincta, Diarsia tincta, Diarsia torva, Diarsia unica, Diarsia vulpina, Diarsia yoshimotoi

Divaena (Fibiger, 1993) [genus]

Divaena haywardi

Graphiphora (Ochsenheimer, 1816) [genus]

Graphiphora augur

Hypernaenia Hampson, 1894 [genus]

Hypernaenia denticulata

Mabilleana Fletcher & Viette, 1962 [genus]

Mabilleana pudens

Naenia (Stephens, 1827) [genus]

Naenia contaminata, Naenia typica

Nyssocnemis (Lederer, 1857) [genus]

Nyssocnemis eversmanni

Oligarcha Varga, Ronkay & Guylai, 1995 [genus]

Oligarcha coryphaea

Opigena (Boisduval, 1840) [genus]

Opigena accipiter, Opigena polygona

Sclereuxoa Berio, 1977 [genus]

Sclereuxoa paradoxalis

Sinognorisma Varga & Ronkay, 1987 [genus]

Sinognorisma gothica

Xestia (Hubner, 1818) [genus]

Megasema, Pachnobia, Schoyenia, Xestia,
Xestia adducta, Xestia agalma, Xestia agnorista, Xestia amydra, Xestia angara, Xestia aplectoides, Xestia aquila, Xestia argyrea, Xestia australiae, Xestia basistriga, Xestia bdelygma, Xestia bifurcata, Xestia brunneago, Xestia brunneopicata, Xestia bryocharis, Xestia c-fuscum, Xestia caelebs, Xestia cara, Xestia cervina, Xestia cfuscum, Xestia consanguinea, Xestia coronata, Xestia costaestriga, Xestia crassipuncta, Xestia curviplena, Xestia cyanostica, Xestia deraiota, Xestia descripta, Xestia destitua, Xestia destituta, Xestia diagrapha, Xestia dianthoecioides, Xestia dilatata, Xestia draesekei, Xestia dyris, Xestia efflorescens, Xestia effundens, Xestia elimita, Xestia erschoffi, Xestia erythraea, Xestia erythroxantha, Xestia eugnorista, Xestia eugrapha, Xestia exoleta, Xestia fakosharga, Xestia finatimis, Xestia flavilinea, Xestia forsteri, Xestia friederikae, Xestia fuscostigma, Xestia gandakiensis, Xestia gansuensis, Xestia geochroa, Xestia giselae, Xestia haematodes, Xestia harpegnoma, Xestia hemitragidia, Xestia hoeferi, Xestia hoenei, Xestia homochroma, Xestia infantilis, Xestia isochroma, Xestia isolata, Xestia janakpura, Xestia junctura, Xestia khadoma, Xestia kozhantschikovi, Xestia kruegeri, Xestia latinigra, Xestia lehmanni, Xestia leptophysa, Xestia lithoplana, Xestia lobbichleri, Xestia lycophotioides, Xestia mandarina, Xestia metagrapha, Xestia murtea, Xestia mysarops, Xestia nepalensis, Xestia nisseni, Xestia nyei, Xestia nyiwonis, Xestia olivascens, Xestia orthosioides, Xestia pachyceras, Xestia pallidago, Xestia pancta, Xestia papuana, Xestia parasenescens, Xestia patricia, Xestia perigrapha, Xestia perornata, Xestia picata, Xestia poliades, Xestia praevia, Xestia propitia, Xestia pseudaccipiter, Xestia pyrrhothrix, Xestia renalis, Xestia retracta, Xestia roseicosta, Xestia schaeferi, Xestia semiherbida, Xestia semiretracta, Xestia spilosata, Xestia sternecki, Xestia stupenda, Xestia subforsteri, Xestia sublima, Xestia tamsi, Xestia tenera, Xestia tenuis, Xestia trifurcata, Xestia triphaenoides, Xestia undosa, Xestia verniloides, Xestia versuta, Xestia vidua, Xestia violacea

Noctuina photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Noctuina sp. (large size).

Noctuina sp. Noctuina sp. Noctuina sp. Noctuina sp. Noctuina sp.


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