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Genus Vipio

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae subfamily Braconinae → genus Vipio

Daughter taxa

Vipio abdelkader Schmiedeknecht, 1896 [species]

Vipio alpi Beyarslan, 2002 [species]

Vipio andrieui Vuillet, 1912 [species]

V. a. bruesianus

Vipio angaricus Telenga, 1936 [species]

Vipio annulipes Brullé, 1832 [species]

Vipio appellator Nees, 1834 [species]

V. a. bilobatus, V. a. nigricauda, V. a. obscurus, V. a. striolatus

Vipio belfragei Cresson, 1872 [species]

Vipio bicarinatus Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio bimaculator Nees, 1834 [species]

Vipio borneanus Cameron, 1908 [species]

Vipio carnifex Kriechbaumer, 1894 [species]

Vipio catenulatus Inayatullah, Shaw & Quicke, 1998 [species]

Vipio cinctellus Brullé, 1832 [species]

Vipio croceus Cresson 1865 [species]

Vipio deplanator Nees, 1834 [species]

Vipio dorsimacula Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio falcoi Docavo Alberti, 1958 [species]

Vipio fenestratus Smith 1865 [species]

Vipio fiebrigi Brèthes, 1909 [species]

Vipio filicaudis Szepligeti, 1896 [species]

Vipio forticarinatus Cameron, 1910 [species]

Vipio foveifrons Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio fumipennis Smith, 1858 [species]

Vipio galea Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio gracilis Ramakrishna Ayyar, 1928 [species]

Vipio humerator Costa, 1885 [species]

Vipio illusor Klug 1817 [species]

V. i. nigroscutellatus, V. i. szepligetii

Vipio indecisus Walker, 1871 [species]

Vipio infortunatus Schulz 1906 [species]

Vipio insectator Kokujev, 1898 [species]

Vipio intermedius Szepligeti 1896 [species]

V. i. aegyptiacus, V. i. szepligetii

Vipio kaszabi Papp, 1967 [species]

Vipio lalapasaensis Beyarslan, 1992 [species]

Vipio longicauda Boheman 1853 [species]

V. l. fahringeri, V. l. minutus, V. l. nigroscutellatus, V. l. nigrothoracalis

Vipio longicaudis Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio longicollis Buysson, 1897 [species]

Vipio longipalpus Inayatullah, Shaw & Quicke, 1998 [species]

Vipio maculator Brullé, 1832 [species]

Vipio maculiceps Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio melanocephalus Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio mexicanus Inayatullah, Shaw & Quicke, 1998 [species]

Vipio michaelseni Szepligeti, 1918 [species]

Vipio mlokossewiczi Kokujev, 1898 [species]

Vipio modestus Smith 1858 [species]

Vipio moneilemae Gahan, 1930 [species]

Vipio mongolicus Telenga, 1936 [species]

Vipio mundator Nees, 1834 [species]

Vipio natalensis Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio nigripalpis Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio nigritus Brullé, 1832 [species]

Vipio nigronotatus Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio nitidus Smith 1858 [species]

Vipio nomas Kokujev, 1907 [species]

Vipio nomioides Shestakov, 1926 [species]

Vipio ocreatus Kriechbaumer, 1894 [species]

Vipio paraguayensis Szepligeti 1906 [species]

Vipio piceipectus Viereck, 1905 [species]

Vipio quadrirugulosus Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Vipio quinquemaculatus Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio radiatulus Thomson, 1892 [species]

Vipio rugator Say, 1836 [species]

Vipio sareptanus Kawall, 1865 [species]

Vipio scaber Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio schwarzii Ashmead, 1889 [species]

Vipio scutum Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio semistriatus Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio sexfoveatus Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio sexmaculatus Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio shawi Inayatullah, 1998 [species]

Vipio shestakovi Telenga, 1936 [species]

Vipio signifer Walker, 1871 [species]

Vipio similator Kokujev, 1898 [species]

Vipio simulator Kokujev, 1898 [species]

Vipio spilocephalus Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio spilogaster Walker, 1871 [species]

Vipio stictonotus Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio strigator Brèthes, 1913 [species]

Vipio striolatus Telenga, 1936 [species]

Vipio tentator Rossi 1790 [species]

Vipio tenuistriatus Brullé, 1846 [species]

Vipio terrefactor Villers, 1789 [species]

V. t. persica

Vipio texanus Cresson 1872 [species]

Vipio tinctipennis Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio trimaculatus Cameron, 1906 [species]

Vipio walkeri Dalla Torre, 1898 [species]

Vipio xanthurus Fahringer 1926 [species]


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