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Genus Disophrys

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae subfamily Agathidinae → genus Disophrys

Daughter taxa

Disophrys albopilosella Cameron, 1908 [species]

Disophrys anthracina Kriechbaumer, 1898 [species]

Disophrys atripennis Szepligeti, 1915 [species]

Disophrys atrocarpa Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys atrocephala Smith, 1860 [species]

Disophrys blandula Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys caesa Klug 1835 [species]

D. c. proatratula, D. c. prorufula, D. c. rufinotum

Disophrys calabarica Kriechbaumer, 1894 [species]

Disophrys calcaratrix Telenga, 1955 [species]

Disophrys capensis Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys ceylonica Cameron, 1905 [species]

Disophrys chinensis Fahringer, 1937 [species]

Disophrys coelaspis Roman, 1913 [species]

Disophrys conjungens Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys conspicua Granger, 1949 [species]

Disophrys cramptoni Brues & Richardson, 1913 [species]

Disophrys cucullifera Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys dehraensis Turner, 1922 [species]

Disophrys dichroa Brulle, 1846 [species]

Disophrys diluta Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys dissors Kokujev, 1903 [species]

Disophrys diversipes Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys elegans Szepligeti, 1900 [species]

Disophrys erythrocephala Cameron 1900 [species]

Disophrys erythropa Cameron, 1911 [species]

Disophrys evanescens Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys exilis Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys exornata Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys flaviceps Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys flavifemur Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys flavipes Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys fumipennis Cameron, 1905 [species]

Disophrys guineensis Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys hyalipennis Tobias, 1985 [species]

Disophrys imperfecta Szépligeti, 1908 [species]

Disophrys inculcatrix Kriechbaumer, 1898 [species]

D. i. caucasica

Disophrys indica Bhat, 1978 [species]

Disophrys initiator (Fonscolombe, 1846) [species]

Disophrys insidiator Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys insidiosa Saussure, 1892 [species]

Disophrys insignis Roman, 1913 [species]

Disophrys intermedia Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys kandyensis Cameron, 1905 [species]

Disophrys latiabdominalis Bhat, 1980 [species]

Disophrys laticeps Cameron, 1907 [species]

Disophrys lutea Brulle, 1846 [species]

Disophrys madagascariensis Granger, 1949 [species]

Disophrys major Szepligeti, 1902 [species]

Disophrys melanogaster Szepligeti, 1915 [species]

Disophrys mellea Roman, 1910 [species]

Disophrys minor Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys mitra Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys molukkensis Szepligeti, 1902 [species]

Disophrys natalensis Szepligeti, 1902 [species]

Disophrys nigra Cameron, 1905 [species]

Disophrys nigriceps Saussure, 1892 [species]

Disophrys nigricepsibol Shenefelt, 1970 [species]

Disophrys nigricornis Brulle, 1846 [species]

Disophrys nigrivertex Strand, 1911 [species]

Disophrys nigronotata Granger, 1949 [species]

Disophrys nigropectus Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys oculata Szepligeti, 1902 [species]

Disophrys ophthalmica Szépligeti, 1908 [species]

Disophrys ornatipennis Cameron, 1905 [species]

Disophrys pedalis Brues, 1924 [species]

Disophrys philippensis Roman, 1913 [species]

Disophrys picturata Brues, 1924 [species]

Disophrys pilipes Cameron, 1911 [species]

Disophrys pulchricornis Szépligeti, 1908 [species]

Disophrys punctata Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys quadrifossulata Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys ruberrima Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys rufa Cameron, 1906 [species]

Disophrys rufifrons Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys rufoplagiata Cameron, 1904 [species]

Disophrys scita Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys sculpturalis Smith 1858 [species]

Disophrys seminigra Szepligeti, 1911 [species]

Disophrys severini Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys signatipennis Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys similipicta Turner, 1918 [species]

Disophrys sissoo Wilkinson, 1929 [species]

Disophrys sogdiana Fahringer, 1937 [species]

Disophrys speciosissima Granger, 1949 [species]

Disophrys striata Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Disophrys strigata Enderlein, 1920 [species]

Disophrys subfasciata Brulle, 1846 [species]

Disophrys testacea Cameron, 1906 [species]

Disophrys tinctipennis Cameron, 1906 [species]

Disophrys tristis Granger, 1949 [species]

Disophrys variegata Szépligeti, 1908 [species]

Disophrys variegatenda Shenefelt, 1970 [species]

Disophrys xanthocephala Granger, 1949 [species]

Disophrys xanthostigma Szepligeti, 1915 [species]


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