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Genus Biosteres

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae subfamily Opiinae → genus Biosteres

Daughter taxa

Biosteres aconiti Niezabitowski, 1910 [species]

Biosteres adanaensis Fischer & Beyarslan, 2005 [species]

Biosteres advectus Papp, 1979 [species]

Biosteres aietes Fischer, 1970 [species]

Biosteres altaiensis Jakimavicius, 1986 [species]

Biosteres analis Wesmael, 1835 [species]

Biosteres anthomyiae Ashmead, 1889 [species]

Biosteres arenarius Stelfox, 1959 [species]

Biosteres argos Fischer, 1970 [species]

Biosteres basidentatus Fischer, 1966 [species]

Biosteres beckeri (Fischer, 1957) [species]

Biosteres bicolor Wesmael, 1835 [species]

Biosteres blandus Haliday, 1837 [species]

Biosteres borealis Zetterstedt 1838 [species]

Biosteres borneensis Fischer 1962 [species]

Biosteres bremeri Bengtsson, 1926 [species]

Biosteres brevipalpis Thomson, 1895 [species]

Biosteres brevisulcus Thomson, 1895 [species]

Biosteres californicus Fischer, 1965 [species]

Biosteres carbonarius Nees 1834 [species]

Biosteres caudatulus Thomson, 1895 [species]

Biosteres cubocephalus Telenga, 1950 [species]

Biosteres cumatus Zaykov & Fischer, 1983 [species]

Biosteres distractus Fischer, 1965 [species]

Biosteres dudichi Papp, 1982 [species]

Biosteres fasciatus Hedwig, 1961 [species]

Biosteres foveolatus Ashmead, 1889 [species]

Biosteres fuerteventurensis Fischer, 1999 [species]

Biosteres fulvus Szepligeti 1900 [species]

Biosteres haemorrhoeus Haliday, 1837 [species]

Biosteres hoplocrotaphiopsis Perepechayenko, 1994 [species]

Biosteres incertus Fischer, 1965 [species]

Biosteres jason Fischer, 1970 [species]

Biosteres kashmirensis Fischer, 1966 [species]

Biosteres kayapinarensis Fischer & Beyarslan, 2005 [species]

Biosteres kukakensis Ashmead, 1902 [species]

Biosteres kurilicus Fischer, 1998 [species]

Biosteres laevigatus Forster, 1862 [species]

Biosteres laosicola Fischer, 2007 [species]

Biosteres lentulus Papp, 1979 [species]

Biosteres longicauda Thomson, 1895 [species]

Biosteres longina Fischer, 2007 [species]

Biosteres lorax Fischer, 1983 [species]

Biosteres magnicornis Wesmael, 1835 [species]

Biosteres micans Stelfox, 1957 [species]

Biosteres millironi Fischer, 1970 [species]

Biosteres novissimus Fischer, 1964 [species]

Biosteres numerosus Fischer, 1965 [species]

Biosteres oaxacanus Fischer, 1964 [species]

Biosteres oranensis Fischer, 1962 [species]

Biosteres palaearcticus Szepligeti, 1901 [species]

Biosteres pilotus Fischer 1980 [species]

Biosteres placidus Haliday, 1837 [species]

Biosteres politus Provancher, 1883 [species]

Biosteres punctiscuta Thomson 1895 [species]

Biosteres punctivertex Fischer, 1964 [species]

Biosteres quebecensis Provancher, 1881 [species]

Biosteres rectinotaulis Fischer 1998 [species]

Biosteres remigii Fischer 1971 [species]

Biosteres retractus Fischer, 1965 [species]

Biosteres rusticus Haliday 1837 [species]

Biosteres sahyadrensis Kurhade & Nikam, 1998 [species]

Biosteres scabriculus Wesmael, 1835 [species]

Biosteres sibiricus Tobias, 1998 [species]

Biosteres spinaciae Thomson, 1895 [species]

Biosteres spinaciaeformis Fischer, 1971 [species]

Biosteres stonehamensis Fischer, 1970 [species]

Biosteres subxantippe Tobias, 1998 [species]

Biosteres sylvaticus Haliday, 1837 [species]

Biosteres tenebrigaster Fischer, 1978 [species]

Biosteres testaceipes Cameron, 1903 [species]

Biosteres toulonus Fischer, 1964 [species]

Biosteres townesi Papp, 1983 [species]

Biosteres urbani Fischer, 1971 [species]

Biosteres vitalcensis Fischer, 1983 [species]

Biosteres wesmaelii Haliday, 1837 [species]

Biosteres xanthippe Fischer, 1959 [species]


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