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Genus Psyttalia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae subfamily Opiinae → genus Psyttalia

Daughter taxa

Psyttalia advenator Fischer, 1963 [species]

Psyttalia agreutretae Wilkinson, 1927 [species]

Psyttalia agreutretoides Fischer, 1988 [species]

Psyttalia alleni Fischer, 1964 [species]

Psyttalia amboinensis Fullaway, 1919 [species]

Psyttalia bisulcata Szepligeti, 1914 [species]

Psyttalia brevitemporalis Tobias, 1998 [species]

Psyttalia carinata Thomson, 1895 [species]

Psyttalia concolor Szepligeti 1910 [species]

Psyttalia cosyrae Wilkinson, 1927 [species]

Psyttalia curis Fischer, 1990 [species]

Psyttalia cyclogaster Thomson, 1895 [species]

Psyttalia cyclogastroides Tobias, 1998 [species]

Psyttalia dacicida Silvestri, 1911 [species]

Psyttalia daghoides (Zaykov & Fischer, 1983) [species]

Psyttalia danumicus Fischer, 2000 [species]

Psyttalia darasunica Tobias, 1998 [species]

Psyttalia dexter Silvestri 1913 [species]

Psyttalia distinguenda Granger 1949 [species]

Psyttalia fijiensis Fullaway, 1936 [species]

Psyttalia fletcheri Silvestri, 1916 [species]

Psyttalia flexicarina Fischer, 1975 [species]

Psyttalia gigantura Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia haemaelaeineni Fischer, 2001 [species]

Psyttalia hemicauda Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia humilis Silvestri, 1913 [species]

Psyttalia hypopygialis Szepligeti, 1913 [species]

Psyttalia incisi Silvestri, 1916 [species]

Psyttalia inconsueta Silvestri, 1913 [species]

Psyttalia infuscata Granger, 1949 [species]

Psyttalia insignipennis Granger, 1949 [species]

Psyttalia javana Szépligeti, 1908 [species]

Psyttalia kirstenboschensis Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia kolomani Fischer, 1996 [species]

Psyttalia kuchingicola Fischer, 1996 [species]

Psyttalia lemiensis Szepligeti, 1900 [species]

Psyttalia leveri Fullaway, 1953 [species]

Psyttalia lindbergi Fischer, 1963 [species]

Psyttalia lindbergiana Fischer, 1971 [species]

Psyttalia lounsburyi Silvestri, 1913 [species]

Psyttalia makii Sonan 1932 [species]

Psyttalia mediocarinata Fischer, 1963 [species]

Psyttalia muesebecki Fischer, 1963 [species]

Psyttalia ngomeensis Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia nilotica Schmiedeknecht, 1900 [species]

Psyttalia novaguineensis Szepligeti, 1900 [species]

Psyttalia novoirlandicus Fischer, 1971 [species]

Psyttalia ophthalmica Tobias, 1977 [species]

Psyttalia ovaliops Fischer 1980 [species]

Psyttalia papuensis Fischer, 1966 [species]

Psyttalia paralleni Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia perproxima Silvestri, 1913 [species]

Psyttalia phaeostigma Wilkinson, 1927 [species]

Psyttalia philippinensis Ashmead, 1904 [species]

Psyttalia phorelliae Wilkinson, 1929 [species]

Psyttalia ponerophaga Silvestri, 1916 [species]

Psyttalia proclivis Papp, 1981 [species]

Psyttalia prothoracalis Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia psyttaloides Fischer, 1971 [species]

Psyttalia puncticranium Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia pusilla Szepligeti, 1913 [species]

Psyttalia romani Fahringer, 1935 [species]

Psyttalia rufoflava Fischer, 2001 [species]

Psyttalia sakhalinica Tobias, 1998 [species]

Psyttalia sanctamariana Fischer, 1980 [species]

Psyttalia sequentator Fischer, 1963 [species]

Psyttalia somereni Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia subcyclogaster Tobias, 1998 [species]

Psyttalia subsulcata Granger, 1949 [species]

Psyttalia tamurensis Fischer, 1966 [species]

Psyttalia testaceipes Cameron, 1905 [species]

Psyttalia tshuapana Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia urogramma Fischer, 1972 [species]

Psyttalia vacua Tobias, 1998 [species]

Psyttalia vittator Brues, 1926 [species]

Psyttalia walkeri Muesebeck, 1931 [species]

Psyttalia yangambiana Fischer, 1972 [species]


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