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Family Momphidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea → family Momphidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 13 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (3 illustrated). Species.

Mompha (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Anybia, Cyphophora, Lophoptilus, Mompha, Psacaphora,
Mompha africanella, Mompha agonistes, Mompha albapalpella, Mompha albicornella, Mompha albidorsella, Mompha albocapitella, Mompha amorphella, Mompha annulata, Mompha antibathra, Mompha argentimaculella, Mompha battis, Mompha bifasciella, Mompha bottimeri, Mompha brevivittella, Mompha busckiella, Mompha calcarata, Mompha capella, Mompha catapasta, Mompha cephalanthiella, Mompha circitor, Mompha circumscriptella, Mompha citeriella, Mompha claudiella, Mompha coloradella, Mompha communis, Mompha concolorella, Mompha constellaris, Mompha conviva, Mompha crassinodis, Mompha cyclocosma, Mompha deceptella, Mompha decorella, Mompha definitella, Mompha detracta, Mompha difficilis, Mompha edax, Mompha edithella, Mompha elegans, Mompha eloisella, Mompha engelella, Mompha eremos, Mompha exodias, Mompha exsultans, Mompha falcata, Mompha farinacea, Mompha felisae, Mompha ferax, Mompha festivella, Mompha floridensis, Mompha fulvescens, Mompha gelechiformis, Mompha glaucella, Mompha grandis, Mompha grandisella, Mompha heterolychna, Mompha ignobilisella, Mompha isocrita, Mompha iurassicella, Mompha laevinella, Mompha lassula, Mompha latris, Mompha leucochrysis, Mompha luciferella, Mompha lychnopis, Mompha maniola, Mompha metallifera, Mompha millotella, Mompha minimella, Mompha musota, Mompha nuptialis, Mompha obsessa, Mompha ochrosemia, Mompha orfilai, Mompha parilis, Mompha particornella, Mompha passerella, Mompha pecosella, Mompha permota, Mompha pernota, Mompha phalaropis, Mompha purpurescens, Mompha purpuriella, Mompha pygmaeella, Mompha quaggella, Mompha ricina, Mompha rufocristatella, Mompha sapporensis, Mompha sectifera, Mompha selectiformis, Mompha stellella, Mompha subiridescens, Mompha sympatrica, Mompha sympotica, Mompha tetrazonella, Mompha tricristatella, Mompha trithalama, Mompha trochiloides, Mompha verruculella

Urodeta (Stainton, 1869) [genus]

Urodeta cisticolella, Urodeta hibernella


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