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Dicallomera fascelina (Linnaeus, 1758)

Самец  (Dicallomera fascelina)


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Lymantriinae tribe Orgyiini genus Dicallomera → species Dicallomera fascelina

Species name(s)

Dicallomera fascelina (Linnaeus, 1758) = Phalaena fascelina Linnaeus, 1758 = Orgyia obscura Zetterstedt, 1839 = Gluphisia(?) conspersa Walker, 1865 = Dasychira nivalis Staudinger, 1887 = Dasychira fascelina angelus Tschetverikov, 1904 = Dasychira caucasica Sheljuzhko, 1918 = alpina Kitt, 1926 = nigrotecta Dannehl, 1929 = motojondensis (Bryk, 1949) = fischeri Daniel, 1952 = Olene fascelina iberica Agenjo, 1957 = brevipennis (Hoffmeyer, 1958) = tristrigata (Lempke, 1959) = Dasychira fascelina salangi Ebert, 1968.

Dark Tussock


Zoogeographical regions


Russia regions

#1. Kaliningradsky; #2. Kolsky; #3. Karelsky; #4. Evropeisky Severo-Zapadny; #6. Evropeisky Severo-Vostochny; #7. Evropeisky yuzhno-tayozhny; #8. Evropeisky Tsentralny; #9. Evropeisky Tsentralno-Chernozyomny; #10. Sredne-Volzhsky; #11. Volgo-Donsky; #13. Zapadno-Kavkazsky; #14. Vostochno-Kavkazsky; #16. Sredne-Uralsky; #17. Yuzhno-Uralsky; #19. Sredneobsky; #20. Yuzhno-Zapadnosibirsky; #22. Krasnoyarsky; #23. Predaltaisky; #24. Gorno-Altaisky; #25. Tuvinsky; #26. Predbaikalsky; #27. Pribaikalsky; #28. Zabaikalsky; #31. Yuzhno-Yakutsky; #33. Severo-Okhotomorsky; #34. Kamchatsky; #35. Sredne-Okhotsky; #36. Sredne-Amursky; #37. Nizhne-Amursky; #38. Sakhalin; #40. Primorsky.


34—55 mm.

Flight time

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Самец  (Dicallomera fascelina)

Detailed information with references

Habitus and Differences from alike species

  • Wingspan: 34-55 mm. Personal communication. Vasiliy Feoktistov.


  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and the Soviet Union - the European part, Finland, France, Czech Republic Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Yugoslavia. [1]. Peter Khramov.
  • Regions of the Russian Federation: the Volga-Don, East Caucasus, Gorno-Altaisk, the European North-East, the European North-West, the European Central Black Earth, the European Central European South taiga, Transbaikalia, Western Caucasus, Kaliningrad, Kamchatka, Karelian, Kola, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny-Amur,Prealtay, of Baikal, Pribaikalskiy, Primorye, Sakhalin, the North Okhotsk, Mid-Amur, the Volga-Average, Average Okhotsk, Mid-Ural, Sredneobskaya, Tuva, South West Siberian, South Ural, South Yakutia. [3]. Peter Khramov.
  • Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the British Isles, France, Germany, Greece (mainland), Denmark (mainland), Ireland, Spain (mainland), Italy (mainland), Latvia, Lithuania Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway (mainland), Poland, Portugal (mainland)Russia, Romania, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Finland, France (mainland), Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Yugoslavia. [10]. Peter Khramov.


  • July August Personal communication. Vasiliy Feoktistov.

Larva food plants

  • Broom (Cytisus), Heather (Calluna vulgaris), Bilberry (Vaccínium myrtíllus), blueberry (Vaccínium uliginosum), birch (Betula), willow (Salix), aspen (Populus tremula), oak (Quercus), andromeda (Andromeda), Rosaceae (Rosales) Personal communication. Vasiliy Feoktistov.

Additional info about Larva

  • The caterpillar hibernates at the stage of the third age. Personal communication. Vasiliy Feoktistov.

Overwintering stage

  • Caterpillar Personal communication. Vasiliy Feoktistov.

Subspecies Dicallomera fascelina


Initial species uploading to the site: Peter Khramov.

Photos: Svyatoslav Knyazev, Andrey Ponomarev.

Text data: Peter Khramov, Vasiliy Feoktistov.

Main characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov, Vasiliy Feoktistov.



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07.07.2015 19:04, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I cite data from Svoge trusted source and it has data on all raznousym encountered in my region. These data obobshёnnye ie suitable for the whole area. This source is not in the office. literature (it is unique) and tell me no reason. It is enough that there is a significant infa there.So I spend a private message.
I feed her only once on a birch. What have in their comments to the photos.
P.S. Check the list that I gave: there is not one birch)))

07.07.2015 18:28, Alexandr Zhakov

Basil, you bring food plants, the ones in which you feed a butterfly? then it is a special case and it should be on the page where the photo if it is a complete list of literature, then why not ?, available literature and is under the personal message?
This I mean that need any information on the page is the form, not the photo.

06.06.2015 21:59, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Wingspan: No formalized data → 34—55 mm. Flight time: No formalized data → July, August.

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