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Genus Porphyrinia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae → genus Porphyrinia

Daughter taxa

Porphyrinia arida Rothschild 1913 [species]

Porphyrinia chlorotica Lederer 1858 [species]

Porphyrinia cochylioides Guenée 1852 [species]

Porphyrinia confusa Rothschild 1920 [species]

Porphyrinia conistrota Hampson 1910 [species]

Porphyrinia conspersa Butler 1880 [species]

Porphyrinia convergens Walker 1869 [species]

Porphyrinia cremorna Hampson 1918 [species]

Porphyrinia crocea Rothschild 1920 [species]

Porphyrinia debilis Christoph 1884 [species]

Porphyrinia deserta Staudinger 1899 [species]

Porphyrinia deserti Rothschild 1909 [species]

Porphyrinia eburnea Turati 1927 [species]

Porphyrinia elychrysi Rambur 1833 [species]

Porphyrinia emir Oberthür [species]

Porphyrinia ephimera Hampson 1910 [species]

Porphyrinia epigramma Staudinger 1889 [species]

Porphyrinia ernesti Rothschild 1915 [species]

Porphyrinia exigua Walker 1857 [species]

Porphyrinia faroulti Rothschild 1911 [species]

Porphyrinia fugitiva Christoph 1877 [species]

Porphyrinia gratiosa Eversmann 1854 [species]

Porphyrinia gueneei Spuler 1907 [species]

Porphyrinia hansa Herrich-Schäffer 1845 [species]

Porphyrinia himmighoffeni Miller 1868 [species]

Porphyrinia ignefusa Hampson 1910 [species]

Porphyrinia illota Christoph 1887 [species]

Porphyrinia inconspicua Walker 1865 [species]

Porphyrinia innocens Butler 1886 [species]

Porphyrinia jocularis Christoph 1877 [species]

Porphyrinia lacteola Rothschild 1914 [species]

Porphyrinia leucanides Staudinger 1889 [species]

Porphyrinia leucodesma Lower 1899 [species]

Porphyrinia leucota Hampson 1910 [species]

Porphyrinia lozostropha Turner 1902 [species]

Porphyrinia lutosa Staudinger 1891 [species]

Porphyrinia marginula Herrich-Schäffer 1845 [species]

Porphyrinia marmaropa Meyrick 1902 [species]

Porphyrinia munda Christoph 1884 [species]

Porphyrinia nelvai Rothschild 1920 [species]

Porphyrinia ostrina Hübner 1808 [species]

P. o. thasia

Porphyrinia pallidula Herrich-Schäffer 1851 [species]

Porphyrinia pannonica Freyer 1840 [species]

Porphyrinia parallela Freyer 1842 [species]

Porphyrinia parva Hübner 1808 [species]

Porphyrinia permixta Staudinger 1897 [species]

Porphyrinia pernivea Rothschild 1920 [species]

Porphyrinia polygramma Duponchel 1836 [species]

Porphyrinia porphyrina Freyer 1848 [species]

Porphyrinia prochitana Costa 1834 [species]

Porphyrinia pseudostrina Rothschild 1914 [species]

Porphyrinia pulchra Swinhoe 1886 [species]

Porphyrinia pura Hübner 1818 [species]

Porphyrinia purpurina Schiffermüller 1776 [species]

Porphyrinia purrulenta Turati 1934 [species]

Porphyrinia pusilla Eversmann 1837 [species]

Porphyrinia ragusana Freyer 1844 [species]

Porphyrinia ragusoides Berio 1954 [species]

Porphyrinia rectifascia de Joannis 1893 [species]

Porphyrinia rhodocraspis Druce 1909 [species]

Porphyrinia rivula Moore 1882 [species]

Porphyrinia rosea Hübner 1790 [species]

Porphyrinia roseana Moore 1881 [species]

P. r. sinuata

Porphyrinia roseonivea Walker 1864 [species]

Porphyrinia sarcosia Hampson 1910 [species]

Porphyrinia seminivea Hampson 1896 [species]

Porphyrinia siticuosa Lederer 1858 [species]

Porphyrinia straminea Staudinger 1891 [species]

Porphyrinia subvenata Staudinger 1892 [species]

Porphyrinia suppuncta Staudinger 1891 [species]

Porphyrinia suppura Staudinger 1891 [species]

Porphyrinia symphona Prout 1928 [species]

Porphyrinia trachycornis Strand 1920 [species]

Porphyrinia trifasciata Moore 1881 [species]

Porphyrinia vestalis Butler 1886 [species]

Porphyrinia virginalis Oberthür 1881 [species]

Porphyrinia viridis Staudinger 1888 [species]

Porphyrinia viridula Guenée 1841 [species]

Porphyrinia wollastoni Rothschild 1901 [species]


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19.09.2017 16:18, Alexandr Zhakov

Этот род скорее всего синоним Eublemma. Большое количество видов от туда. Будет время переберу. :)

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