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Family Scythrididae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea → family Scythrididae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (2 illustrated). Species.

Apostibes (Walsingham, 1907) [genus]

Apostibes griseolineata, Apostibes raguae

Erigethes Walsingham, 1907 [genus]

Erigethes strobilacei

Parascythris (Hannemann, 1960) [genus]

Parascythris muelleri

Scythris (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Scythris acarioides, Scythris aciella, Scythris acipenserella, Scythris adustella, Scythris aegrella, Scythris aenea, Scythris aerariella, Scythris albidella, Scythris albisaxella, Scythris albostriata, Scythris albosuffusella, Scythris alceella, Scythris alseriella, Scythris ambustella, Scythris ammobia, Scythris amphonycella, Scythris andersi, Scythris annae, Scythris anomaloptera, Scythris anthracodes, Scythris apicalis, Scythris apicistrigella, Scythris apotomella, Scythris appendicella, Scythris arachnodes, Scythris arenbergeri, Scythris arenicola, Scythris arerai, Scythris arkaimensis, Scythris articulatella, Scythris aspromontis, Scythris atlasensis, Scythris azrouensis, Scythris bagdadiella, Scythris balcanica, Scythris baldensis, Scythris barbatella, Scythris barguzinensis, Scythris bazaensis, Scythris bengtbengtssoni, Scythris bengtssoni, Scythris bifissella, Scythris binotiferella, Scythris biskraensis, Scythris bolognella, Scythris bornicensis, Scythris boseanella, Scythris braschiella, Scythris brunneofasciella, Scythris bubaniae, Scythris buraetica, Scythris buszkoi, Scythris camelella, Scythris canescens, Scythris capitalis, Scythris carboniella, Scythris cassiterella, Scythris cervella, Scythris chrysopygella, Scythris cicadella, Scythris ciliatella, Scythris cistorum, Scythris clavella, Scythris complexa, Scythris confluens, Scythris constanti, Scythris corleyi, Scythris cornuella, Scythris corsa, Scythris crassiuscula, Scythris cretacella, Scythris crypta, Scythris cupellella, Scythris cupreella, Scythris curlettii, Scythris cuspidella, Scythris cycladeae, Scythris dahurica, Scythris decrepidella, Scythris derrai, Scythris disparella, Scythris dissimilella, Scythris dissitella, Scythris dorycniella, Scythris eberhardi, Scythris eevae, Scythris elegantella, Scythris elenae, Scythris emichi, Scythris empetrella, Scythris eremella, Scythris ericetella, Scythris ericivorella, Scythris erinacella, Scythris ethmiella, Scythris eucharis, Scythris eversmanni, Scythris fallacella, Scythris fasciatella, Scythris felesella, Scythris felixi, Scythris fissurella, Scythris flabella, Scythris flavidella, Scythris flavilaterella, Scythris flaviventrella, Scythris formicella, Scythris frankeniella, Scythris friedeli, Scythris fuscoaenea, Scythris fuscoaurella, Scythris fuscopterella, Scythris garciapitai, Scythris glacialis, Scythris gladiella, Scythris gorbunovi, Scythris goundafae, Scythris gozmanyi, Scythris grandipennis, Scythris gratiosella, Scythris gravatella, Scythris guimarensis, Scythris hamardabanica, Scythris hamatella, Scythris heikkii, Scythris heinemanni, Scythris hemicycliella, Scythris hierroella, Scythris hornigii, Scythris hungaricella, Scythris iagella, Scythris iberica, Scythris immaculatella, Scythris imperiella, Scythris inclusella, Scythris inconspicuella, Scythris inertella, Scythris inspersella, Scythris insulella, Scythris jaeckhi, Scythris jakutica, Scythris jalavai, Scythris kailai, Scythris kantarae, Scythris karinae, Scythris karini, Scythris karinupponei, Scythris karsholti, Scythris kasyi, Scythris kebiliensis, Scythris klimeschi, Scythris knochella, Scythris kullbergi, Scythris kyzylensis, Scythris lafauryi, Scythris lagomorphella, Scythris lagunae, Scythris laminella, Scythris lampyrella, Scythris langohri, Scythris lativalvella, Scythris lempkei, Scythris levantina, Scythris lhommei, Scythris limbella, Scythris locustella, Scythris luxatiella, Scythris lvovskyi, Scythris macrourella, Scythris maculata, Scythris maculosa, Scythris malozemovi, Scythris mariannae, Scythris maritimella, Scythris maroccensis, Scythris martini, Scythris meanderis, Scythris mediella, Scythris mikkolai, Scythris minima, Scythris minorella, Scythris moldavicella, Scythris monochreella, Scythris mus, Scythris neftae, Scythris nevadensis, Scythris nieukerkeni, Scythris nigrella, Scythris nigridorsella, Scythris ninae, Scythris nipholecta, Scythris nitidella, Scythris nivicolor, Scythris noricella, Scythris obscurella, Scythris oelandicella, Scythris olschwangi, Scythris omelkoi, Scythris orientella, Scythris palustris, Scythris parafuscoaenea, Scythris parnassiae, Scythris pascuella, Scythris passerini, Scythris paullella, Scythris pediculella, Scythris penicillata, Scythris perlucidella, Scythris petrella, Scythris picaepennis, Scythris pilella, Scythris pinkeri, Scythris platypyga, Scythris plycarpaeae, Scythris podoliensis, Scythris polycarpaeae, Scythris popescugorji, Scythris potatorella, Scythris potentillella, Scythris productella, Scythris psammitis, Scythris pseudarachnodes, Scythris pseudoarachnodes, Scythris pseudolocustella, Scythris pudorinella, Scythris pulicella, Scythris punctivittella, Scythris pura, Scythris remexella, Scythris ridiculella, Scythris rondaensis, Scythris rouxella, Scythris rubioi, Scythris saarelai, Scythris salviella, Scythris sappadensis, Scythris satyrella, Scythris saxella, Scythris schawerdae, Scythris schleichiella, Scythris scipionella, Scythris scopolella, Scythris scorpionella, Scythris seliniella, Scythris senecai, Scythris setiella, Scythris sibirella, Scythris siccella, Scythris siculella, Scythris similis, Scythris sinensis, Scythris sinevi, Scythris skulei, Scythris speyeri, Scythris spinella, Scythris staudingeri, Scythris subaerariella, Scythris subcassiterella, Scythris subfasciata, Scythris sublaminella, Scythris subschleichiella, Scythris subseliniella, Scythris subsiccella, Scythris tabelli, Scythris tabescentella, Scythris tabidella, Scythris taygeticola, Scythris tenuivittella, Scythris terekholensis, Scythris tergestinella, Scythris tessulatella, Scythris thomisioides, Scythris traugotti, Scythris tremalzoi, Scythris tributella, Scythris trinacriae, Scythris tumidella, Scythris ustjuzhanini, Scythris vartianae, Scythris veletae, Scythris ventosella, Scythris vernusella, Scythris villari, Scythris vittella, Scythris xanthopygella, Scythris zhakovi

Scythrididae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Scythrididae sp. (large size).

Scythrididae sp. Scythrididae sp.


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