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Genus Marcipa

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae → genus Marcipa

Daughter taxa

Marcipa accentifera Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa achyropa Viette 1958 [species]

Marcipa acuta Prout 1927 [species]

Marcipa acutangula Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa aequatorialis Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa alternata Gaede 1939 [species]

Marcipa amaba Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa amaniensis Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa angulina Mabille 1881 [species]

Marcipa apicalis Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa argillacea Holland 1894 [species]

Marcipa argyrosema Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa argyrosemioides Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa bergeri Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa bernardii Pelletier 1974 [species]

Marcipa bistriata Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa brunnescens Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa bullifera Viette 1958 [species]

Marcipa callaxantha Kenrick 1917 [species]

Marcipa camerunica Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa carcassoni Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa catoxantha Holland 1894 [species]

Marcipa contorta Viette 1958 [species]

Marcipa crocataria Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa curvilinea Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa dargei Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa dentimacula Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa dimera Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa disrupta Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa douala Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa dubia Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa endoselene Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa eucrines Bethune-Baker 1911 [species]

Marcipa flavealis Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa flavilinea Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa gabonensis Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa heterospila Hampson 1910 [species]

Marcipa holmi Fletcher, 1961 [species]

Marcipa inscripta Walker 1855 [species]

Marcipa insulata Walker 1865 [species]

Marcipa kasai Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa kirdii Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa liberta Viette 1958 [species]

Marcipa lutearia Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa maculifera Mabille 1881 [species]

Marcipa maculiferoides Strand 1914 [species]

Marcipa madagascariensis Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa madegassa Viette 1958 [species]

Marcipa magniplaga Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa makokouensis Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa mariaeclarae Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa mediana Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa miraja Viette 1958 [species]

Marcipa molybdea Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa monosema Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa nigropunctifera Fletcher & Viette 1955 [species]

Marcipa nimba Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa noel Viette 1966 [species]

Marcipa nyei Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa orientalis Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa pammicta Bethune-Baker 1911 [species]

Marcipa phaeodonta Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa pinheyi Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa plantei Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa pulchra Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa pyramidalis Hampson 1910 [species]

Marcipa rotundiplaga Gaede 1939 [species]

Marcipa rougeoti Pelletier 1974 [species]

Marcipa ruptisigna Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa secticona Hampson 1926 [species]

Marcipa semilunata Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa silvicola Viette 1966 [species]

Marcipa splendens Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa talusina Schaus 1893 [species]

Marcipa transversata Holland 1894 [species]

Marcipa trista Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa truncata Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa viettei Pelletier 1975 [species]

Marcipa vuattouxi Pelletier 1978 [species]

Marcipa xanthomochla Fletcher 1963 [species]


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