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Genus Saphenista

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae → genus Saphenista

Daughter taxa

Saphenista absidata Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista aculeata Razowski 1967 [species]

Saphenista affecta Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista allasia Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista ambidextria Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista amusa Razowski 1993 [species]

Saphenista argyraspis Razowski 1984 [species]

Saphenista astricta Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista brilhanteana Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista bunteoides Forbes 1931 [species]

Saphenista burrens Razowski 1993 [species]

Saphenista campalita Razowski 1993 [species]

Saphenista chloromixta Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista cinigmula Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista cnemiodota Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista consona Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista constipata Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista consulta Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista cordifera Meyrick 1932 [species]

Saphenista cryptogramma Razowski & Becker 1994 [species]

Saphenista cyphoma Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista delapsa Razowski 1990 [species]

Saphenista delicatulana Zeller 1877 [species]

Saphenista dexia Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista discrepans Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista dyas Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista embaphion Razowski 1984 [species]

Saphenista embolina Razowski 1984 [species]

Saphenista endomycha Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista eneilema Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista ephimera Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista epiera Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista epipolea Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista eranna Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista erasmia Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista ereba Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista euprepia Razowski 1993 [species]

Saphenista fatua Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista fluida Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista gilva Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista glorianda Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista gnathmocera Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista horrens Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista illimis Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista imaginaria Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista incauta Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista juvenca Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista lacteipalpis Walsingham 1891 [species]

Saphenista lassa Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista lathridia Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista livida Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista mediocris Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista melema Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista milicha Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista nauphraga Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista neanica Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista nongrata Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista ochracea Razowski 1967 [species]

Saphenista omoea Razowski 1993 [species]

Saphenista onychina Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista oreada Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista orescia Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista orichalcana Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista paliki Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista pellax Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista peraviae Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista peruviana Razowski 1993 [species]

Saphenista phenax Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista praefasciata Meyrick 1932 [species]

Saphenista praia Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista rawlinsiana Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista remota Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista ryrsiloba Razowski 1990 [species]

Saphenista sclerorhaphia Razowski & Becker 1994 [species]

Saphenista semistrigata Forbes 1931 [species]

Saphenista solda Razowski 1994 [species]

Saphenista squalida Razowski & Becker 1983 [species]

Saphenista storthingoloba Razowski [1992 [species]

Saphenista substructa Meyrick 1927 [species]

Saphenista temperata Razowski 1986 [species]

Saphenista teopiscana Razowski & Becker 1986 [species]

Saphenista unguifera Razowski 1967 [species]

Saphenista xysta Razowski 1994 [species]


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