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Family Bucculatricidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gracillarioidea → family Bucculatricidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Species.

Bucculatrix (Zeller, 1839) [genus]

Bucculatrix abdita, Bucculatrix abrepta, Bucculatrix absinthii, Bucculatrix acerifolia, Bucculatrix acerifoliae, Bucculatrix acrogramma, Bucculatrix adelpha, Bucculatrix agilis, Bucculatrix agnella, Bucculatrix ainsliella, Bucculatrix alaternella, Bucculatrix albaciliella, Bucculatrix albedinella, Bucculatrix albella, Bucculatrix albertiella, Bucculatrix albigutella, Bucculatrix albiguttella, Bucculatrix albipedella, Bucculatrix alpina, Bucculatrix altera, Bucculatrix amara, Bucculatrix ambrosiaefoliella, Bucculatrix amiculella, Bucculatrix anaticula, Bucculatrix andalusica, Bucculatrix angustata, Bucculatrix angustisquamella, Bucculatrix anthemidella, Bucculatrix anticolona, Bucculatrix applicita, Bucculatrix aquila, Bucculatrix argentisignella, Bucculatrix armata, Bucculatrix armeniaca, Bucculatrix arnicella, Bucculatrix artemisiella, Bucculatrix asphyctella, Bucculatrix atagina, Bucculatrix atrosignata, Bucculatrix auripicta, Bucculatrix basifuscella, Bucculatrix bechsteinella, Bucculatrix benacicolella, Bucculatrix benenotata, Bucculatrix bicinica, Bucculatrix bicolorella, Bucculatrix bicristata, Bucculatrix bifida, Bucculatrix bisucla, Bucculatrix brunnescens, Bucculatrix caenothiella, Bucculatrix callistricha, Bucculatrix canadensis, Bucculatrix canariensis, Bucculatrix cantabricella, Bucculatrix capreella, Bucculatrix carolinae, Bucculatrix caspica, Bucculatrix ceanothiella, Bucculatrix ceibae, Bucculatrix centroptila, Bucculatrix cerina, Bucculatrix chrysanthemella, Bucculatrix chrysanthenella, Bucculatrix cidarella, Bucculatrix cirrhographa, Bucculatrix citima, Bucculatrix clavenae, Bucculatrix clerotheta, Bucculatrix columbiana, Bucculatrix comporabile, Bucculatrix coniforma, Bucculatrix copeuta, Bucculatrix coronatella, Bucculatrix crataegi, Bucculatrix crateracma, Bucculatrix cretica, Bucculatrix cristatella, Bucculatrix criticopa, Bucculatrix cuneigera, Bucculatrix demaryella, Bucculatrix diacapna, Bucculatrix diffusella, Bucculatrix disjuncta, Bucculatrix divisa, Bucculatrix domicola, Bucculatrix dulcis, Bucculatrix eclecta, Bucculatrix edocta, Bucculatrix enceliae, Bucculatrix endospiralis, Bucculatrix epibathra, Bucculatrix eremospora, Bucculatrix ericameriae, Bucculatrix errans, Bucculatrix eschatias, Bucculatrix eucalypti, Bucculatrix eugrapha, Bucculatrix eupatoriella, Bucculatrix eurotiella, Bucculatrix evanescens, Bucculatrix exedra, Bucculatrix facilis, Bucculatrix fatigatella, Bucculatrix firmionella, Bucculatrix flexuosa, Bucculatrix floccosa, Bucculatrix flourensiae, Bucculatrix formosa, Bucculatrix frangulella, Bucculatrix frangutella, Bucculatrix franseriae, Bucculatrix fugitana, Bucculatrix fusicola, Bucculatrix galeodes, Bucculatrix gnaphaliella, Bucculatrix gossypiella, Bucculatrix gossypii, Bucculatrix hagnopis, Bucculatrix helichrysella, Bucculatrix herbalbella, Bucculatrix hipsiphila, Bucculatrix humiliella, Bucculatrix hypocypha, Bucculatrix hypsiphila, Bucculatrix ilecella, Bucculatrix illecebrosa, Bucculatrix imitatella, Bucculatrix immaculatella, Bucculatrix improvisa, Bucculatrix inchoata, Bucculatrix increpata, Bucculatrix infans, Bucculatrix ingens, Bucculatrix insolita, Bucculatrix instigata, Bucculatrix inusitata, Bucculatrix iranica, Bucculatrix ivella, Bucculatrix kendalli, Bucculatrix kimballi, Bucculatrix koebelella, Bucculatrix laciniatella, Bucculatrix lassella, Bucculatrix latella, Bucculatrix latviaella, Bucculatrix lavaterella, Bucculatrix lenis, Bucculatrix leptalea, Bucculatrix leucanthemella, Bucculatrix litigiosella, Bucculatrix locuples, Bucculatrix longula, Bucculatrix loxoptila, Bucculatrix lustrella, Bucculatrix luteella, Bucculatrix luteiciliella, Bucculatrix macrognathos, Bucculatrix magnella, Bucculatrix maritima, Bucculatrix mehadiensis, Bucculatrix melipecta, Bucculatrix mellita, Bucculatrix mendax, Bucculatrix mesoporphyra, Bucculatrix micropunctata, Bucculatrix monelpis, Bucculatrix montana, Bucculatrix multicornuta, Bucculatrix myricae, Bucculatrix nebulosa, Bucculatrix needhami, Bucculatrix nigricomella, Bucculatrix nigripunctella, Bucculatrix niveella, Bucculatrix noltei, Bucculatrix nota, Bucculatrix notella, Bucculatrix obscurella, Bucculatrix ochrisuffusa, Bucculatrix ochritincta, Bucculatrix ochromeris, Bucculatrix oncota, Bucculatrix oppositella, Bucculatrix orophilella, Bucculatrix packardella, Bucculatrix paliuricola, Bucculatrix pallidula, Bucculatrix pannonica, Bucculatrix parasimilis, Bucculatrix paroptila, Bucculatrix parthenica, Bucculatrix parvinotata, Bucculatrix pectinella, Bucculatrix perfixa, Bucculatrix pertusella, Bucculatrix phagnalella, Bucculatrix platyphylla, Bucculatrix plucheae, Bucculatrix polymniae, Bucculatrix polytita, Bucculatrix pomifoliella, Bucculatrix porthmis, Bucculatrix praecipua, Bucculatrix pseudosylvella, Bucculatrix ptochastis, Bucculatrix pyrenaica, Bucculatrix pyrivorella, Bucculatrix quadrigemina, Bucculatrix quieta, Bucculatrix quinquenotella, Bucculatrix ramallahensis, Bucculatrix ratisbonensis, Bucculatrix recognita, Bucculatrix regaella, Bucculatrix reisseri, Bucculatrix rhamniella, Bucculatrix rhombophora, Bucculatrix ruficoma, Bucculatrix saccharata, Bucculatrix salutatoria, Bucculatrix santolinella, Bucculatrix seneciensis, Bucculatrix seorsa, Bucculatrix separabilis, Bucculatrix sexnotata, Bucculatrix similis, Bucculatrix simulans, Bucculatrix sinevi, Bucculatrix solidaginiella, Bucculatrix sororcula, Bucculatrix speciosa, Bucculatrix spectabilis, Bucculatrix sphaeralceae, Bucculatrix splendida, Bucculatrix sporobolella, Bucculatrix staintonella, Bucculatrix statica, Bucculatrix stictopus, Bucculatrix subnitens, Bucculatrix taeniola, Bucculatrix tanymorpha, Bucculatrix telavivella, Bucculatrix telaviviella, Bucculatrix tenebricosa, Bucculatrix tetanota, Bucculatrix thoracella, Bucculatrix thurberiella, Bucculatrix tianschanica, Bucculatrix transversata, Bucculatrix transversella, Bucculatrix tridenticola, Bucculatrix trifasciella, Bucculatrix turatii, Bucculatrix ulmella, Bucculatrix ulmicola, Bucculatrix ulmifoliae, Bucculatrix ulocarena, Bucculatrix unipuncta, Bucculatrix univoca, Bucculatrix ussurica, Bucculatrix valesiaca, Bucculatrix varia, Bucculatrix variabilis, Bucculatrix verax, Bucculatrix viguierae, Bucculatrix xanthophylla, Bucculatrix xenaula, Bucculatrix zizyphella, Bucculatrix zophopasta


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