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Family Hepialidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Hepialoidea → family Hepialidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 84 (9 illustrated). Species.

Alloaepytus Viette, 1951 [genus]

Alloaepytus tesselloides

Andeabatis Nielsen & Robinson, 1983 [genus]

Andeabatis chilensis

Blanchardiella Nielsen, Robinson & Wagner, 2000 [genus]

Blanchardiella venosus

Blanchardina [genus]

Calada Nielsen & Robinson, 1983 [genus]

Calada fuegensis, Calada migueli

Cladoxycanus Dumbleton, 1966 [genus]

Cladoxycanus minos

Dioxycanus Dumbleton, 1966 [genus]

Dioxycanus fusca, Dioxycanus oreas

Dumbletonius Dugdale, 1986 [genus]

Dumbletonius sylvicola

Heloxycanus Dugdale, 1994 [genus]

Heloxycanus patricki

Hepialyxodes Viette, 1951 [genus]

Hepialyxodes rileyi

Jeana Tindale, 1935 [genus]

Jeana delicatula, Jeana robiginosa

Korscheltellus Börner, 1920 [genus]

Korscheltellus gracilis

Lamelliformia [genus]

Leto Hübner, [1820] [genus]

Leto venus

Lossbergiana [genus]

Napialus Chu & Wang, 1985 [genus]

Napialus hunanensis, Napialus kulingi

Nevina Tindale, 1941 [genus]

Nevina aboe

Paragorgopis [genus]

Phialuse Viette, 1961 [genus]

Phialuse palmar

Procharagia Viette, 1948 [genus]

Procharagia coomani

Protohepialus † Pierce, 1945 [genus]

Protohepialus comstocki

Puermytrans Viette, 1951 [genus]

Puermytrans chiliensis

Roseala Viette, 1950 [genus]

Roseala tessellatus

Schausiana Viette, 1949 [genus]

Schausiana trojesa

Stachyocera [genus]

Thiastyx [genus]

Toenga [genus]

Trichophassus Le Cerf, 1919 [genus]

Trichophassus giganteus

Xhoaphryx Viette, 1953 [genus]

Xhoaphryx lemeei

Yleuxas Viette, 1951 [genus]

Yleuxas bradleyi, Yleuxas brunnea

Zelotypia Scott, 1869 [genus]

Zelotypia stacyi

Zenophassus Tindale, 1941 [genus]

Zenophassus schamyl


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