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Genus Tychobythinus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Staphyliniformia superfamily Staphylinoidea family Staphylinidae subfamily Pselaphinae → genus Tychobythinus Ganglbauer 1896

Daughter taxa

Tychobythinus abnormipes (Reitter, 1910) [species]

Tychobythinus amatoi (Rasetti, 1939) [species]

Tychobythinus andreinii (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus anophthalmus (Dodero, 1900) [species]

Tychobythinus apfelbecki (Ganglbauer, 1895) [species]

Tychobythinus aymerichi (Dodero, 1904) [species]

T. a. aymerichi, T. a. lapidicola

Tychobythinus bavaricus Daffner, 1984 [species]

Tychobythinus belgicus (Jeannel, 1948) [species]

Tychobythinus bythinioides Brendel, 1865 [species]

Tychobythinus cameratensis (Karaman, 1959) [species]

Tychobythinus carolinae Casey, 1897 [species]

Tychobythinus cavifrons (Reitter, 1881) [species]

Tychobythinus coiffaiti Orousset, 1990 [species]

Tychobythinus crassitarsis (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus croaticus (Karaman, 1954) [species]

Tychobythinus curtii Besuchet, 1980 [species]

Tychobythinus cyrneus Orousset & Dubault, 1985 [species]

Tychobythinus damryi (Croissandeau, 1891) [species]

T. d. arqueriensis, T. d. damryi

Tychobythinus denticulatus (Ochs, 1949) [species]

Tychobythinus dentimanus (Reitter, 1884) [species]

Tychobythinus effeminatus Sabella, 1999 [species]

Tychobythinus escolai Besuchet, 1974 [species]

Tychobythinus espanoli Besuchet, 1974 [species]

Tychobythinus foroiuliensis Pace, 1976 [species]

Tychobythinus foveipennis (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus galeatus Normand, 1906 [species]

Tychobythinus glabratus (Rye, 1870) [species]

Tychobythinus gladiator (Reitter, 1884) [species]

T. g. gladiator, T. g. miles

Tychobythinus glyptomerus (Jeannel, 1950) [species]

Tychobythinus gracilicornis (Raffray, 1914) [species]

Tychobythinus gularis (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus hubrichti Park, 1960 [species]

Tychobythinus ilidzensis (Karaman, 1954) [species]

Tychobythinus insulanus Orousset & Dubault, 1985 [species]

Tychobythinus jonesi Park, 1951 [species]

Tychobythinus koziorowiczi (Croissandeau, 1891) [species]

Tychobythinus latifrons (Muller, 1902) [species]

Tychobythinus lavagnei (Sainte-Claire Deville, 1913) [species]

Tychobythinus lessinicus Pace, 1974 [species]

Tychobythinus listai Besuchet, 1985 [species]

Tychobythinus majori (Holdhaus, 1905) [species]

Tychobythinus mirandus (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus muntani Besuchet, 1974 [species]

Tychobythinus myrmido (Reitter, 1881) [species]

Tychobythinus naxius Besuchet, 1993 [species]

Tychobythinus neumanni (Muller, 1909) [species]

Tychobythinus ognjevae Karaman, 1954 [species]

Tychobythinus ottonis Ganglbauer, 1896 [species]

Tychobythinus paradoxus (Sainte-Claire Deville, 1901) [species]

Tychobythinus pauper (Kiesenwetter, 1858) [species]

Tychobythinus pauperculus Reitter, 1885 [species]

Tychobythinus planipenis (Karaman, 1954) [species]

Tychobythinus propomacrus (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus reali Orousset, 1990 [species]

Tychobythinus remyi (Jeannel, 1950) [species]

Tychobythinus revelierei (Reitter, 1881) [species]

Tychobythinus rosai Besuchet, 1980 [species]

Tychobythinus strinatii Besuchet, 1982 [species]

Tychobythinus thermalis (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus tibialis (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus triangulifer (Dodero, 1919) [species]

Tychobythinus urgellesi Besuchet, 1974 [species]

Tychobythinus vannii Castellini, 1984 [species]

Tychobythinus varesi Karaman, 1969 [species]

Tychobythinus xambeui (Guillebeau, 1888) [species]

Tychobythinus zoiai Poggi, 1990 [species]


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