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Tribe Oxypodini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Staphyliniformia superfamily Staphylinoidea family Staphylinidae subfamily Aleocharinae → tribe Oxypodini Thomson 1859

Daughter taxa

Genera: 50 (0 illustrated). Species.

Alfocalea Klimaszewski in Klimaszewski & Pelletier 2004 [genus]

Alfocalea montana

Betocalea Klimaszewski in Klimaszewski & Pelletier 2004 [genus]

Betocalea pacifica

Crataraea Thomson 1858 [genus]

Crataraea suturalis

Decusa Casey 1900 [genus]

Decusa expansa

Devia Blackwelder 1952 [genus]

Devia congruens, Devia prospera

Hylota Casey 1906 [genus]

Hylota ochracea

Leptobamona Casey 1911 [genus]

Leptobamona pertenuis

Liometoxenus Kistner, Jensen and Jacobson, 2002 [genus]

Liometoxenus jacobsoni, Liometoxenus newtonarum

Longipeltina Bernhauer 1912 [genus]

Longipeltina bakeri

Losiusa Seevers 1978 [genus]

Losiusa angusticollis

Megocalea Klimaszewski in Klimaszewski & Pelletier 2004 [genus]

Megocalea lemieuxi

Melanalia Casey 1911 [genus]

Melanalia tabida

Meotica Mulsant & Rey 1873 [genus]

Meotica apicalis, Meotica exilis

Metocalea Klimaszewski in Klimaszewski & Pelletier 2004 [genus]

Metocalea lindgreni

Ocalea Erichson 1837 [genus]

Ocalea vancouveri

Ocyustiba Lohse & Smetana 1988 [genus]

Ocyustiba appalachiana

Oxypoda Mannerheim 1831 [genus]

Oxypoda acuminata, Oxypoda agitata, Oxypoda amica, Oxypoda astricta, Oxypoda bachyptera, Oxypoda californica, Oxypoda canadensis, Oxypoda cernua, Oxypoda chantali, Oxypoda congesta, Oxypoda convergens, Oxypoda cruda, Oxypoda demissa, Oxypoda dubia, Oxypoda effecta, Oxypoda elusa, Oxypoda famula, Oxypoda flebilis, Oxypoda frigida, Oxypoda fustiger, Oxypoda gatosensis, Oxypoda glenorae, Oxypoda gnara, Oxypoda grandipennis, Oxypoda gymnica, Oxypoda hiemalis, Oxypoda hudsonica, Oxypoda implicata, Oxypoda impressa, Oxypoda inimica, Oxypoda irrasa, Oxypoda juncea, Oxypoda lacustris, Oxypoda leechi, Oxypoda lenis, Oxypoda lividula, Oxypoda longicarinata, Oxypoda lucidula, Oxypoda madescans, Oxypoda madgei, Oxypoda manitobae, Oxypoda mansueta, Oxypoda mimetica, Oxypoda minuta, Oxypoda mobilis, Oxypoda nelsoni, Oxypoda nevadensis, Oxypoda nigriceps, Oxypoda nimbata, Oxypoda nubifer, Oxypoda nugax, Oxypoda nutricia, Oxypoda obliqua, Oxypoda oblita, Oxypoda olescans, Oxypoda opaca, Oxypoda operta, Oxypoda orbicollis, Oxypoda paganica, Oxypoda palustris, Oxypoda perexilis, Oxypoda perita, Oxypoda profuga, Oxypoda pseudolacustris, Oxypoda recensa, Oxypoda regressa, Oxypoda renoica, Oxypoda robusticornis, Oxypoda rubescans, Oxypoda sagulata, Oxypoda saturata, Oxypoda saxatilis, Oxypoda scaeva, Oxypoda sedula, Oxypoda sejuncta, Oxypoda simulans, Oxypoda smithi, Oxypoda subnitens, Oxypoda subpolaris, Oxypoda sylvia, Oxypoda tetricula, Oxypoda vancouveri, Oxypoda vockerothi, Oxypoda volkeri, Oxypoda wickhami

Pachycerota Casey 1906 [genus]

Pachycerota duryi

Paradilacra Bernhauer 1909 [genus]

Paradilacra densissima

Pentanota Bernhauer 1905 [genus]

Pentanota meuseli

Oxypodini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Oxypodini sp. (large size).

Oxypodini sp.


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