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Tribe Homalotini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Staphyliniformia superfamily Staphylinoidea family Staphylinidae subfamily Aleocharinae → tribe Homalotini Heer 1839

Daughter taxa

Genera: 29 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 6 (0 illustrated). Species.

Coenonica Kraatz 1857 [genus]

Coenonica puncticollis

Cyphea Fauvel 1863 [genus]

Cyphea wallisi

Dianusa Casey 1906 [genus]

Dianusa pavida

Encephalus Kirby 1832 [genus]

Encephalus americanus

Eudiestota Sharp 1908 [genus]

Eudiestota grandis

Eusipalia Sharp 1908 [genus]

Eusipalia brachyptera

Heterota Mulsant & Rey 1873 [genus]

Heterota plumbea

Holisomimus Cameron 1920 [genus]

Holisomimus cingulatus

Hongophila Ashe 1992 [genus]

Hongophila arizonica

Leptusa Kraatz 1856 [genus]

Adoxopisalia, Boreoleptusa, Dysleptusa, Eucryptusa, Heteroleptusa, Ulitusa,
Leptusa abdominalis, Leptusa abeillei, Leptusa albergianensis, Leptusa allobrogica, Leptusa alpicola, Leptusa apennina, Leptusa apfelbeckiana, Leptusa areraensis, Leptusa argentierensis, Leptusa asperata, Leptusa assingi, Leptusa asturica, Leptusa asturiensis, Leptusa aungustiarumberninae, Leptusa austriaca, Leptusa bakeri, Leptusa baldensis, Leptusa baldomontis, Leptusa benacensis, Leptusa bergamasca, Leptusa bernhaueri, Leptusa binaghii, Leptusa biumbonata, Leptusa blesioi, Leptusa bonvouloirii, Leptusa bozdaghensis, Leptusa brachati, Leptusa brigantii, Leptusa brixiensis, Leptusa brucki, Leptusa caboallensis, Leptusa cabrerensis, Leptusa cadiensis, Leptusa camunnensis, Leptusa cansigliensis, Leptusa cantabrica, Leptusa carinata, Leptusa carniolica, Leptusa carpathica, Leptusa casalei, Leptusa cavallensis, Leptusa cavallicola, Leptusa cavata, Leptusa cephalotes, Leptusa ceresoleana, Leptusa cerrutii, Leptusa coiffaiti, Leptusa cordicollis, Leptusa corsica, Leptusa cremata, Leptusa crenulata, Leptusa cuneensis, Leptusa cypria, Leptusa deprehendens, Leptusa devoluyiensis, Leptusa difficilis, Leptusa difformis, Leptusa durmitorensis, Leptusa epirensis, Leptusa estrelensis, Leptusa etrusca, Leptusa europaea, Leptusa eximia, Leptusa fauciumberninae, Leptusa fauciumredortae, Leptusa filiformis, Leptusa fischeri, Leptusa flavicornis, Leptusa florae, Leptusa foroiuliensis, Leptusa franzi, Leptusa franziana, Leptusa fuliginosa, Leptusa fumida, Leptusa gadesensis, Leptusa gaisbergeri, Leptusa gatineauensis, Leptusa gerlitzensis, Leptusa globulicollis, Leptusa gracilenta, Leptusa gracilipes, Leptusa gracilis, Leptusa gracillima, Leptusa granulicauda, Leptusa granulipennis, Leptusa grignaensis, Leptusa guipuzcoensis, Leptusa hercegovinensis, Leptusa herminia, Leptusa hlisnikovskyi, Leptusa hoelzeli, Leptusa hopffgarteni, Leptusa hummleri, Leptusa hummleriana, Leptusa ilsae, Leptusa inexpectata, Leptusa italica, Leptusa janbellini, Leptusa janetscheki, Leptusa jeanneli, Leptusa jelineki, Leptusa juliana, Leptusa jurassica, Leptusa kahleni, Leptusa karawankarum, Leptusa kaufmanni, Leptusa knabli, Leptusa knappeorum, Leptusa kocae, Leptusa kochiana, Leptusa komareki, Leptusa koralpicola, Leptusa koronensis, Leptusa kosmajensis, Leptusa laevicauda, Leptusa lapidicola, Leptusa laticeps, Leptusa laticollis, Leptusa lativentris, Leptusa leonhardi, Leptusa leonica, Leptusa leptotyphloides, Leptusa lessiniensis, Leptusa linderiana, Leptusa loebli, Leptusa lohsei, Leptusa lombarda, Leptusa luigionii, Leptusa luremontis, Leptusa lurensis, Leptusa majevicensis, Leptusa major, Leptusa mancinii, Leptusa mandli, Leptusa manfredi, Leptusa marianii, Leptusa media, Leptusa merditana, Leptusa merkli, Leptusa meschniggi, Leptusa minutissima, Leptusa moczarskii, Leptusa monacha, Leptusa monachorum, Leptusa monguzzii, Leptusa montiscathedrae, Leptusa montisgrappae, Leptusa montisgrignae, Leptusa montisparii, Leptusa montispasubii, Leptusa montiumcarnorum, Leptusa mucronemontis, Leptusa munelensis, Leptusa netolitzkyi, Leptusa nigerrima, Leptusa nonveilleiri, Leptusa norica, Leptusa norvegica, Leptusa notabilis, Leptusa nubigena, Leptusa obirensis, Leptusa obscura, Leptusa occulta, Leptusa ochsi, Leptusa oertzeni, Leptusa olympica, Leptusa oreophila, Leptusa oropaensis, Leptusa orumboviorum, Leptusa osellai, Leptusa othmaniorum, Leptusa pangeoensis, Leptusa paradoxa, Leptusa pascuorum, Leptusa pasubiana, Leptusa pedemontana, Leptusa pelionensis, Leptusa peristerica, Leptusa petzeniensis, Leptusa peyerimhoffi, Leptusa piceata, Leptusa pilatensis, Leptusa pinkeri, Leptusa pizzocolensis, Leptusa plitvicensis, Leptusa poggii, Leptusa portusnaoniensis, Leptusa pratensis, Leptusa priesneri, Leptusa pseudoalpestris, Leptusa puellaris, Leptusa pulchella, Leptusa punctithorax, Leptusa punctulata, Leptusa pyrenaica, Leptusa rambouseki, Leptusa reinosensis, Leptusa reitteri, Leptusa rhaetoromanica, Leptusa rhilensis, Leptusa rosai, Leptusa roscidavallensis, Leptusa rossica, Leptusa ruffoi, Leptusa ruficollis, Leptusa rugatipennis, Leptusa sabauda, Leptusa salernitana, Leptusa salonichia, Leptusa sanfilippoi, Leptusa sarensis, Leptusa savonensis, Leptusa scabripennis, Leptusa schaschli, Leptusa schoenmanni, Leptusa secreta, Leptusa semiscabra, Leptusa serbica, Leptusa seriana, Leptusa serullazi, Leptusa sibyllinica, Leptusa simoni, Leptusa sororella, Leptusa stoeckleini, Leptusa subalpina, Leptusa subcarpathica, Leptusa subconvexa, Leptusa sudetica, Leptusa sulcicollis, Leptusa tarvisiana, Leptusa taurinensis, Leptusa temperei, Leptusa tendamontis, Leptusa tendicola, Leptusa tenerrima, Leptusa tenuissima, Leptusa tirolensis, Leptusa tomorensis, Leptusa toumayeffi, Leptusa transversiceps, Leptusa tricolor, Leptusa tridentina, Leptusa tronqueti, Leptusa trumplinensis, Leptusa tusculanensis, Leptusa ultracollensis, Leptusa vailatii, Leptusa vallisvenyi, Leptusa veniorum, Leptusa ventosensis, Leptusa vercorensis, Leptusa vermiensis, Leptusa veronensis, Leptusa wechseliensis, Leptusa weiratheri, Leptusa winkleri, Leptusa winkleriana, Leptusa winneguthi, Leptusa winneguthiana, Leptusa woerndlei, Leptusa wunderlei, Leptusa zanettiorum, Leptusa zoiai

Neotobia Ashe 1992 [genus]

Neotobia alberta

Phymatura J. Sahlberg, 1876 [genus]

Phymatura brevicollis

Silusida Casey 1906 [genus]

Silusida marginella

Homalotini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Homalotini sp. (large size).

Homalotini sp. Homalotini sp.


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