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Family Micropterigidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Micropterigoidea → family Micropterigidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (1 illustrated). Species.

Micropterix (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Micropterix abchasiae, Micropterix aglaella, Micropterix algeriella, Micropterix allionella, Micropterix amasiella, Micropterix amsella, Micropterix anderschella, Micropterix aruncella, Micropterix aureatella, Micropterix aureocapilla, Micropterix aureofasciella, Micropterix aureopennella, Micropterix aureoviridella, Micropterix avarcella, Micropterix berytella, Micropterix calthella, Micropterix carthaginiensis, Micropterix completella, Micropterix conjunctella, Micropterix constantinella, Micropterix corcyrella, Micropterix croatica, Micropterix cyaneochrysa, Micropterix cypriensis, Micropterix eatoniella, Micropterix elegans, Micropterix emiliensis, Micropterix erctella, Micropterix facetella, Micropterix fenestrellensis, Micropterix garganoensis, Micropterix granatensis, Micropterix hartigi, Micropterix herminiella, Micropterix huemeri, Micropterix ibericella, Micropterix igaloensis, Micropterix imperfectella, Micropterix islamella, Micropterix isobasella, Micropterix italica, Micropterix jacobella, Micropterix kardamylensis, Micropterix klimeschi, Micropterix lagodechiella, Micropterix lakoniensis, Micropterix lambesiella, Micropterix mansuetella, Micropterix maritimella, Micropterix maschukella, Micropterix minimella, Micropterix montanella, Micropterix monticolella, Micropterix montosiella, Micropterix myrtetella, Micropterix osthelderi, Micropterix paykullella, Micropterix purpureopennella, Micropterix pusilella, Micropterix rablensis, Micropterix renatae, Micropterix rhodiensis, Micropterix rothenbachii, Micropterix schaefferi, Micropterix sicanella, Micropterix sikhotealinensis, Micropterix trifasciella, Micropterix trinacriella, Micropterix tunbergella, Micropterix turkmeniella, Micropterix tuscaniensis, Micropterix uxoria, Micropterix vulturensis, Micropterix wockei, Micropterix zangheriella


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