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Tribe Eupariini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Aphodiinae → tribe Eupariini Schmidt, 1910

Daughter taxa

Genera: 12 (0 illustrated). Species.

Annegialia Howden 1971 [genus]

Annegialia ataeniformis

Ataenius Harold 1867 [genus]

Ataenius abancay, Ataenius abditus, Ataenius aciculus, Ataenius acutulus, Ataenius aequalis, Ataenius aequatorialis, Ataenius africanus, Ataenius alternatus, Ataenius ambaritae, Ataenius angulatus, Ataenius annanus, Ataenius apicalis, Ataenius arenosus, Ataenius argillaceus, Ataenius arrowi, Ataenius asper, Ataenius atramentarius, Ataenius attenuator, Ataenius australasiae, Ataenius australis, Ataenius balthasari, Ataenius barberi, Ataenius basiceps, Ataenius beattyi, Ataenius benarabyensis, Ataenius bicolor, Ataenius biroi, Ataenius bispinulosus, Ataenius blapoides, Ataenius bolivarensis, Ataenius bolivari, Ataenius borgmeieri, Ataenius borjae, Ataenius brevicollis, Ataenius brevis, Ataenius brevitarsis, Ataenius brouni, Ataenius buenavistae, Ataenius caesoides, Ataenius caicarae, Ataenius californicus, Ataenius canoasus, Ataenius carinatipennis, Ataenius carinator, Ataenius cartago, Ataenius cartwrighti, Ataenius castaniellus, Ataenius catarinaensis, Ataenius catenulatus, Ataenius cavagnaroi, Ataenius ceylonensis, Ataenius chapini, Ataenius chilensis, Ataenius chinacotae, Ataenius circulusbrumalis, Ataenius clavatus, Ataenius clitellarius, Ataenius cochabambae, Ataenius cognatus, Ataenius columbicus, Ataenius communis, Ataenius complicatus, Ataenius confertus, Ataenius coriarius, Ataenius corporaali, Ataenius corrosus, Ataenius costulifer, Ataenius crenaticollis, Ataenius crenatipennis, Ataenius crenator, Ataenius crenatostriatus, Ataenius crenulatus, Ataenius cribrithorax, Ataenius cristobalensis, Ataenius cucutae, Ataenius cylindrus, Ataenius dentatus, Ataenius depilis, Ataenius deserti, Ataenius desertus, Ataenius ecruensis, Ataenius edungalbae, Ataenius elegans, Ataenius elisaensis, Ataenius elongatulus, Ataenius elongatus, Ataenius endroedyyoungai, Ataenius erinaceus, Ataenius eringundae, Ataenius erratus, Ataenius eurynotus, Ataenius excisicollis, Ataenius exiguus, Ataenius fattigi, Ataenius floreanae, Ataenius forsteri, Ataenius freyi, Ataenius gammonensis, Ataenius garamas, Ataenius gascoyneensis, Ataenius gibbus, Ataenius gilesi, Ataenius glabriventris, Ataenius glaseri, Ataenius gracilis, Ataenius granchacoensis, Ataenius granocostatus, Ataenius gruneri, Ataenius guanacastae, Ataenius guayasi, Ataenius gungareei, Ataenius guriensis, Ataenius gutierrezi, Ataenius heinekeni, Ataenius hesperius, Ataenius hirsutus, Ataenius hispaniolae, Ataenius hispidus, Ataenius holopubescens, Ataenius horticola, Ataenius howdeni, Ataenius hrubanti, Ataenius huanus, Ataenius humptydooensis, Ataenius hygrophilus, Ataenius icanus, Ataenius illaetabilis, Ataenius imbricatoides, Ataenius imbricatus, Ataenius imparilis, Ataenius impiger, Ataenius impressus, Ataenius indutus, Ataenius inquisitus, Ataenius insculptus, Ataenius insolitus, Ataenius insulae, Ataenius insularis, Ataenius integer, Ataenius integricollis, Ataenius intermedius, Ataenius iquitosae, Ataenius isabelae, Ataenius jamaicensis, Ataenius jardinensis, Ataenius jelineki, Ataenius kapalgaensis, Ataenius klapperichi, Ataenius kochi, Ataenius koebelei, Ataenius koelleri, Ataenius koghianus, Ataenius lamarensis, Ataenius lamotteiroyi, Ataenius lanei, Ataenius languidus, Ataenius latus, Ataenius lenkoi, Ataenius liogaster, Ataenius lobatus, Ataenius londrinae, Ataenius longiclavus, Ataenius luctuosus, Ataenius luteomargo, Ataenius madagassicus, Ataenius maghribinicus, Ataenius martinezi, Ataenius miamii, Ataenius michelii, Ataenius microtrichopterus, Ataenius millstreamae, Ataenius montanus, Ataenius monteithi, Ataenius monticola, Ataenius morator, Ataenius murchisoni, Ataenius nakpandurii, Ataenius nanus, Ataenius napoensis, Ataenius nigricans, Ataenius noques, Ataenius noronhai, Ataenius nudus, Ataenius nugator, Ataenius oaxacaensis, Ataenius ocumarensis, Ataenius oklahomensis, Ataenius onkonensis, Ataenius opacipennis, Ataenius opatrinus, Ataenius opatroides, Ataenius ovatulus, Ataenius pacificus, Ataenius palmaritoensis, Ataenius palmerstoni, Ataenius palustris, Ataenius panamensis, Ataenius parallelipennis, Ataenius parvus, Ataenius pearlensis, Ataenius peregianensis, Ataenius peregrinator, Ataenius pereirai, Ataenius perforatus, Ataenius pertuga, Ataenius petrovitzi, Ataenius picinus, Ataenius platensis, Ataenius plaumanni, Ataenius polyglyptus, Ataenius pseudimparilis, Ataenius pseudoclavatus, Ataenius pseudocommunis, Ataenius pseudostercorator, Ataenius pseudousingeri, Ataenius punctatohirsutus, Ataenius puncticollis, Ataenius punctipennis, Ataenius purator, Ataenius quintanaroo, Ataenius raccurti, Ataenius raucus, Ataenius robustus, Ataenius rosinae, Ataenius rubrotessellatus, Ataenius saltae, Ataenius santarosae, Ataenius saulensis, Ataenius scabrelloides, Ataenius scabrellus, Ataenius scalptifrons, Ataenius schmidti, Ataenius sculptilis, Ataenius sculptor, Ataenius scutellaris, Ataenius seaforthensis, Ataenius semicoecus, Ataenius semicornutus, Ataenius setiger, Ataenius setosus, Ataenius seydeli, Ataenius siminasus, Ataenius simplicipes, Ataenius skelleyi, Ataenius sparsicollis, Ataenius speculator, Ataenius spinipennis, Ataenius spretulus, Ataenius steinheili, Ataenius stephani, Ataenius stercorator, Ataenius striatocrenatus, Ataenius strigatus, Ataenius strigicaudus, Ataenius strigifrons, Ataenius synnotensis, Ataenius talpoides, Ataenius tambopatae, Ataenius tarumensis, Ataenius temperei, Ataenius terminalis, Ataenius texanus, Ataenius tindalensis, Ataenius tomentosus, Ataenius torridus, Ataenius tovarensis, Ataenius tuberculatus, Ataenius uriarrae, Ataenius usingeri, Ataenius utahensis, Ataenius vandykei, Ataenius variopunctatus, Ataenius versicolor, Ataenius vethianus, Ataenius vinacoensis, Ataenius walkeri, Ataenius walterhorni, Ataenius waltherhorni, Ataenius warisensis, Ataenius wenzelii, Ataenius windjanae, Ataenius yungasus

Saprosites Redtenbacher 1858 [genus]

Saprosites abyssinicus, Saprosites africanus, Saprosites arabicus, Saprosites armatus, Saprosites balthasari, Saprosites bangueyensis, Saprosites barombii, Saprosites bolivianus, Saprosites brevitarsis, Saprosites breviusculus, Saprosites bunyaensis, Saprosites burgeoni, Saprosites calvus, Saprosites camerounensis, Saprosites capitalis, Saprosites carinatus, Saprosites cariniceps, Saprosites castaneus, Saprosites catenatus, Saprosites cavus, Saprosites celebicus, Saprosites cheesmani, Saprosites chyuluensis, Saprosites clydensis, Saprosites communis, Saprosites comorianus, Saprosites congoana, Saprosites consonus, Saprosites coomani, Saprosites crockerensis, Saprosites cycloporum, Saprosites declivis, Saprosites dentipes, Saprosites difficilis, Saprosites dilutus, Saprosites distans, Saprosites dubius, Saprosites dudichi, Saprosites dufaui, Saprosites dynastoides, Saprosites enarotadii, Saprosites exaratus, Saprosites excisus, Saprosites explanatus, Saprosites exsculptus, Saprosites falcatus, Saprosites fastus, Saprosites fodori, Saprosites fortipes, Saprosites freyi, Saprosites fruhstorferi, Saprosites gestroi, Saprosites girardi, Saprosites gnomus, Saprosites grenadensis, Saprosites guineensis, Saprosites haafi, Saprosites holzschuhi, Saprosites imperfuscus, Saprosites implicatus, Saprosites jacobsoni, Saprosites japonicus, Saprosites javanus, Saprosites kamai, Saprosites kapitensis, Saprosites kinabalu, Saprosites kingsensis, Saprosites komumi, Saprosites laeviceps, Saprosites laticeps, Saprosites laticollis, Saprosites lepersonnei, Saprosites lodoicea, Saprosites loebli, Saprosites longethorax, Saprosites madagascariensis, Saprosites malaisei, Saprosites malkini, Saprosites mansuetus, Saprosites marchionalis, Saprosites meditans, Saprosites mendax, Saprosites merkli, Saprosites mesosternalis, Saprosites mistakensis, Saprosites mjobergi, Saprosites monteverdeae, Saprosites narae, Saprosites natalensis, Saprosites nepalensis, Saprosites nitidicollis, Saprosites obscurus, Saprosites palmarum, Saprosites papuanus, Saprosites parallelicollis, Saprosites parallelus, Saprosites pauliani, Saprosites perbrevitarsis, Saprosites peregrinus, Saprosites perforatus, Saprosites perssoni, Saprosites pleurophoroides, Saprosites porongurupae, Saprosites puncticollis, Saprosites punctiventris, Saprosites pygmaeus, Saprosites raffrayi, Saprosites raoulensis, Saprosites rectus, Saprosites rougemonti, Saprosites rufopolitus, Saprosites rufus, Saprosites schoutedeni, Saprosites sicardi, Saprosites staudingeri, Saprosites sternalis, Saprosites subterraneus, Saprosites sulcatissimus, Saprosites sulcatus, Saprosites sulciceps, Saprosites sulcicollis, Saprosites sumatranus, Saprosites tantulus, Saprosites tenuistriatus, Saprosites titschacki, Saprosites topali, Saprosites verecundus, Saprosites vosseleri, Saprosites watti, Saprosites wauensis, Saprosites weisei, Saprosites wittei, Saprosites yanoi


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