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Tribe Canthonini van

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Scarabaeinae → tribe Canthonini van Lansberge, 1875

Daughter taxa

Genera: 5 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 3 (0 illustrated). Species.

Canthon Hoffmannsegg 1817 [genus]

Boreocanthon, Canthon, Glaphyrocanthon,
Canthon aberrans, Canthon acutiformis, Canthon acutoides, Canthon acutus, Canthon aequinoctialis, Canthon angularis, Canthon angustatus, Canthon antoniomartinezi, Canthon ateuchipes, Canthon auricollis, Canthon balteatus, Canthon bicolor, Canthon bimaculatus, Canthon bisignatus, Canthon bispinus, Canthon brunneus, Canthon brunnipennis, Canthon caelius, Canthon callosus, Canthon candens, Canthon carbonarius, Canthon championi, Canthon chiriguano, Canthon cinctellus, Canthon circulatus, Canthon cobosi, Canthon coeruleicollis, Canthon coerulescens, Canthon coloratus, Canthon columbianus, Canthon corporaali, Canthon corruscus, Canthon curvipes, Canthon curvodilatatus, Canthon daguerrei, Canthon delgadoi, Canthon delicatulus, Canthon deloyai, Canthon delpontei, Canthon denticulatus, Canthon dentiger, Canthon deplanatus, Canthon deyrollei, Canthon dives, Canthon divinator, Canthon edentulus, Canthon edmondsi, Canthon enkerlini, Canthon euryscelis, Canthon fallax, Canthon forcipatus, Canthon formosus, Canthon fulgidus, Canthon fuscipes, Canthon gemellatus, Canthon hartmanni, Canthon helleri, Canthon heyrovskyi, Canthon honsi, Canthon humboldti, Canthon ibarragrassoi, Canthon integricollis, Canthon inusitatus, Canthon janthinus, Canthon juvencus, Canthon lafargei, Canthon laminatus, Canthon lamprimus, Canthon lamproderes, Canthon latipes, Canthon leechi, Canthon lituratus, Canthon lividus, Canthon lunatus, Canthon luteicollis, Canthon maldonadoi, Canthon manantlanensis, Canthon marmoratus, Canthon matthewsi, Canthon melancholicus, Canthon meridionalis, Canthon modestus, Canthon monilifer, Canthon montanus, Canthon moroni, Canthon morsei, Canthon mutabilis, Canthon muticus, Canthon nigripennis, Canthon nyctelius, Canthon obscuriellus, Canthon octodentatus, Canthon oliverioi, Canthon orfilai, Canthon ornatus, Canthon pacificus, Canthon pallidus, Canthon perseverans, Canthon piluliformis, Canthon plagiatus, Canthon planus, Canthon podagricus, Canthon politus, Canthon principalis, Canthon punctatus, Canthon quadratus, Canthon quadriguttatus, Canthon quadripunctatus, Canthon quinquemaculatus, Canthon reichei, Canthon reyesi, Canthon rubrescens, Canthon rutilans, Canthon rzedowskii, Canthon semiopacus, Canthon septemmaculatus, Canthon sericatus, Canthon signifer, Canthon silvaticus, Canthon simulans, Canthon smaragdulus, Canthon sordidus, Canthon staigi, Canthon steinheili, Canthon subcyaneaus, Canthon subhyalinus, Canthon substriatus, Canthon sulcatus, Canthon tetraodon, Canthon triangularis, Canthon unicolor, Canthon variabilis, Canthon vazquezae, Canthon velutinus, Canthon viduus, Canthon violaceus, Canthon virens, Canthon vulcanoae, Canthon zuninoi

Deltochilum Eschscholtz 1822 [genus]

Deltochilum abdominalis, Deltochilum acanthus, Deltochilum aequinoctiale, Deltochilum amazonicum, Deltochilum aspericolle, Deltochilum aureopilosum, Deltochilum barbipes, Deltochilum batesi, Deltochilum bordoni, Deltochilum brasiliense, Deltochilum calcaratum, Deltochilum carinatum, Deltochilum costalimai, Deltochilum crenulipes, Deltochilum cristatum, Deltochilum cristinae, Deltochilum cupreicolle, Deltochilum dentipes, Deltochilum diringshofeni, Deltochilum elevatum, Deltochilum elongatum, Deltochilum enceladus, Deltochilum eurymedon, Deltochilum femorale, Deltochilum furcatum, Deltochilum fuscocupreum, Deltochilum gibbosum, Deltochilum granulatum, Deltochilum granulosum, Deltochilum guyanense, Deltochilum howdeni, Deltochilum hypponum, Deltochilum icariforme, Deltochilum icaroides, Deltochilum icarus, Deltochilum inaequale, Deltochilum irroratum, Deltochilum kolbei, Deltochilum komareki, Deltochilum laetiusculum, Deltochilum lindemannae, Deltochilum lobipes, Deltochilum loperae, Deltochilum luederwaldti, Deltochilum mexicanum, Deltochilum morbillosum, Deltochilum mourei, Deltochilum multicolor, Deltochilum orbiculare, Deltochilum orbignyi, Deltochilum parile, Deltochilum peruanum, Deltochilum plebejum, Deltochilum pretiosum, Deltochilum pseudoicarus, Deltochilum pseudoparile, Deltochilum punctatum, Deltochilum riehli, Deltochilum robustus, Deltochilum rosamariae, Deltochilum rubripenne, Deltochilum scabriusculum, Deltochilum sculpturatum, Deltochilum septemstriatum, Deltochilum sericeum, Deltochilum sextuberculatum, Deltochilum silphoides, Deltochilum speciosissimum, Deltochilum spinipes, Deltochilum submetallicum, Deltochilum tessellatum, Deltochilum trisignatum, Deltochilum tumidum, Deltochilum valgum, Deltochilum variolosum, Deltochilum verruciferum, Deltochilum violaceum, Deltochilum violetae, Deltochilum viridicupreum


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